“After Dead” Rant

Hello Insiders!

tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ezI’m sorry…I still have not found my writing mojo yet, which means this post will not contain a fanfic update. Not sure what else I can say other than I need to find my mojo soon. I hate disappointing all of you. 😦

Instead, I have this overwhelming need to rant!

Those in the TB/SVM fandom…this post is for YOU!

Did you know that Charlaine Harris had her Coda (anthology) released this week, called “After Dead”? It appears that she had one last thing to say to Team Eric – which felt like another stab and made me feel very insulted and angry once again. Here, I thought I was over it…but I guess I was wrong. I NEED to rant or I’ll EXPLODE!


WARNING: I’m posting PDFs from “After Dead” – so if you don’t want to be spoiled…you better look away now! (Not that I’m recommending you read this book, but I don’t want to spoil you unnecessarily.)

Below, are the PDFs from “After Dead”, BUT I strongly urge you to save your money and not buy this book. If you do, you will be REALLY disappointed. And it’s not the book format or the length of the book that has me saying this…it’s the content.

These are the ‘highlights’ (I use this term loosely) featuring the characters I care about most – namely, Eric and Sookie.

I’ve underlined the parts in yellow which I want you to pay close attention to. Do you see what I see? Those sentences (more like little snarky jabs) are pointed directly at Eric fans, as if she’s telling us that she’s “the Maker” and there’s nothing we can do about it. True…to a point. They ARE her characters – who happened to pull a 180 from “Deadlocked” to “Dead Ever After”. Who happened to suddenly decide they want something they had wanted to avoid TWELVE books ago – so what was the point of the whole series? AGAIN, she took one last parting shot and gave us the middle finger too. tumblr_mvndmoH4FT1s7u7j0o1_400I firmly believe she resents and hates us as fans – even though we are in the majority and made her unbelievably rich. But you know what? WE (the fans) have the last laugh…we can choose NOT to buy her books, so that they will become EPIC FAILS. Then she won’t earn the money she so obviously loves.

I wish Charlaine had the same amount of respect for her readers that we had towards her throughout the majority of the series. I have never seen such bigotry and immaturity from anyone in my life! (That’s saying something with my background as a former manager of a children’s restaurant and preacher’s daughter.)

She just keeps dropping these little barbs directed at us! Well, guess what? I hope she meets a new friend named KARMA, who is a bitch and treats her with the same amount of respect as she’s shown us. JFC… The bitch doesn’t deserve any kind of money for her drivel, which is why I’m no longer being “nice”.

Let me introduce you to my evil twin, I call her “Evil E” and you don’t want to mess with her because she has a temper!

IMO this is all a money grab…and CH can deny it until she’s blue in the face. I STILL won’t believe her. Proof is in the fact “After Dead” was published as a separate book instead of at the end of “Dead Ever After”. More proof is in the fact that there will be something else coming out next May (you’ll find out what it is later on in this post). I thought the series was over and done?

544571_669495503070930_1731006125_nTo make me even more pissed…Charlaine took something from True Blood by making Bill Compton become a King eventually…GAG ME.

I thought the show was supposed to be based on the books – not the other way around? Me thinks Charlaine wrote this while high on drugs! Of course, Bill (a rapist) gets to continue to live RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. Never being brought up on charges for raping Sookie in the trunk of a car…but Eric is content to live out two hundred years as a Queen’s sex slave. *rollseyes* Some justice system in the Sookieverse, huh?

And if that’s not all…there’s something else which added to my boiling point!

She posted this on her blog on Halloween (how perfectly fitting)…

There’s going to be an anthology of short stories set in the Sookieverse. But none of them will be written by me! They’ll be written by great writers who’ve been kind enough to tell me they enjoyed my work. My friend Toni L.P. Kelner is editing the stories, and I’m giving them a once-over, too.

Hmmm…this sounds very familiar. What could this be called…fanfics maybe?

