Bonnie & Clyde: Chapter 6

Reva arrived home and found that Tammy wasn’t. Where was she? She wondered. Reva had become use to finding Tammy home all the time. Reva hoped that Tammy was finding a way to deal with things without Jonathan. Reva sighed and flopped down on the couch and kicked her feet up on the table.

Reva was sad. Not only because Jonathan was still in jail, but because Cassie was being so stubborn. Reva had gone to visit Cassie, for the upteenth time, to try to mend fences. Cassie refused to listen to what she had to say. Reva wasn’t sure whom Cassie was more concerned over, herself or Tammy. It seemed that Cassie cared more about what others thought…than her own daughter’s welfare.

Reva had tried to tell her how depressed Tammy has been. Not eating and moping around the house. All Cassie had said was, that it was all Jonathan’s fault. If he hadn’t put some sort of spell on Tammy and somehow conned her…she would be still the little obedient girl that she had raised. She would be married to Sandy, someone who was more of the kind of man who deserved a girl like Tammy. Someone decent and kind. Someone who treated Tammy like a princess. Reva had tried to tell her that Jonathan treated her that way, but that now he couldn’t. It was all because Cassie refused to acknowledge that Jon loved Tammy and vice versa. Cassie hadn’t believed her. Reva felt like giving up.

How many more times must she have to try to bridge the gap between herself and Cassie? Reva wondered. It didn’t seem like it bothered Cassie that they weren’t on speaking terms at all.

Reva got up off of the couch, and picked up the newspaper that was laying on the coffee table. She paged through it, hoping to find something that would help her get her mind off of her problems. An article caught her eye. She read through it. It was shocking, so she quickly re-read it. Oh…my…God! Reva thought. Sandy?!


Tammy sped down the highway in her car and hoped that a policeman wouldn’t pull her over for speeding. She was running late. Finding everything that she could think of that Jonathan and she would need in her plan had taken more time than she had planned on.

Up ahead, she noticed a van in the distance going over the edge of the road and crashed through the guardrail. Tammy watched horrified, as the van went down into the ditch and rolled down the hill, out of sight. Tammy slammed on her brakes, her car fishtailing, as she came to a complete stop.

It was winter and the roads were slick with ice. Tammy briefly worried, if she would follow the same fate as the van in front of her. Someone should come out and salt the roads, she thought to herself. Tammy dialed 911 on her phone, and called in the accident. Tammy hoped and prayed that whomever was in the van was alright. Tammy climbed out of the car to see if she could help, at least until the paramedics and police would get there. She started down the hill.


In the van, Jon had been knocked unconscious. He slowly came to, his vision was blurry. He could make out that he was laying down on the floor of the van, and that the van had been flipped over on it’s side. His vision cleared. He could make out that the driver was buckled into his seatbelt and was hanging precariously, in his seat. The other guard was laying on his side.

Jon quickly realized that the guards were also knocked unconscious. This was his chance, he thought. He reached up into the driver’s pocket to dig out the keys for his handcuffs and chains. Finding them, Jon quickly unlocked the handcuffs on his hands. He then started to do the same on his feet.

Finally free, he tried to find the best way out of the van. Jon tried to open the doors, but they were jammed tight. One of the guards groaned. Jon stopped what he was doing. He looked over to where the sound had come from. Jon bent down to see if the man was alright.

The guard had blood flowing from a gash on his forehead. He was alive, but hurt judging from the head wound. Jon wondered if the other guard was alive as well. Jon turned to the other guard, touched his neck to see if he could find a pulse. There was none. Jon was briefly saddened. Poor guy, he thought, his family would be heartbroken when they heard the news.

Jon turned his attention back on to the guard who was still alive. He couldn’t leave the man just laying there. He needed medical attention. Jon unbuckled the man’s seatbelt. Great, now how is he going to get this guard out of here? He could barely get himself out!


Tammy reached the van. Tammy noticed the name printed on the side of the van. Oh no! She thought. Jonathan! Tammy tried as fast as she could to reach the van, but it was difficult because she was ankle deep in snow.

Once she got closer, Tammy called Jonathan’s name. “Jonathan!…Jonathan! Can you hear me?” She cried. She started to panic. What if he was hurt? What if he was dead? Tammy couldn’t bear the thought. “Jonathan!” She called again, as panic started to grip her. Tears started to stream down her face. No! Please God, no! Please let him be alive! She prayed to herself.


Jon tried to kick the windshield out, using his feet. The windshield was cracking, but not breaking. Damn! He thought, if this doesn’t work…Jonathan heard someone calling his name. He stopped what he was doing and listened to see if he could hear it again. Jon shook his head, it must have been his imagination. It sounded like Tammy’s voice, he thought. He must have hit his head pretty good in order to hear her voice way out here in the middle of nowhere.

“Jonathan!” He heard again, this time closer and louder. Could it really be? He wondered. How could she be here? “Jonathan! Can you hear me?” Tammy’s voice called again, he could hear the panic setting in to her voice.

“Tammy?!” Jon called out. “Tammy? Is that you?”

“Jonathan! You’re alive?!” Tammy replied. “Thank you, God!” Tammy called out. “Are you hurt?” She asked, concerned.

