Hot Damn, I’m Found!

Hi everyone!

First of all…I’m really, really, really, really…did I mention I was really sorry for not updating or posting anything lately? There’s a very good explanation for that. If you click on the link, you will understand. I’ve changed things up over there and had to do a lot of “playing” around with the site. It took a good day to get the domain switched over. I thought I was going crossed-eyed! Anyways, that is what I’ve been doing besides working full-time. I hope you can forgive me.  Needless to say, this isn’t a fic update, I just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s going on with me.

Does anyone know of a good FREE online image gallery webhost I could use? I would love to have a gallery set up at the site I mentioned above.   I downloaded Coppermine Image Gallery’s file, but I need to get A into B, then to C. Does anybody have any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated!  😀

I (hopefully) will have time to update all my fics later in the week!  I still have to fix up my returned fics from my Beta, but after that, it should be whenever I have the most time.

When I came home from work last night, I was about to head to bed when I heard this loud noise outside my house. It sounded like the whole house shook on it’s foundations. Living in Canada, earthquakes are the last thing that would ever occur where I live, so I knew it couldn’t possibly be one of them. The windows rattled and it was very freaky. I went outside to check it out and noticed there was this HUGE fire outside one of the neighbors homes’ down the street. I was too far away to see what exactly was on fire, but it looked like it could be a car. It was next to the curb and the flames rose up as high as the rooftops. The fire trucks and police arrived and they quickly put the fire out. But wow…some things in life amaze you sometimes.  😮

Hope all is well and you haven’t forgotten all about me!

Until the next time…


One thought on “Hot Damn, I’m Found!

  1. I usually add the html links directly to the site forms.. Or I make a flash compilation and embed it.. I usually do my entire websites in flash or dreamwever.. Onlt recently started using visual C so other than that I don’t know.. I do use photobucket for my html hosting though.


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