Final Goodbye

This is a one-shot and my first True Blood based fanfic too! Most of my fics are based on the SVM series instead of the show, but after watching episode 10, I felt like I couldn’t resist! I hope you like it! Tell me what you think!

Pairing: Like you even have to ask? Eric & Sookie of course! 😀

Synopsis: This fic is based on Eric & Sookie’s first real kiss on the show, in Eric’s office. This is what I wished had happened!  😀   The part in bold lettering is the actual scene from the show. I just took it from there.

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of Charlaine Harris. However, I did borrow parts from Alan Ball’s True Blood. No monetary compensation is gained.

Rated: MA (sexual content)


“She insisted,” Pam explained, after Sookie burst through Eric’s office door unannounced.

Eric sat at his desk, lost in his own thoughts. “She always does,” he complained. He motioned with his head for Pam to leave his office, giving them some privacy. He waited for Sookie to speak first.

“What did you mean you‘re not going to be around much longer?” She asked curiously.

“Don’t pretend you care about me. This is about Bill. Deep down you know that you shouldn’t trust him,” he replied back, as he turned to gaze at her.

“Okay,” Sookie agreed. “Tell me why.”

Eric stood up and loomed over her, his face a mere inches away from hers. “Well, here’s the truth,” he explained. “There are forces even beyond my control. If I meet the true death without having at least kissed you, Sookie Stackhouse…that would be my biggest regret.”

Sookie was stunned. “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye to me?” She asked. She felt both fear and surprise at his words.

Eric waited a couple of moments, his face deadly serious. Sookie could tell that he was having a hard time saying these words to her. “Because I am.”


She didn’t have a moment to think before Eric grabbed her and began to kiss her passionately. She tried to break free from his embrace and end his kiss, but his strength was too much for her. Besides, he was fast proving to be an excellent kisser. Instead of pushing him away (like she should have done) she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled him closer to her and found herself kissing him back.

Time seemed to stand still. All Sookie could think about was…this kiss. His lips moved against hers tenderly, which was something that surprised her. Who knew that a Viking vampire could be gentle? They angled their heads, which took their kiss that much deeper.

His tongue grazed against her lips. She parted them and his tongue swept into her mouth. She gasped, as he stole her breath away from her. She tentatively flicked her tongue against his and he froze. She found herself now searching his mouth with her own tongue.

He pulled her closer to him, if that was even possible. She felt his hard length pressed up against her stomach. She found that she wanted more. She wanted to get closer to him somehow. Desires that she didn’t know that she possessed, consumed her. She wanted more.

His returned her kisses with a passion of his own. Eric found that he wanted to take things further than he had planned. Here, he had only wanted to sample a taste. One sweet kiss that he could remember as he died his final death. Not anything like this. No, nothing like how this kiss was turning out to be.

Bill had never kissed her like this. Tender, but yet passionate. He didn’t make her feel the feelings that were now stirring up inside of her either. These were different. All she could feel was want and desire. There was also a blinding need. She felt compelled to not only find out for herself if what Bill had told her was true (that Eric Northman was unforgettable in bed) but she also wanted to experience something that she had never experienced before.

Her limited experiences in bed weren’t the greatest. Bill, at times, would be rough with her and those times frightened her. She still remembered how scared she’d been when he had dug himself out of his grave and had proceeded to have sex with her right then and there.

But Eric was proving to her that even though he was scary and she didn’t know him as well as Bill, he had a gentler, softer, kinder and more caring side of him as well. Hadn’t she seen that side of him on the rooftop with Godric? At the time, her heart had broke for him. He had been having troubles letting go of his maker. Finally, Eric had granted Godric his last wish, which was to meet the sun.

Eric had looked so torn up inside. Bloody tears had rolled down his cheeks. Godric had entrusted her to look after Eric to make sure that he would be alright. But had she done so? No. She had returned back to Bon Temps and had hoped to forget all about what had happened in Dallas, but then Maryann happened. She had returned to Bill. She had been beginning to have dreams about Eric. Sexual dreams, because of his blood. She had been trying to run away. Both from him and from herself. She had felt like she couldn’t trust herself around him.

