There is a lot camaraderie between Stephen and Alex and Anna. The three of them seem very comfortable together and very close. Their body language was very telling.

As far as to how Alex reacted to the screaming, well, I believe he was very overwhelmed. He seems like such a down to earth guy, I don’t think he GETS what the big deal is. He has said numerous times he does not think he is that handsome…obviously we need to get his eyes checked. I think he was truly humbled and embarrassed last night, but that he appreciated it.

He stayed longer than everyone else to sign autographs and he was very good about not signing for the same people over and over, like the autograph hounds. He said several times, essentially, wait until I am done with the fans.

Okay, I am going to go out and enjoy my last full day here in LA. I will upload the other six thousand pics this evening. LOL

Wonderful pics and story, Jen.  Thanks for sharing!

Oh, so lucky! He is such an example of humility, that’s why we all love him even more.


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