Mid-Afternoon Delight

Have you ever fantasized about having a “nooner” or sex while at work or some other place where you know people could walk in and catch you at any time? If the answer is yes…well, my mind has fantasized about it too. Here’s a little original short story written by me about what it would be like.

Please note: A friend of mine once told me this story is something you would find in the Penthouse Forum! LOL I figured you might like to read it. Do you agree with my friend?

I hope you like it! 🙂

Rated MA–for explicit sexual content. No one under the age of 18 should read this



The door slammed shut, as he pulled me roughly towards him and began to kiss me passionately. I couldn’t even breathe, let alone think. We had been busy filming sexually charged scenes all day long and the only thing on our minds was how we needed to relieve the sexual tension.

He lifted me into his arms and leaned me back against the door which had just been slammed shut.

I closed my eyes. “Ummm…” I moaned, while his lips grazed down the length of my throat. “Shouldn’t we get undressed first?” I asked, in my bewilderment.

He raised his head and looked at me. “We will…I just wanted to kiss you and touch you and feel you, first.” He began to kiss me again. “God, I want you,” he moaned.

I couldn’t do anything but cling to his strong shoulders. He clasped me about my hips. My legs wrapped around his waist. He sat me down on the make up counter, but not before sweeping off the contents that were on it, on to the floor. The objects landed with a loud clatter.

Anybody walking by would be able to hear the sounds coming from the room. The sounds of the objects hitting the floor had been loud enough that anyone could hear it from all the way down the long hallway.

He began to remove my clothing, roughly peeling my shirt over my head and pulling my jeans off my body. I was now sitting on the counter in nothing but my bra and panties.

He gazed up and down my body with a heated look in his gaze. “God…” he moaned. “I love how the costume department dresses you,” he rasped.

I couldn’t reply back, because I was at a loss for words. He had begun kissing me again. His hands roamed over my body, sliding around back and quickly undid my bra. He stopped kissing me long enough to peel the bra away and stared down at my naked breasts.

“God…” he moaned again. He gulped down his desire, and prayed he could hold out long enough so he could make sure that I would enjoy it too.

I reached for his shirt, pulled it up and over his head. I reached out and touched his naked skin. It was burning hot. I caressed his bulging muscles. My hand slid down his shoulders, to the waistline of his jeans. I threaded my fingers inside, and said,  “these have to come off too.”

Rather than letting him undo his fly, I did it myself, impatiently. He stood there, in suspended wonder, as I pulled them down to his knees, taking his underwear along with. His huge erection created troubles for me. He had to help me get it accomplished.

My hand clasped around his cock, taking his breath away. He gasped, at the first touch of my fingers wrapped around him. His hips pushed forward, encouraging me to continue.

He had to shake his head. He reached down and slid his hand inside my panties. Finding evidence that I was already wet. He pushed my hand away from his long length, so he could remove my panties.

I leaned back and braced myself on my hands, lifted my buttocks off the counter so my panties could be removed.

He roughly kicked his jeans off from around his ankles and knelt down to his knees. He touched my clit with his mouth. I leaned my head back and moaned. “Oh…”

His tongue circled my clit, driving me insane. His hands slid along my thighs, holding me in place, ensuring that I didn’t move. One hand slid along my inner thigh and up towards the juncture of my thighs. His hand soon joined his mouth. One hand on my clit, moved in circles and his mouth licked my insides.

Brilliant lights exploded behind my eyelids, when I climaxed. I didn’t have time to recover, before he rose up and sheathed himself inside me. It took my breath away.

He pulled me close and drove in deeply. My legs curled around his hips, clutching him tighter. We both moaned. He drove into me so deeply and repeatedly; the counter shook with the vibrations. The few items remaining on the counter, rattled and fell over on to the floor.

I had to brace myself on the counter with the palms of my hands. Otherwise, I would’ve hit my head against the mirror. He leaned on the counter with his hands, on either side of me. Adding more pressure to the already rough treatment that the counter was receiving.

At the angle his head was at, he could easily take one of my nipples and pull it into his mouth. He licked and sucked on it, causing it to tighten and pucker. I arched my back, wanting more.

Sweat glistened on both of our bodies from this wild, passionate encounter. Cries continued to escape both of us, the closer we came. Passion took us under.

The rest of the world faded away. We were only aware of each other.

Driving one last quick thrust inside me, he cried out, while he came. Pausing, he shook his head, as if to clear his mind. He realized I hadn’t found the same pleasure yet. He continued to move inside me, deeper and deeper, until I felt this momentous tidal wave of pleasure.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, while the feelings took me into my own little world.

He raised his head and rested his forehead against mine. Panting and trying to regain his lost breath, he gazed down at me. “I love it that you’re so loud,” he said, softly.

I felt embarrassed because I was so vocal in the throws of passion. I blushed and tried to look away. “Yeah…well, I for one hate it. Anybody walking by, would know what we were doing. It‘s soooo embarrassing for me to know that they know we were having sex at work.”

He grinned. “I know,” he agreed.  “But that’s one of the reasons why I love you. I love it. I want everybody to know that I’m with you and how much  I love you.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Plus, it proves that I know what I’m doing in bed,” he added.

I reached over and slapped him, playfully. “Haw…haw,” I replied, sarcastically. “You have a huge ego problem did you know that?”

He nodded his head and grinned, but then grew serious. “And the fact that I have the hottest girlfriend ever,” he teased.

I felt my heart melt, like it usually did whenever I would hear him refer to me as  his girlfriend.

I suddenly regained awareness of our surroundings. “Oh, my God…look at this room!” I exclaimed, as I looked around.

He looked down at the mess we had made. He laughed and then grinned.

“Looks like a hurricane went through here,” he commented, jokingly. He looked back at me. “That sure was as wild as any storm.” He grinned. “I think I hear the weather man commenting right now; there’s another one on the way.”

He raised his hand to his ear. “No wait…it’s somebody coming down the hall,” he joked.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. I jumped down from the counter top.

“I need to pick up this stuff and get this room back to some semblance of order,” I explained, feeling uncomfortable about how exposed I felt being naked in a room full of disarray.

I began to pick up a few things that had fallen over.

He reached out and took one of my hands.

“Hey,” he waited, expectantly until I looked up at him. “I want you to know that I’m glad we found each other. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else. I want you to know that for me…” he paused, trying to find the right words to say. “I’ve never had a woman quite like you before and I want you to know that you’re the only woman for me.”

My eyes misted at hearing his sweet words.

“It’s the same for me too,” I agreed. “You’re the only guy I can see doing this with too.” I motioned around the room.

“Promise me, this will never change. That you will never change.”

“I promise,” he agreed.

He quickly kissed me on the lips, sealing his promise.

“Now, let’s get this room back to a resemblance of the way it was.”




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