She had fantasized, a number of times, when she would go to Eric’s hotel room to check up on him. All the dreams had two things in common. One, she would end up kissing him as a way to provide comfort. Two, she always allowed him to bite her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to change her or if she just wanted him to feed, but still…she had been wanting to offer Eric something that she knew he wanted.

Well, at least her curiosity and interest in kissing him would be solved now, she thought to herself. He was a skilled kisser and made her want things that she wished that she could have. Was it his blood influencing her? She wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t going to stop this, that was for damned sure.

She felt a wave of guilt, as she thought about Bill. What kind of woman (who had been so close to accepting Bill’s marriage proposal, only to find Bill gone) does this? She’s not the kind of woman who kisses or sleeps around with other men.

But the thought of Eric leaving. Eric going to his final death. It scared her. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to stay. Why was he planning this?

She found herself laying across Eric’s desk. Eric’s stuff had been thrown across the room in haste. She barely remembered Eric doing it. Eric was partially laying on top of her, his leg wedged in between hers. She reached underneath his shirt and found his cool muscular skin. It felt heavenly to her. She wanted to explore and caress his naked body. Damn, these clothes. She pushed his shirt up, removed it and returned to placing her hands on him.

Eric was doing the same thing to her too. His cool hand slid under her t-shirt and touched her bare skin. She shivered, not because of the coolness of his touch, but because of what his touch was doing to her. His hand moved higher. It cupped one of her breasts. She gasped as sensations swept through her. Her back arched, aching for him to do more. She wanted his mouth on them. She needed his mouth on her naked breasts.

She knew that she was going to regret this later on, but she didn’t care. If Eric was planning on never coming back…what difference did it make? It was very wanton of her to think so, she knew. But she wanted this so much. She really had had no idea about her feelings until now.

What would’ve happened had she followed her dreams and had actually gone to see him after Godric’s death? Would they have done this? Was this real or just his blood talking?

Eric’s hands had been busy. Her t-shirt had now disappeared and her bra was missing too. Eric’s eyes glittered down on her as she lay there; her top half naked and exposed to his watchful eyes. She could see that he looked pleased. She could tell that he felt pleasure in just looking at her, which made her want him even more. She reached up and pulled his mouth down to her breasts, urging him to have a taste.

Eric did. She gasped, both in pleasure and surprise. She had never felt anything as erotic as this before in her life. What Eric could do with only his lips amazed her. Her nipples puckered. Her senses grew wild. She didn’t care where they were or what they were doing, just as long as he ended this sweet torture.

As Eric tasted her for the first and only time, he knew that this was the best. Sookie was the best that he’d ever had. He could now die in peace. His curiosity had eased. He could die happy, knowing that he wouldn’t have to regret not having taken advantage of this situation or satisfied his curiosity about what had been his most recent, but most powerful obsession. He had worked so hard to make her see how much he cared about her. He had wanted…no, he needed to do this. These new, unfamiliar feelings she aroused in him scared him, but also he wanted to explore those feelings more. After it was all over, she could go back and live her life in peace. Hell, even Bill could have her. At least he knew Bill cared enough about her to make sure that she was kept safe from other vamps.

His hands moved to her waistband. He unbuttoned the closure and lowered her zipper. His hand slid underneath both her panties and her shorts. He found her curls and her wet center. He deliberately rubbed his thumb against her clit. Her hips rose, making it known to him how much she enjoyed his hand being there.

He smiled. He rose up off of his desk to prepare to do the same with his mouth.

“Where are you going?” She asked, as she looked up at him, aroused and confused. She looked hurt and disappointed that he was stopping.

Eric couldn’t express it even to himself; his reaction at her words and the expression on her face. That she wasn’t willing to stop this anymore than he did, spoke volumes. He wanted to reassure her. “Nowhere. I am just going to do something else that I have been dying to do to you.”

Sookie watched, propped up on her elbows, as Eric slid her shorts down her legs and dropped them to the floor. He knelt down between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned, happy that he wasn’t stopping.

