Season’s Greetings

Hi everyone!

OMG, it’s already almost Christmas?? 😮 I’m not even completely finished my Christmas shopping yet. But I did get my baking all finished and my house nicely decorated! 🙂 Although, I didn’t go all out like I usually do! It’s amazing how much Christmas stuff you collect over the years.

Before you say anything…yes, I KNOW I’ve been lax in updating pretty much everything lately and again, I apologize. I updated the Jax/Tara fic on here, but recently realized I forgot to upload it over at! 😮 Oops, sorry! And I promise I will have both fics I’m currently working on updated before the end of the year! (I’m off the 30th and 31st) If I can’t get them up then – there’s NO help for me! LOL

I have to admit, I got a little side-tracked earlier in the week because Charlaine Harris posted the sneak peak of her new Sookie Stackhouse book; coming out in May. I just HAD to read it! LOL Have you read it, if you’re in that fandom?

Well…to add my 2 cents…about Dead Reckoning:

I think it will be interesting to find out what secrets have been hidden in the attic all these years and if there’s any relation to anything currently happening in Bon Temps. Will it contain letters, as I’ve heard previously from spoilers?  The Sam part put me to sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, if you love Sam Merlotte. I don’t mind the guy…just not as a suitor for Sookie. The only thing remotely interesting about the Sam storyline in the sneak peak, was the fact someone tried to burn down his bar.

Now, for the good stuff! 😀 ERIC NORTHMAN came to Sookie’s rescue! (Although, it was after the worst was over by the time he got there.) But the point is–HE WAS THERE! Sookie didn’t have to call him (because of their blood bond, he knew) and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘are you alright?’ The only thing I had issues with, is the fact that Sookie seemed almost selfish to me; not caring that Eric is a Sheriff and has many responsibilities and flew all that way, just because he could sense she was in trouble. And that he was acting protective and angry. If I were in Eric’s shoes, I would feel the same way too. Anyways, CH HAD to tease us with a mention of a shower with Eric, only for it to NOT happen and then it was the end of the preview!  👿 Me thinks CH has learned a little bit about writing nasty cliffhangers! LOL Enough about Dead Reckoning, because I could probably write all day (night at the time I write this) and bore you to death!

I wish all of you the best this holiday season! Hope you spend it with your loved ones and get everything you wish for! You deserve it because you read my stories! LMAO Just kidding! I really do wish you all the best and see you in New Year! (Unless I update my fics first! )

With love and best wishes,
The Fanfiction Vixen

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