Trick or Treat


Did I scare you? If I did (considering I haven’t posted on here since the summer), I’m just popping in to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of my ‘Insiders’!

I had a very weird nightmare (nothing new there) where it was a zombie apocalypse, and even my cats turned into zombies. I used The Walking Dead – Dead Yourself iPhone app (which is the perfect time-waster) to capture what I saw in my nightmare. I hope you don’t mind if I showed you what my cats might look like if they really turned into zombies (if that’s even possible?).

WARNING: these images may be disturbing to some…so please take it in the spirit in which it was given – the Halloween spirit!

Go ahead…take a peek – if you dare!

This is my cat Whiskey…


This is my cat Puscifer…


Did those scare you? DAMN. I guess I have to try harder.

What about this one? It’s a REALLY scary image…ME!


As you can see…I don’t really have to dress up in a costume to scare people. 😉

I love this time of year because it gives me a great excuse to pig out on chocolate bars. I think I’ve already eaten three boxes of treats and had to buy more – only to eat those too! Worse thing is…TODAY is Halloween! LOL Good news is…we don’t get many trick or treaters at our front door, so I’ll be able to pig out some more! I’m going to need to go on a diet before Christmas just to maintain the same weight by the time THAT season is over. I can’t help it. I LOVE chocolate!

I enjoy seeing all the many costumes trick or treaters wear when they come to the front door. My favorites are the really young kids dressed up as cute little animals.

If you’re dressing up…what are you dressing up as? Do you prefer to scare people or do you prefer to dress up in less scary costumes? I’m going to dress up as my usual…myself! I’ve been told by some, that I wear a Halloween mask ALL the time. LOL

Until next time, Insiders…hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

PS. No kitties were hurt during the Dead Yourself application process.


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