When Audible first approached me, I was skeptical about the idea. I’ve never read fanfic, and I thought that this might be too akin to fanfic; other people, writing about my characters? But when I mulled it over for a few months, I began to see the possibilities. After I had another talk with Audible, I felt more amenable to the idea, and the project gradually took shape.

Wait a minute…hasn’t she always maintained that she never understood them before…? WTF? Oh…I see…it’s because these authors are already established and have fans of their own! Hate it to break it to you, Charlaine…“you can’t have your cake and eat it too”! And God knows…cakes are one thing Charlaine needs to avoid. (Oh yes…I went THERE.) She probably figures she might gain back all the fans she lost at the end of the series with these author’s fans. As a fanfic author myself, I feel greatly insulted that she never once respected us fanfic authors before…and now when there’s money involved; suddenly she’s all for it! If that’s the case, then she should’ve held a contest or something and had some of our fanfics featured in a book that she would approve and her publishers could publish. Oh right…she wants to gain new, unsuspecting fans.

tumblr_m2ca87WoTb1qzbl7fNot very surprisingly…Charlaine denies she’s doing it for a cash grab. I don’t know…it sure sounds like one to me.

No, I won’t do anything for a buck. If that were the case, I’ll still be writing the Sookie novels, and I would have Eric end up with Sookie and magically allow them to have little vampire babies.

Of course, she uses Eric and Sookie (her two biggest cash cows) to make her point. The reason why she’s gung-ho for this book now – is because she WILL be earning money from it. (She’s part of the editorial team and they are using HER characters. She would get some money from it for copyright privileges.)

As for Eric and Sookie having vampire babies. I, for one, NEVER thought Sookie and Eric having babies would be the “be all and end all”…in fact, I was perfectly happy as long as they were together. Same with turning Sookie into a vampire. While it would’ve been sad knowing that one day Sookie would die and they would be parted…at least they would’ve had a number of years together. As someone who has been happily married for over 17 years, without having children of my own…Sookie having children is NOT my ideal of a “happily ever after”. I don’t get why this is so important to other people.

Anyways, this book of Sookieverse fanfics will be called, “Dead But Not Forgotten” and it’s available for pre-order on Audible. I won’t provide you with a link because I’m REALLY insulted by the fact it’s suddenly okay for these authors to write fanfics about HER characters – but not her FANS, who don’t get any kind of monetary gain for all their loyalty, devotion and time during the years.

She ends her blog post with…

Okay. Don’t buy it. Fine with me.

GOOD. I won’t. I can buy books by an author who treats their fans better. As the screencap below proves (taken from her own forum);

charlainequoteI have no problems saying this to Charlaine’s face. Name the time and place and I’d be more than happy to. Believe me…I have a very full-filling life with plenty of friends and family, I work full-time and have various other interests. In fact, I just recently bought a new house and I’m busy packing too, thank you very much. So don’t be judgmental or condescending when talking about other people – especially (former) fans. That isn’t a very Christian-like thing to do – IS IT? But this shouldn’t surprise us either…Charlaine certainly turned Sookie into one of the most judgmental, bigotted and condescending characters ever. I can’t believe she used to be one of my faves. (Yes, before you ask this question…I will still try to write fanfics about Eric and Sookie…and attempt to give them the justice they deserve.)


Before I sign off..I just wanted to share with you a link to a fanfic Suki59 wrote that is her take on this Coda. You can read it here: CODA THIS! It will make you laugh, while pointing out glaring and obvious errors (of which there are MANY)! How could Charlaine’s editors missed them?

evenlionshavethesemomentsWhew! That feels great to get off my chest! Now I can MOVE ON (back to packing for me)… Sorry if I bored you while I vented. I just needed to let it all out!

Thoughts? Feel free to share them below!

Until the next time, Insiders…


6 thoughts on ““After Dead” Rant

  1. It was every bit as inspiring as DEA..on a much smaller scale of course. And full of “who the heck is that” characters. With as you so well stated, a special sharp stick in the eye for those of us who loved Eric & Sookie.


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