My Spartacus Vengence Year-End Review

Before I review the season of Spartacus – Vengence, I just wanted to let you know that I’m waiting for my beta to proof-read my fanfic, Dirty Little Secret! So…my patientย  little Jax and Tara fans…expect an update VERY SOON! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so it begins…if you haven’t watched the season finale of Spartacus: Vengence…first of all, WTF are you doing reading this and NOT watching the show? Secondly, I suggest you DO before reading this review! I will be getting very specific and will reveal many, many spoilers! You have been warned!

I know I haven’t reviewed any episodes of Spartacus: Vengence in the past, but I felt that I HAD to – after watching the season finale! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! (This is NOT my review! But basically how I felt after it was all over.) Quite frankly, I was speechless. Just like after watching every episode of the series, it left you feeling breathless and dying for more!

Before I break it down for you, I just thought that I would share with you: the fact that normally I’m what one might call a “spoiler whore”.ย  Take for example, True Blood…I search endlessly for spoilers, so I can write about them on Eric & Sookie Lovers. That isn’t the case with Spartacus. It’s one of those very few shows I watch, where I remain “spoiler-free”.ย  The Walking Dead is another example of not knowing what’s going to happen from one episode to the next. The main reason being; Spartacus is one of those shows that I watch with my husband, who refuses to be spoiled! You can probably imagine that we’ve had some disagreements in the past, when I’ve inadvertently revealed some teeny-tiny spoilers. Oopsie! I sometimes forget that he doesn’t want to know. So I watched this season without knowing what’s going to happen. Which was actually kind of refreshing! I may have to remember this in the future….hmmm.

Getting back to the subject on hand…I live in Canada, and Spartacus airs on Sunday nights, not on Fridays. After the season finale of Spartacus: Vengence aired in the U.S., I stumbled across a very spoilery interview with producer DeKnight on what had happened in the season finale. It basically gave away the results, but it didn’t really explain how and why it happened. Anyways, I spoiled my husband AGAIN, after we watched the season finale…oh well. I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. (He didn’t want to know that Ilithyia had really bit the dust.) More on this later…

Back to the season of Vengence…

Spartacus kicked off the season with a bang. Glaber and Ilithyia moved to Capua, which must have left a sour taste in Ilithyia’s mouth, and not because she was pregnant either. Spartacus and his band of former slaves were living in hiding, trying to gather up enough people to take on Glaber.ย  Oenomaus was fighting in a ring for money. Ashur was Glaber’s right-hand man. And we were introduced to Seppius and Seppia, a snotty brother and sister duo from a rich, noble family. Plus, many other characters, but those were the main ones.

The season reunited us with some old and familiar faces too. Nobody was more excited than me, when Gannicus played by Dustin Clare came back, not to mention when we found out Lucretia (played by Lucy Lawless) was alive and well, but understandably had gone completely off her rocker.ย  Since when had she ever been religious?ย  (Not that I blame her, after what she had lived through at the end of season one. I would probably be insane too.) It was also a season of recasts (Spartacus and Naevia) with impossible shoes to fill. I warmed up to Liam McIntyre’s Spartacus by the end of the season, but I’m still trying to get a handle on the ‘new’ Naevia, now played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson. I will always miss Andy Whitfield as Spartacus, may he R.I.P…

The season took us on a journey of changes and maneuvering…kind of like the reality show, Survivor – where they try to outwit, outlast and outplay each other, with a few scuffles in between. We saw many, many violently gross death scenes. I’m not one to be squeamish, but when the one guy’s face got cut off (sorry, I forget which episode that was in), and his brains slid out…yeah, that was kind of gross. We saw the destruction of the arena, where we witnessed all of the gladiator fights. I guess we won’t be seeing those anymore, will we?

There were many shocking moments too. I loved how they revealed that Ilithyia’s baby was really…Spartacus’s, and not her husband, Glaber’s. SHOCKER! That might put a kink in all of Ilithyia’s plans…LOL You remember in season one, when Lucretia set up Ilithyia with Spartacus? Haha, if that’s not a ‘hate’ child, I don’t know what is? But for some reason, I thought they were hot together and could actually see something more out of them as a couple. I fear I’m not alone in this either. I’ve heard Andy Whitfield himself, wanted them to pursue a relationship between the two. They shared a special connection, which I think the child would’ve forced them to deal with. I really thought; after Gannicus kidnapped Ilithyia in order to use her as bait, was when this connection may have been addressed, especially when Spartacus’s girlfriend, Mira tried to choke her after finding out the baby was Spartacus’s.