Jon was relieved to hear her voice. He couldn’t believe that it was really her. “Tammy…what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” He asked, surprised that she was there.

“I’m here to help you escape!” Tammy yelled.

“Escape?” Jon repeated. “Why would you do something as stupid as that?”

“Because I love you and I can’t live without you! I had a plan…” Tammy answered. “But oh well…I guess my plan failed.”

“Tammy…” Jon shook his head in surprise. “I can’t believe that you would come up with something as stupid as that! What were you thinking?”

“It wasn’t stupid! It was the only way…the only way that we could be together! Don’t you see? I can’t and I won’t be without you! I refuse to live without you!” Tammy replied, hurt that he would think that what she had planned was stupid. “Don’t you want to be with me?” She asked.

“Of course, I want to be with you!” Jon answered. “I’m just surprised…that’s all! I can’t believe that you, Tammy Winslow — would do something like that! It’s not like you,” Jon was still in shock. “What would everyone say?”

“Since when have you cared what anyone would say?” Tammy shook her head. “I’m done…I’m done caring. I’m done fighting. I want to be with you…no matter what. I don’t care what anyone else says anymore. They can take their small-minded ideals and shove them!” Tammy said, angrily.

Jon chuckled. “Look who’s the bad guy now.” It brought a warm feeling to him, knowing what she was willing to give up for him. “I’m sorry I called your plan stupid,” he relented. “I don’t suppose that you have “the jaws of life” in your car to get me out of here, do you?”


Sandy walked into Company, to grab a cup of coffee and to look through the want ads in the paper. He was still trying to find a job. He missed what he had had at Lewis. It was one of the few times in his life that he had ever felt needed and valued. He noticed Dinah, sitting over at one of the tables, with her mother, Vanessa.

Dinah noticed Sandy, and a smile crept slowly across her face. Vanessa wondered what brought it on to her face, and turned around. Noticing Sandy as well, Vanessa turned back to Dinah.

“I can’t believe it. I really can’t. He seemed so normal,” Vanessa commented to Dinah.

Dinah shrugged. “I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” she replied. Dinah excused herself and headed over to sit next to Sandy, who had taken a seat at the bar.

“Excuse me…is this seat taken?” Dinah asked.

Sandy was surprised. Dinah had never really spoken to him before. “Um…sure, go ahead,” he replied.

“So…” Dinah began tentatively. “I see that you’re reading the paper. Anything…interesting?” Dinah paused for effect.

Sandy looked over at her questioningly. “Um, I haven’t really read it yet. I’m looking for a job, you see.”

“Uh, huh…job market’s tough these days.” Dinah commented. “I think there’s a very good article in there…you’ll have to check it out,” she suggested.

“Oh, really? I’ll have to read it, after I look at what jobs are out there.” Sandy replied back.

“It’s really veeeery interesting. You should read it now, before you job hunt,” Dinah pushed. “I’m sure you will find it…worthwhile.” Dinah finished, looking for the best word to describe it.

Sandy wondered why Dinah was wanting him to read the article so badly. He had a thought, maybe it had something to do with Tammy and Jonathan? He hoped that it was something bad, in Jon’s case. He flipped to the article that Dinah was referring to. He read it…his eyes grew like saucers. No! He thought, horrified. It can’t be!


Tammy laughed. She was so relieved that Jonathan was alright. “No, but I did call 911. I’m sure they’ll be here soon,” Tammy replied, laughing. She had a sudden sobering thought. “Are the guards okay?”

“One’s dead. I checked his pulse…but the other one has a gash and he’s bleeding,” Jon answered. “He needs to get to a hospital. Can you find a way to get us out of here?” He asked.

Tammy didn’t answer, but walked as best as she could around the van, in the deep snow. Tammy didn’t think that there’d be any way to get them out…not without help. Coming around to where Jon was, she answered. “I can’t see any…we’ll have to wait for them to get here.”

Jon groaned. “We don’t have time…” He knew that the authorities were on their way. When they got here, it would all be over. “Tammy, you remember how I thought that your idea in helping me escape was stupid? Well, it’s not really,” Jon paused. “I think this is our only chance. Our only chance to be together. Our only chance to get away…”

Tammy digested this. What he was saying was true. “You mean…you mean that we should disappear? Before the authorities get here?” Tammy asked, surprised. Now why hadn’t she thought of that?

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying,” Jon answered. “You were already planning this…what better way than this?” Jon asked, trying to convince her. “We could run off, and never have to worry about your mother, Sandy or this town ever again. What do you say?”

Tammy didn’t need to think about it, to know what it was that she wanted most. She hoped that it would work. “I’m in,” she told him, excited to be going on an adventure with him.

Jon laughed, “I thought so. Now, stand back while I kick this windshield out. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Tammy backed up, and watched while Jon kicked at the windshield.

Finally, he had it pushed through. The glass landed on the ground, and shattered into a million pieces. Jon pushed the injured guard through the now open opening. Tammy bent over to help pull the guard free, dragged him away from the vehicle. Jon climbed out of the van and bent down to where Tammy had dragged the guard.

They could hear sirens wailing in the distance. It was time to go. Jon and Tammy took one last look at the guard, as they walked up the hill to where Tammy’s car was waiting. They started to run up, as fast as they could. They knew that they didn’t have long, in order to get away.


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