Inspiration – Spartacus: Blood and Sand

My friend W described the show like this: “Don’t watch it unless you have an immediate release for all your sexual tension”.  Not gonna lie, I was sold immediately – but upon first viewing, I didn’t see what she was talking about – except for the hot gladiator bodies.  Then the show picked up and was an awesome display of sex, love, lust, power, violence and everything else you can imagine in Roman society.  Lucy Lawless and John Hannah are the amazing power couple of the House of Batiatus.  Manu Bennett blew me away as Crixus, the Champion of Capua but it was Andy Whitfield who really stole the show as the lead character.  Unfortunately Andy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year and was not able to make his magnificent return as Spartacus so the show carried on to season 2, making a prequel leading up to the events that transpired during season 1.  It is said that Liam McIntyre will replace Whitfield as Spartacus but not much is known for season 3 of my most favourite naughty show.

Favourite episode of season 1: Whore


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