Mira, I found to be boring…though she was a kick-ass fighter and was one of those really good people. Kind of like how Oenameous was. You need characters who are honorable and the moral compass of the show to balance out all the rest of the characters. Ilithyia, on the other hand, had no moral compass, but I could see she could be redeemed through the love of her baby.

BTW, I knew Oenameous (Peter Mensah) was going to be one of the casualties this season. When the casting news came out, that he was going to be on True Blood as one of the members of the Authority, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I’m going to miss him. He was the unspoken leader, IMO. He taught all of the gladiators what they knew. I can’t imagine the show without him. But I guess I’ll be still watching him on True Blood, so that’s good!

Getting back to the romantic aspect of the show. I am one of those people who loves a good romantic story, even on a TV show like this. In fact, romances are what keeps me tuning in. I could see why Spartacus would be attracted to Mira. I just felt that Ilithyia was more three-dimensional as a character, whereas Mira was…just plain blah. Plus, I loved how Ilithyia would try to make plans, only to see them backfire in her face. Poor girl. I felt sorry for her, but also laughed at her attempts. She was truly one of those characters you loved to hate, but could also see some redeeming qualities too.

Probably one of the most shocking moments for me, was the finale, when Lucretia jumped off the cliff holding Ilithyia’s baby in her arms. I had a feeling that Lucretia was “playing” everyone – but didn’t think she would actually take the baby along with her. It’s too bad…Spartacus’s “hate” child is gone. I would’ve loved to see what he might be like as a father, especially during the times when he’s constantly fighting the Romans. But a part of me, wishes they hadn’t killed off Sera in season one either. I think it shows a different side of Spartacus, and one I like to know more. You can find out anything about what happened in history, by researching it, but you rarely get a look inside the character to see the softer, gentler side.

I honestly think Ilithyia cared about that baby more than anything else. I’m not sure if it’s because I think she WAS in love with Spartacus, since she often flashbacked to season one when they had sex, throughout the season, or if it’s because the baby was something that was hers or what? But look at the way she would touch her stomach throughout the season. I definitely think this would’ve been something I would have liked to see. I cried when Spartacus let her go, because he found out Glaber didn’t really love her. That’s so sad…but I guess it did save her life. Who knew something like that might help? Oh well…I guess I may have to write a fanfic instead.

This season had some moments where I would jump up and say, “YAY”! One of them, was when Naevia and Crixius were reunited. Another, was when Naevia got her vengence on Ashur on the mountain top. And another moment, was when the Spartacus FINALLY killed Glaber. It’s about freakin’ time… It only took him, what…two seasons?

What was probably the most shocking thing about the season finale, was the fact that SO MANY main characters died. Let’s take a moment to remember some of our good, and not-so-good friends from the show…

May all of them find some sort of…peace. (Although some of them don’t really deserve it.) I don’t recall seeing 5-6 characters bite the dust before in one single episode, and all of them important characters of the show as well. The Roman days were rough and troubled times. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to handle living in those days.

And judging by what DeKnight said about next year…? It looks like we’re in for some big changes. If you’re interested in reading the same interview I read, you can read it here.

All in all, it was a spectacular ending to an already awesome show! Each season keeps getting better and better, IMO. I’m looking forward to the next year, hope Spartacus returns soon!

What are your thoughts? Did you feel the same way as me? Sound off below!


Where Did The Summer Go?

I was fixing up the look of my blog (once again) and noticed I haven’t posted anything since May! HOLY SHIT! Sorry about that…but I do have a very good reason. Eric & Sookie Lovers had it’s busiest season this summer, due to the fact that True Blood Season 4 was based on Book 4…or was it? (More on that later.) I wrote a blog post for Locate, and all the other ins and outs of running a fansite that come with it.