His hands slid up and down her thighs, as Eric felt her soft, warm skin. Had he ever touched anything this soft? He thought. So precious? Feelings that he had no business feeling rose up inside of him. He had to be careful not to let them show. It wouldn’t do any good for the future, he thought, simply because he was to have no part of it.

He dipped his head and kissed her navel. He left of trail of wet kisses, going lower, until he came to her mound. Blonde curls, he thought, much like his own. He kissed her, tentatively, scared of her reaction.

Her hips lifted up off of his desk. Her eyes opened, as she stared down at him, with a shocked expression on her face. Was she really going to do this? Who would have thought that his tongue was so talented? She laid back down again, as she let him have a taste. She gave herself in to him and his knowing touch.

Never had anyone been so gentle, yet so bold and thorough. Bill had tried, but it had never been as satisfying as this was now. Never before had she come so quickly, with only a flick of his tongue. Her body was so sensitive, that his tongue had barely touched her and she found herself having a mind-blowing orgasm. Her wits and her body seemed to fly off in all sorts of scattered directions. Before she came back down, she was rising up again, as Eric hadn’t finished with her yet. His tongue slid inside her as far as he could go and she found herself coming once again.

Eric loved the sound of her moaning and seeing her thrashing around in the throws of mindless passion. He moved away from her and stood there looking down at her with a pleased expression on his face.

She lifted her head and reached for him. He went into her arms. He laid himself down on top of her, careful of his weight. He kissed her lips. She could taste her own essence on them. She had this overwhelming desire to return the favor.

She rolled over on top of him, so that she straddled him. He seemed content enough to let her take the reigns. She began kissing him and then started to work her way down his magnificent body using just her mouth. She bit, licked and kissed his nipples, pleased to hear delight in his moan as she touched them. She went lower and did the same to his abs. Eric had a nice six-pack. Lower, she found his large manhood, lengthening, pulsing, and throbbing underneath her fingertips. His length was huge! Bill’s could never compete. What Eric had made you want to call it gracious and there was plenty of it.

Tentatively, she took him in her hand and began to stroke him. She was almost afraid that she would choke, he was so big. She decided to take the plunge. She wrapped her lips around his head and took him into her mouth. She started to suck his long, full length.

She heard him moan. He pulled her hair back and tucked it behind her ears. He grasped her head to keep her there. It wasn’t a rough gesture, like it had always been with Bill. It was gentle. She knew that if she started to choke or wanted to stop, he would let her. She didn’t.

Eric’s reactions to her ministrations alone, made her fears go away. She could tell that he was enjoying what she was doing to him. It didn’t make her afraid, it thrilled her. She loved having this power, this hold over this vampire who had lived for so many years.

“Stop,” Eric pleaded. “Or I will come right now. Come here,” he urged, as he pulled Sookie away from his manhood and placed her on top of him. He could feel her wetness right above his manhood. He ached with a blinding need to slide it inside. But he wouldn’t. They had dared too much. She had chased whatever fears that she had away and he wanted her to take control. “Ride me.”

Sookie kissed him briefly, then took him in her hand. She guided him to her wet center, where she wanted him to be. She lowered herself down on him, taking him in. Eric clasped her hips and helped her, until he was completely inside. She felt hot, tight, moist and pulsed all around him. He had never felt anything this good before. She fit like the perfect glove made just for him.

Sookie set the pace. The few times that Bill had let her ride him in the past wasn’t quite like this. This was more gentle and loving. They each gave and took from each other. There was never any of that with Bill. Bill had always seemed like he wanted to possess her. Whereas, Eric seemed to want to share. She wasn’t a fool. She knew that if Eric chose to, he would. But he seemed much more interested in letting her lead.

Eric raised himself up, so that he could taste her nipples once again. His face was buried in her cleavage. Sookie clasped him to her and messed up his hair with her actions. Eric was even sexier; looking scruffy and dishevelled, than he did when he looked neat, she thought to herself.

She rode him until she couldn’t help but cry out. She called out Eric’s name, while the stars burst behind her eyelids. Eric cried out her name too.

In the aftermath, they both stared into each others’ eyes. Neither knew what to say to the other, so they both said nothing at all.

