Bonnie & Clyde: Chapter 3

Jon paced back and forth in his cell. Time was ticking by so slowly…how will he get through ten years of it? Whenever he tried to sleep…visions of Tammy would come to him. When he was awake…he wondered what she was up to and how she was doing? He had to try to force her from his mind. But how? How will he ever forget her?

One of the guards approached his cell. “You have a visitor,” he stated, as he unlocked the jail cell bars and slid them open. He handcuffed Jon, and directed him out of the cell and down the hall towards the visitors’ room.

Once there, Jon sat down and waited to see who was coming to see him. He hoped that it wouldn’t be Tammy. He didn’t want her to see him like this. He only wanted her to have good memories of him.

Jon’s visitor entered and sat down. Jon stared long and hard at him. “What do you want?” He accused.

Sandy sat there with a big grin on his face. “I came to see you of course. Aren’t you happy to see me?” Sandy asked, knowing full-well that Jon wasn’t. Sandy looked at Jon’s appearance. “I must say that that outfit doesn’t do a thing for you. You’ll have to convince them to change your wardrobe,” Sandy taunted and winked at him.

“What the hell do you want?” Jon repeated, angrily. He was fast losing his patience. “Are you happy now? You got what you wanted,” Jon accused.

“Oh, Jonny, Jonny, Jonny, I’m not happy…not yet,” Sandy replied. Sandy sat back with a smug expression on his face. “You know what I want, and now that you’re locked up, I’ll be able to get it.”

Jon knew exactly what and who Sandy meant by that. “Stay away from her,”  he threatened, menancingly. “Stay away from her or….”

“Or what?” Sandy asked. “Remember, there’s nothing that you can do. You’re in jail. What could you do to prevent it from happening?”

“Lots,” Jon replied. “If you don’t stay away from Tammy…I’ll have to tell everyone what you’re really like,” Jon threatened, from his side of the window. He was feeling angry, and at the same time, helpless. Sandy was right. What could he do? He was locked up. There was no way that he could protect Tammy. Not anymore. “Just stay away from her or you’ll regret it.”

“What are you going to do?” Sandy taunted. “Break out of here, come find us and rescue Tammy from me? Tammy belongs with me. There’s nothing you can do,” Sandy shook his head. “I’m the one, who was there for her after you hurt her. I’m the one, who she chose to marry. Why should I be scared of you?”

“Because I’m the only one who knows what you’re really like,” Jon replied. “I’ll expose your….secret if you don’t stay away from her.”

Sandy’s face went a little white. “I’m not scared. Who would believe you? You’re a criminal. Nobody would believe a word you say.”

“Maybe…but I think that after the wedding fiasco…they will be more likely to listen,” Jon replied. “Now you’re the outcast. You’ve kept so many secrets. I wonder who they will believe?”

“You wouldn’t…” Sandy replied, shocked. “They would never believe you. I’m the good one…no matter what you say.”

“I would…and you and I both know that you’re really aren’t the good one,” Jon shook his head. “If they only knew…”

“…but they don’t,” Sandy insisted. “And you won’t tell them.”

“Oh, so does this mean that you’ll stay away from Tammy?” Jon asked, with feigned surprise.

“What it means it that since you’re locked up in here. You don’t have a say in what happens in the outside world anymore. I’m not scared. Go ahead…tell them. See if they believe you,” Sandy taunted. “You and I both know that it’s not the image that I project. They will never believe you…not in a million years.”

Jon smiled. “We’ll have to see about that.”

“Oh, look at my watch!” Sandy said, suddenly remembering he had to be somewhere. “I’ve gotta run. You know…I’ve got to make sure that Tammy is okay,” Sandy rubbed in one last time and stood up and left.

Jon’s eyes followed him, as he left. “Yeah…right. If I find out that you went near Tammy…” Jon said, to himself. He leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head. “…you’ll have to answer to many surprised people.”


