My Festivus Grievances


Hello Insiders!

It’s December 23rd…the day before Christmas Eve. And one of the last days to get all your Christmas shopping done before the holiday.

As any Seinfeld fan (which I am) knows – this day also marks the day called Festivus – a holiday to air your grievances, show off your aluminum pole and wrestle your friends to the ground in a feat of strength.

Since I can’t (obviously) wrestle any of you to the ground in a feat of strength. I’ll just have to show you a ‘sexy’ aluminum pole and air my grievances over the past year. As you know I LOVE to rant, so airing my grievances is my particular feat of strength.

First, let’s show you the sexy aluminum pole.


Sexy, right?

What are my grievances? Read on to find out what I’ve chosen for this year.

Before I get into my list of grievances. If any of these seem familiar to you and annoy you too and/or if you disagree with any of them – and would like to talk about it…feel free to say something in the comments.

  1. RantChristmas shoppers. MUST YOU BE SO RUDE! I know you’re tired. I know you are stressed…but PLEASE don’t take out your frustrations on other shoppers and retail staff. I feel the same way too…but I try to be as nice and as considerate as I can be. Maybe you could too? Just sayin’…
  2. Talking on your cell phone while being served. I’m not sure how many of you are in the service industry…but do you know how insulting and disrespectful it is to have to wait on a person who’s too busy yapping or texting on their cell phone to pay attention – like it’s more important than what they’re already doing? Can’t you put down your phone for a few minutes? Or is that phone glued to your ear and/or your eyes and fingers stuck? Don’t blame me if you don’t get what you wanted if you don’t put down that phone! You weren’t paying attention to begin with! (This one is probably my BIGGEST grievance. I don’t know why I didn’t put this as number one. Oh well…)
  3. Radio stations playing the SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I know the songs are popular, but it gets pretty boring IMO. And it’s even MORE annoying when you know the playlist so well – you can predict which song will air next  and those particular songs get stuck in your head. (For awhile I had TWO Taylor Swift songs stuck in my head and the lyrics would alternate back and forth. NOT FUN.)
  4. People who don’t know you…think that they can still tell you how to live your life. At a Christmas party this year, one “nice” old (and drunken) man decided to share his “observations” with me which pissed me off. What gives him the right to say anything at all to me? It’s not like he knows me or I know him. Here’s a thought…how ’bout people like that should MYOB or STFU! Either one will do. Anyways…I’m over it now because I decided to “shake it off”. (DAMN SONG.)
  5. Backstabbers. They say nice things to your face, but turn around and say mean stuff behind your back. And you happen to hear about it. I would prefer you say it to my face, in all honesty. If it’s something I can change, I could probably fix it if you were open and honest about it to begin with.

As you could tell I need serenity_now(Another favorite phrase from Seinfeld.)

That’s it for 2014. Although I could list many more too…I decided to keep my list relatively short – so I won’t bore you or rant about things that will never change; like traffic jams.

Just for fun…what are YOUR grievances for 2014? Feel free to share yours with me too.

Until the next time, Insiders…


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