I got sucked into this today. They should change the name of it to “Spartacus: So Many Penises, So Little Time.” Guys, I saw so much frontal male nudity today. Also breasts. Women were not excluded from the nudity. I was only going to watch one episode while I ate lunch and sort of take it slow with this show because not only is it a lot of nudity it’s a lot of violence and splashing blood wipes (I’m serious; they’re AMAZING), but there are also a lot of rippling male bodies, and I have a hard time saying no to that.

There’s is also something about the way John Hannah says “cock” (and he says it a lot) that is really intriguing. “I would sooner severe cock from body than see her torn from my arms” is somehow really sweet to me? Like he says that and then I went “aw that’s so cute.”  What? 

Don’t watch this show unless you like blood gushing in slow motion because that is half the episode right there.


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