That’s when Pam burst in. She looked from both Eric to Sookie, took in their sexual position and nakedness. She nodded her head, as if this was an every day occurrence.

“Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah,” she told Eric, then proceeded to leave Eric’s office as quickly as she had come in.

“I have to get that,” Eric told Sookie, softly and apologetically, then disentangled from her arms and proceeded to get dressed. He left Sookie in his office, naked and alone.

She didn’t know what to do. Had she…had they…just did that? She couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe that she had betrayed Bill in the way that she had done.

She quickly picked up her scrambled clothes and put them on. She wasn’t sure if she should wait for Eric or return home. While she had her questions answered about whether or not Eric was good in bed, and that he had been telling her goodbye — she still didn’t know the real reason why she couldn’t trust Bill.

She turned and walked towards the office door, prepared to leave, when Eric came back in again.

He took in the fact that she was now dressed and had looked like she had been leaving. He stared at her, so that he could take his memories of her with him to his true death.

She looked up at him and started to speak, but found that she couldn’t. Instead, she walked around him. He didn’t stop her. She walked out of his office and out of his life. He watched her go.  He was full of emotions that were better off for both of them, if he didn’t acknowledge them. He decided to keep them bottled up inside.


Sookie found Bill outside of Fangtasia. He must have followed her there. She could already feel the guilt eating away at her inside. She looked away from him, because she didn’t want him to know or to guess what she had done.

“Sookie, why did you go to Eric’s?” Bill asked her.

“I had a question for him,” she replied, still looking away.

“Did you get your answer?” Bill asked, curiously.

“No,” she answered. “I’m going to go home now. Are you coming?” She started to walk towards her car, parked in the parking lot.

“No, I can’t. Eric told me that he has a plan to kill Russell and he needs my help.”

“He — what?” Sookie asked, as she spun around to finally face him.

“He’s…going to kill Russell. He’s going to kill Russell and himself, if he needs to,” Bill explained. “It’s the only way to save us all,” he shrugged.

Sookie stared at Bill incredulously. “You mean he–?” She couldn’t even finish her sentence. She was so full of emotions, that she raced inside without a second thought. She burst into Eric’s office, where he was sitting behind his desk. It was still cleared of anything that he’d had on it before. Eric still hadn’t cleaned up his office from their wild encounter.

She was about to speak, when she heard Russell’s voice in her ear. “Hello, Sookie Stackhouse,” he greeted her, his S’s sounding like a snake’s. “Are you here because I told Eric that I wanted you to be?” He taunted.

“Enough!” Eric stood up and shouted from behind his desk, the first words out of his mouth, since Sookie had re-entered his office. “Russell, I have an offer that you can’t possibly refuse.”

“Oh, what’s that?” Russell asked, mildly curious.

“How would you like to have every vampire’s dream?” Eric asked.

“Go on, I’m listening,” Russell encouraged.

“I know how to do it. All you have to do is drink Sookie’s blood,” Eric explained.

“Eric!” She yelled at him, both outraged and in shock. Eric gave her a look that said to follow his lead. She nodded her head slightly in understanding, then turned to Russell herself. “Yes, but please don’t drink too much. I’m the only fairy left,” she attempted the weak joke.

Russell laughed, as if he didn’t believe her. “A fairy? You’re a fairy?” He laughed, like it was the funniest thing that he’d ever heard. “And how is a fairy supposed to let me walk in the daylight?” He wondered.

“Good thing you asked,” Eric replied back. “Their blood…it somehow allows you to do just that,” he explained.

“It’s true,” Bill inserted, having followed and overheard their conversation. “I walked in the daylight myself.” He looked around Eric’s office, that was in disarray. “What the hell happened to your office, Eric?”

Both Sookie and Eric had sheepish and guilty looks on their faces. They tried hard to look everywhere but at Bill. Pam stood there smirking at them, with a knowing look on her face. They both hoped that she would keep her mouth shut.

“I was looking for something,” Eric shrugged, as he explained to Bill. “Getting back to the business at hand.” He switched his attention from Bill and on to Russell. “Drink her and you will see,” he told him.

“Okay, but on one condition,” Russell agreed.