Tammy had gone for a walk. She had needed to get out of the house for awhile. It was all so much for her. She needed a break. She peered in, through the window. Good, she thought, as she saw that she didn’t know anybody inside. They won’t bother her that way. She just wanted to have a glass of Mountain Dew and be left alone.

Tammy entered the restaurant, and sat down at a table. A waitress, whom she didn’t know, asked her what she wanted. She ordered her drink and after the waitress delivered it, sat there alone in thought.

Tammy felt hollowed out, numb, and was finding it hard to function. She still couldn’t believe that Jon had been found guilty. They had tried to put out the fire! She thought to herself. He’s not the bad guy that everyone made him out to be. He was just like anyone else. Wanting to love and be loved. Isn’t that what everybody else wanted? Why couldn’t they see it?

Tammy was so lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice the shadow that came across her table. “Tammy?” The voice asked, causing Tammy to come out of them.

Tammy looked up and saw that it was Marina. She breathed a sigh of relief. Someone who was on her side. “Hey, Marina,” she replied back, shakily.

Marina looked down at Tammy. She could see the dark circles under her eyes and how worn out Tammy looked. “I heard…are you okay?” Marina asked, concerned.

“I’m fine,” Tammy sighed. “I guess so…anyways. We all have to deal with what life throws our way, don’t we?” Tammy looked up at her, wanting some form of mutual understanding.

“Tammy, you don’t have to act strong. I know that this must be really difficult for you,” Marina tried to lend some moral support. “Are you hungry? Maybe I can have my grandpa fix you up something…”

“No, but thanks anyways. I’m really not that hungry.”

“Have you been able to sleep? I can tell that you’re looking worn out.”

“Do I really look that bad?” Tammy asked, surprised.

“No, but you…I don’t know…don’t look like yourself.”

“Well, gee, thanks…I think,” Tammy replied back, not knowing what to think. “Last time I checked…I was still me and Jonathan is still locked away.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s not you’re fault that we did something stupid and got caught,” Tammy waved it off. “I’ll be fine,” Tammy tried to reassure her.

“Will you?”

“I will…eventually. Once Jonathan is back in my life again. Mel is going to appeal, so maybe he will come home soon.”

Marina had an expression on her face that said that she highly doubted that he would.

“Don’t…I know that I’m living in a dream world,” Tammy replied, after noticing the way that Marina was looking at her. “It’s all I’ve got right now. I can’t bear the thought…I just can’t bear it…” she finished, finding that she couldn’t get the words out. “Hope’s all I’ve got now.”

“I know, but I’ll be here if you need anything,” Marina told her, offering her support.

“Thanks, Marina,” Tammy replied, grateful. “I’m glad that you have my back.”


Sandy watched, as Tammy and Marina were talking, through the window. “Jonathan won’t do it…I know it. Nobody would believe him,” he said to himself.

“Who are you talking to?” Sandy heard a voice ask behind him.

He turned around and faced the person who spoke to him. Lizzie Spaulding. “Um…nobody,” he explained. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh well, I’m here to see Coop of course. What a silly question?” Lizzie asked. “I’m still wondering if you’d help me.”

“Like I told you before…Ava isn’t my problem anymore,” Sandy told her. “You’re on your own.”

Lizzie looked through the window and saw who Sandy had been looking at. “My…my. Tammy is looking like crap. Little miss perfect is having a really bad hair day,” Lizzie mentioned, pleased. “It’s good to know that she isn’t as perfect as everyone says she is, after all.”

“Tammy is still the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever met!” Sandy told Lizzie. He looked her up and down. “Unlike someone I know…”

“Ouch! What did I do to deserve that?” Lizzie asked, innocently. “Hey, the offer still stands. I’ll help you get Tammy, if…you help me keep Coop,” she paused for effect. “We could make a really good team,” she pointed out.

Sandy looked at her. Tammy was what he wanted more than anything. He would have to think about it. Lizzie wasn’t the most trustworthy person in the world. “I’ll think about it and let you know.”


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