What’s In A Name?

Hi everyone!

Sorry, I’ve been lax in updating and posting lately. 😦 You know how it is…it’s that time of year when you’re extremely busy getting ready for Christmas. I haven’t put up my decorations or started my Christmas shopping yet! 😮  What have I been doing, you’re wondering? Well…as I mentioned in a previous post, I changed things up at my ericandsookielovers.com site. It’s getting very busy over there and hopefully soon, the first chapter of Charlaine Harris’ Dead Reckoning is going to be released! *praying it will be soon* I really want a sneak peak… But that’s what I’ve been doing, plus working full-time.

But I did find this link to the Urban Dictionary because they’re always adding words to it. The latest one is; skarslicious!  😉 Imagine my surprise, when I saw my own name posted on there.  😮  I just had to see what they had posted as the definition…hehe.

I think this describes me perfectly and wanted to share it with you! 😀

Possibly one of the sexiest girls on the face of the earth. They are so much fun to be around, But, a downside is that they are too fine for you. Usually not skanks or hoes have tons of friends and are in middle class families. Has friends that will destroy people that want to harm her. Gets hit on a lot by guys isn’t stuck up or a bitch, although they tend to have a bitchy friend or two.

Oh, yes, this is sooo true for me! My husband thinks I’m sexy and I’m not a skanky ho! (Although, some of my friends in the past, have called me that!) 😆

And some more…

One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Erikas are pretty both inside and out, and always know how to have fun. She probably has the most friends of anyone you know, is extremely smart, and has a big heart.

This is very true as well! 😉

Now, some of what is posted on there isn’t true, like this for example…

a person who is unable to spell correctly

Excuse me?? Actually, Erica was taken from Erika! Those who spell it with a “C” are the ones who can’t spell worth a sh*t! 👿 I’ll explain further…Erika, of German and Scandinavian origin was the original spelling and Erica with a “C” is American. Erika is “tutonic”, which means in Europe that is the spelling everyone uses from country to country. Or, so my dad has told me all my life and he speaks a number of languages! He wanted to name me something that would be universal.

Wait, there’s more…

One who is naturally equited with the tools and machinary to pull off a succesful and satisfactory rape of an unsuspecting victim. Those who get raped by an Erika usually end up savoring every last minute of it.

Huh? 😮 I’m not sure what to think of this definition…

A complete bitch who likes to cause drama and piss people off.

Now, wait just a f*cking minute… How in the hell did they know bitch was my middle name??

queen, a most high beautiful woman, none like her, a queen that stands out among all others smart, intelligent talented

Now, this is better…I knew I reigned supreme for some reason! 😀

To find out if your name is up at the Urban Dictionary too–feel free to use this link: urbandictionary.com

Hopefully, I’ll be posting updates on my fanfics soon! I have a lot of things to do first, but I’ll let you know once they’re updated! 😀 Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…


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