“What’s that?” Eric asked, curiously.

“You drink from her first,” Russell suggested.

Eric looked at Sookie with an apologetic look on his face. He moved closer and looked down at her upturned face. “I’m sorry,” he whispered to her, just before he tilted her head and his fangs bit into her neck. Again, time seemed to stop still for them. Eric tried to make it better for Sookie, by stroking the nape of her neck and dropping little kisses, as he bit.

Sookie didn’t feel any pain actually. Eric’s reassuring actions made her want him to drink more.

“Okay, you’ve had enough,” Bill urged. “Let her go before you drain her, Eric.”

Eric licked her wounds closed, raised his head and looked into her eyes. “Goodbye,” he whispered, before he turned and moved away from her.

Russell, his impatience having worn thin, grabbed her wrist and bit into it roughly. Both Eric and Bill tried to get him to stop, but Russell ignored them. Russell lifted his head after a few minutes and turned to Eric. “After you,” he waved Eric out of the office. Eric followed, but not before he grabbed the pair of silver handcuffs up off of a shelf.

The two of them walked out the front doors of Fangtasia. The sun was beginning to rise. They were fine for a few minutes, until Russell started to smoke. “What in the hell?” He cried, as he realized that he was starting to burn.

Eric turned towards him and quickly put the handcuffs on him. “Be brave. We will die together,” he said, then knelt down on the pavement.

Russell was forced to follow.

Sookie had raced after them and stood watching from the front door. She stood there, appalled and horrified by what she was witnessing. Eric was really going to sacrifice himself for her and everyone else, she thought to herself.

She refused to let him do it. She had to save him. She felt an overwhelming sense of panic at the thought of losing Eric. She walked over towards them, reached out her hand and used her new-found powers to zap the handcuffs apart.

By this time, both vampires were unconscious. Russell was already dead. His ashes blew away in the slight, early morning breeze. She pulled Eric to safety, inside Fangtasia. Pam had seen her coming, so she’d held the door open for them.

“I’ve got to save him!” Sookie cried. She started to panic that it might already be too late. She slit open her wrist with a knife, that Pam had handed her from behind the bar. She held it up and over Eric’s mouth. Slowly, he began to drink more and more.

“Sookie, it’s too late,” Bill urged. “Let him go. Your blood won’t save him now.”

Sookie ignored him. She had finally realized who she really loved and who she could trust the most. “No, Bill. I love him. I refuse to let go.”

“Sookeh!” Bill exclaimed, horrified by her words. “You can’t mean that!”

“Yes, Bill, I do.”

She noticed that Eric’s burns were now healed and that he was starting to come to. He stopped drinking, opened his eyes and looked up at her. “I must be in heaven,” he said, softly, as he gazed at her. “You look like an angel.”

Sookie smiled and wiped the tears that had fallen, off of her cheeks. “No, Eric. You’re alive. I love you. Promise me, you won’t ever do something this stupid ever again.”

Eric looked from Bill, who was standing there watching them with a mutinous expression on his face. “What about Bill?” He asked curiously. Just how long had he been unconscious for? Years? This was the complete opposite of everything that he had known before.

Sookie laughed, as she realized that she had Eric back again. She was immensely relieved. “I don’t love him,” she answered. “I love you. Only you. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize that until tonight.”

Eric reached up and pulled Sookie down to him for a kiss.

While they were kissing, Pam had the foresight to make sure that Bill wasn’t around. She dragged him towards the front door, by a silver chain. Bill fought her every step of the way, but since she was older, she was stronger. He had no chance. She threw him out into the bright sunlight, like yesterday’s trash.

She closed the door, and locked it. She turned around and watched Eric and Sookie with a smirk on her face. She walked by them, on her way to the basement. “Get a room,” she told them, affectionately before she left.

Eric and Sookie broke apart. They stared into each others’ eyes. They could see a light in the others’ that hadn’t been there before. They were in love and they were free to be together.



4 thoughts on “Final Goodbye

  1. I like this so much better than what was on True Blood. They have too many side stories that I really don’t care about to give any real screen time to Eric and Sookie. It’s really a shame.


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