Bonnie & Clyde: Part 1

You know how Tom and Stephanie’s dream storyline was about Bonnie and Clyde? Well, I figured that this would be a great story as well! This is what I would’ve liked to have seen, if they had written one!

This fanfic is dedicated to the work that Tom and Stephanie did on the show, by bringing us together, with love for Jonathan and Tammy! It’s something that we all know that they had wanted to see and to portray! I think it’s fitting, that since they are leaving…to give them one last final hoorah and what a better way, than to give them what they want? Thanks to Tom and Stephanie for all of your amazing work, dedication, care that you showed us in bringing these characters to life! We will miss you! Best wishes, and hope to see you both in your respective careers. Your talents are amazing, and you truly touched all of our lives!

This story begins, during the court proceedings, when Jonathan and Tammy had burned down Sandy’s house, you know, nicknamed, “the pastel palace.” Instead of Sandy saving Jon from prosecution, Jon has to face the consequences.

Rated: MA, R, 18A or whatever kind of rating used for; sexual content, language, and violence.


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