Speaking of which…I hope you don’t mind if I post some of my thoughts on Season 4.

Season 4 was supposed to be based on book 4, DTTW of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I stress, supposed to. It sure as hell wasn’t.

I guess since this is my own personal blog, I can say pretty much anything I want. I don’t have to remain somewhat neutral, like I do at Eric & Sookie Lovers. Not that anyone would get offended, if I did speak my mind…but the spies that work for True Blood might visit that site more than this one. I would much rather have them read the comments by fellow Eric & Sookie lovers, over me.

But before I get started, I wanted to reassure and apologize to everyone for not updating any of my fics. I will…just don’t expect them very often during the summer months, okay? In fact, earlier today, I was working on my Deadly Intentions one!

Speaking of summer…this past July I met one of my betas, who passed through on her way to visit the Rocky Mountains! It was great meeting Northwoman, who betas the Jax & Tara fic, Dirty Little Secret! It was great sharing our thoughts on our favorite fics and our favorite couples – face to face! If you happen to follow either one of us on Twitter, you might have even happened to see the pics from our meet and greet! I’m not going to grace this blog with my ugly mug, so you don’t have to be scared out of your mind! LMAO (I want you to keep coming back, not get scared away!)

Now, on with my review of True Blood Season 4…

The first half of the season, was everything Eric & Sookie Lovers (me included) could ever hope to see happen. Sure, it wasn’t the same as the books exactly…but there were similar type scenes to those in the books, which the bookies (like me) could appreciate. But then…around the time of the shower scene (that wasn’t) onward…things began to get progressively worse.

For starters…how could anybody call that a shower scene to begin with? It came across as more of a V-trip to Narnia (as most fans have called it)! WTF? Sure, it was great seeing Eric & Sookie so happy, together, naked and sharing something…BUT this cheapened and ruined everything for me. I felt like I was on some drug trip too and I got the munchies…for the episode to end.

That’s when I knew…what my gut had been telling me all along…that AB was going to do to me, what Ellen and David (ex-executive producer and ex-head writer of Guiding Light) had done to me years ago…ruin my favorite couple by breaking them up. Sure, I can handle angst…but when it comes to True Blood, don’t you think Eric and Sookie lovers have put up with too much angst already? It’s time for Eric and Sookie to be a couple, just like Bill and Sookie have been for 3 FUCKIN’ SEASONS!

Yep, I hate to tell you, that I told you so…because honestly, I didn’t tell anyone how I felt. But I want to tell you now, I had a funny feeling deep down inside my gut, that it was going to end badly…even when things were going good! You see, I haven’t trusted writers ever since Ellen and David destroyed my Jammy. The way Alan Ball has changed things from the books already…I knew it would be more of the same. COMPLETE BALLSHIT.

This is when it started to go downhill, IMO…

I knew it as soon as Eric attacked Marnie in the graveyard, for no apparent reason and killed a witch. This was the second sign, that I was (unfortunately) going to be proven right. This was completely OOC for the character of Eric, memory loss or no memory loss. Of course ๐Ÿ™„ , Sookie had to get shot. *YAWN* By this time, Eric was now being controlled by Marnie…yep, can you say…plot point? The only reason why, was to somehow get Bill’s blood into Sookie, so she could have that awkward, terrible, unsexy threesome fantasy of hers.

If you follow Eric & Sookie Lovers at all…we posted that the threesome fantasy made TV Guide’s Unsexiest Sex Scenes list! Yep, this is sooooo very true. If anybody thought that scene was half-assed hot…you’re out of your fuckin’ mind! Kudos to Anna for coming up with this idea…it really proves she doesn’t really know her character as well as she thought she did. Or, Alan Ball has changed her character SO much on the show, that she’s nothing like the Sookie in the books. Book Sookie would never ever do anything like that. Sure, she had a brief, minor fantasy about them while they fixed her window…but it was brief and never went this far. Yes, I know that Alan Ball likes to shock people and that was probably another reason why they shot this scene too. Sookie had been gone only a week in her mind and should still be wanting nothing to do with the “abjure one” Bill. Blood in her body or no blood. IT DOESN’T MAKE FUCKING SENSE. If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s bad writing, IMO.

