Goodbye My Friend

tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ezHello Insiders!

I know I haven’t posted very much lately, but we’ll have to get caught up some other time. I’m going to warn you now – this post is going to make you sad and maybe even cry.

The reason why is because one of my Beta readers passed away. Alison (aka. @AlisonbyNumbers and NorthmanMaille) who proof read my Eric and Sookie fanfics died from pneumonia. As you can imagine, those who knew her (including me) are deeply saddened by her death. She was a wonderful, thoughtful, caring woman and I’m definitely feeling a loss at her passing.

One of the ways I deal with the mourning process is; I write poems. I wrote one in her honor and I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you. And I hope her family doesn’t mind that I posted a picture of her on here, but I love this pic and it’s the perfect pic to bid farewell. This pic is from Alison’s Facebook page.

Here goes;

Goodbye, My Friend


10858607_10204690838327609_4043178123894280175_nMy friend Alison
Was kind and sweet.
We got to know each other,
Through reading our Tweets.

We shared a love
For fictional vampire men.
One’s name was Bones,
The other; Eric Northman.

I am Canadian,
While she was Brit.
She loved doing crafts,
We shared the same wit.

I’ll never forget
The day she offered to help.
If she had proof read this poem,
She would want to yelp!

My grammar and punctuation
Wasn’t always the best.
Let’s just say…
I put her to the test.

She loved ice hockey,
Had a passion for life.
She was an inspiration for all,
Why did she have so much strife?

She always took time
For a friend in need.
She loved pretty flowers,
Which were grown from seed.

She had two dogs,
Named Ceddy and Bert.
Who loved to play often,
In very muddy dirt.

Through the years,
She became a close friend.
It’s hard to believe,
Her life has come to an end.

Now she’s in heaven
Watching, smiling down.
To us, she’d say…
You better not frown.

We don’t need to cry
And shed many tears.
She’s no longer in pain,
No longer has fears.

To my friend, Alison
I’d just like to say…
Thanks for being my friend,
Hope to see you again one day.

Goodbye, my friend.
You may be gone, but never forgotten.
Until we meet again…

Those who knew her know she loved music, especially Classic Rock. One of her friends posted this video on her Facebook wall in remembrance. It’s a song I know Alison would love, and the best way to end this post and say one last final goodbye.

Song: Stairway To Heaven
Sung by: Heart

If you knew Alison too…feel free to say goodbye to her in the comments below.

Until the next time, Insiders…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye My Friend

  1. I had heard about her death. It’s another tragic loss for her friends and other loved ones. She looks much too young to be taken that way.


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