I’m not going to bore you by recapping what happened throughout the rest of the season, because I know that pretty much everyone has seen it by now and has their own judgments and/or thoughts about it.

But I will say this…while many aren’t planning on watching True Blood next season, (I don’t blame you) I will still be watching. I’ll probably be the only one, but hey, at least you know where to go, if you want to know! I’m going to recap it because all the best recappers I know, won’t be doing it next season. I’m not as great as they are, but I do have some experience while watching Guiding Light. Yes, something I’ve neglected to tell you! LOL I used to do it daily!

Again, I don’t blame any of them for stopping. I feel like I’m ‘taking one for the team’ – so to speak.

Anyways, that pretty much sums up where I thought True Blood Season 4 went from being good – to being downright terrible. And people wonder WHY True Blood isn’t nominated for any awards??? It’s because of writing inconsistencies, dropped plots, plot holes and writing characters OOC. Writing, writing, writing. The same could be said about soaps and why their ratings are dropping…

Honestly, if TV channels really wanted people to continue watching and in HBO’s case, subscribing…get fans to have some imput into what happens on the show. Have a fan act either as someone who gives advice or hire a fan to be a writer, who helps them come up with interesting and believable plots!

In the words of Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric, this season of True Blood was…

Needless to say, I haven’t forgotten about my fics and I will continue to write them! God knows, at least the great fanfics I read – my fellow fanfic writers know how to write Eric & Sookie properly!

Oops! Did I neglect to inform you, I may have been slightly inebriated while writing this post? But only slightly! Hope you won’t hold it against me!

Until the next time…hopefully sooner than the last!

What do you think of my thoughts on True Blood Season 4? Share yours below!

Season’s Greetings

Hi everyone!

OMG, it’s already almost Christmas?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m not even completely finished my Christmas shopping yet. But I did get my baking all finished and my house nicely decorated! ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, I didn’t go all out like I usually do! It’s amazing how much Christmas stuff you collect over the years.

Before you say anything…yes, I KNOW I’ve been lax in updating pretty much everything lately and again, I apologize. I updated the Jax/Tara fic on here, but recently realized I forgot to upload it over at! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oops, sorry! And I promise I will have both fics I’m currently working on updated before the end of the year! (I’m off the 30th and 31st) If I can’t get them up then – there’s NO help for me! LOL

I have to admit, I got a little side-tracked earlier in the week because Charlaine Harris posted the sneak peak of her new Sookie Stackhouse book; coming out in May. I just HAD to read it! LOL Have you read it, if you’re in that fandom?

Well…to add my 2 cents…about Dead Reckoning:

I think it will be interesting to find out what secrets have been hidden in the attic all these years and if there’s any relation to anything currently happening in Bon Temps. Will it contain letters, as I’ve heard previously from spoilers?ย  The Sam part put me to sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, if you love Sam Merlotte. I don’t mind the guy…just not as a suitor for Sookie. The only thing remotely interesting about the Sam storyline in the sneak peak, was the fact someone tried to burn down his bar.

Now, for the good stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€ ERIC NORTHMAN came to Sookie’s rescue! (Although, it was after the worst was over by the time he got there.) But the point is–HE WAS THERE! Sookie didn’t have to call him (because of their blood bond, he knew) and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘are you alright?’ The only thing I had issues with, is the fact that Sookie seemed almost selfish to me; not caring that Eric is a Sheriff and has many responsibilities and flew all that way, just because he could sense she was in trouble. And that he was acting protective and angry. If I were in Eric’s shoes, I would feel the same way too. Anyways, CH HAD to tease us with a mention of a shower with Eric, only for it to NOT happen and then it was the end of the preview!ย  ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Me thinks CH has learned a little bit about writing nasty cliffhangers! LOL Enough about Dead Reckoning, because I could probably write all day (night at the time I write this) and bore you to death!

I wish all of you the best this holiday season! Hope you spend it with your loved ones and get everything you wish for! You deserve it because you read my stories! LMAO Just kidding! I really do wish you all the best and see you in New Year! (Unless I update my fics first! )

With love and best wishes,
The Fanfiction Vixen