“After Dead” Rant

Hello Insiders!

tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ezI’m sorry…I still have not found my writing mojo yet, which means this post will not contain a fanfic update. Not sure what else I can say other than I need to find my mojo soon. I hate disappointing all of you. 😦

Instead, I have this overwhelming need to rant!

Those in the TB/SVM fandom…this post is for YOU!

Did you know that Charlaine Harris had her Coda (anthology) released this week, called “After Dead”? It appears that she had one last thing to say to Team Eric – which felt like another stab and made me feel very insulted and angry once again. Here, I thought I was over it…but I guess I was wrong. I NEED to rant or I’ll EXPLODE!


WARNING: I’m posting PDFs from “After Dead” – so if you don’t want to be spoiled…you better look away now! (Not that I’m recommending you read this book, but I don’t want to spoil you unnecessarily.)

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Trick or Treat


Did I scare you? If I did (considering I haven’t posted on here since the summer), I’m just popping in to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of my ‘Insiders’!

I had a very weird nightmare (nothing new there) where it was a zombie apocalypse, and even my cats turned into zombies. I used The Walking Dead – Dead Yourself iPhone app (which is the perfect time-waster) to capture what I saw in my nightmare. I hope you don’t mind if I showed you what my cats might look like if they really turned into zombies (if that’s even possible?).

WARNING: these images may be disturbing to some…so please take it in the spirit in which it was given – the Halloween spirit!

Go ahead…take a peek – if you dare!

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Farewell, Fellow Viking Sisters

As they say…”All good things must come to an end”. But what wild ride it was in the meantime. LOL Just wanted to show our appreciation to the Sookieverseblog who has always been one of ESL’s biggest supporters.


We have some sad news to tell you…our good friends over at the Sookieverseblog are “officially” closing down. They posted their last and final post early this morning. We wanted to pass this along – so you can visit them and leave your own parting words and/or cry, like we’re doing.


Here at ESL…we would like to take this opportunity to thank SVB and her mods for all they’ve done for us in the past. I’ve asked my staff to say a little something in their own words –  as a final send off to our dear friends.

Okay, girls…let ‘er rip!

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45 Uses For Lemons That Blow Your Socks Off


It’s Summertime! One of my favorite drinks to drink on hot summer days is lemonade (even better if it’s a ‘hard’ lemonade with alcohol in it). When I read this on Facebook, I thought others might want to know about this too.

Not only are lemons harmful to fairies and make a delicious summertime drink…but did you know there are other uses for them?

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A New Blog Name Revealed

Oh wow…wow…WOW! Has it REALLY been THIS long since I posted on here?  I’m terribly sorry for letting you down by not updating my stories or letting you know what’s going on with me. I know this is


…and I’ll try to not let you down again.

I guess part of the reasons why I haven’t written anything is because I’ve hit writer’s block. I still remember how I want my stories to end up –  but I have no clue on how to get there from where I am at this point in my stories. Real life (of course) tends to get in the way as well but that’s no excuse either, since I know many writers who ARE able to update their stories with small children and everything else that goes on in life. I guess you can say that I’m not inspired to write right now…

Which kind of brings me to the point of this post. I’ve decided that the best way to get myself re-inspired – is to change the direction a little bit of my blog and maybe just share with you more – instead of only posting when I have updates. How does that sound? Maybe with a little feedback (hopefully) from you, it might inspire me to sit my ass down and write?

The first thing I’ve decided to do was change the name of my blog. It’s no longer called, The Fanfiction Vixen…I’ve decided to call it, Inside Iamerika. (Those with dirty minds…get your mind out of the gutter! LOL) I’m not going to be sharing what goes inside my body…hahaha! I will be looking inside my mind to find out what’s in it. (My friends would tell you…it’s not a lot. LOL) But au contraire…I always have a lot on my mind…I just don’t voice it, that’s all.

I guess you could call Inside Iamerika a place where I not only share stories (which are in my mind as well), but a place where I talk about anything at all! From books, to news, to movies, to TV shows, to music, to…yada, yada, yada…the list goes on. I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts with you.

Let’s get this party started shall we?


The first thing that’s been on my mind lately is…the final Sookie book, Dead Ever After and all the drama that has been going on in the SVM fandom because of it. Let me be the first to admit…I haven’t finished the book. I tried…but the book is so horribly written…so disappointing…so many adjectives, I just can’t describe how I feel. I knew the spoilers ahead of time (of course, since I posted them on E&SL) but I decided to read it with my own eyes. After EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE, I wanted to shove that book up CH’s ass. It made me feel angrier and angrier. It wasn’t the outcome that pissed me off…it was what she did to Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse (two of my favorite characters ever) in the process that did it. But I’m not going to talk about what happened, because it just pisses me off all over again. Let’s just say…I will (cue Taylor Swift’s song, “…never ever, ever, ever get back together.”) NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANOTHER BOOK BY CH AGAIN!

As a reader who enjoyed books and shows where the writers write stories about people in situations that seem impossible but are made possible…I really thought the outcome would be different. And it should have been…all the hints she said she dropped about Sookie’s HEA were either non-existant or SO disguised…a person would have to have X-ray vision to see it. I personally think she knew what a cash cow and huge fandom Eric had, and decided to ride it out for as long as possible. I know she says she’s not in it for the money…but she’s wrong. I could probably post links to numerous interviews where she made some sort of joke or reference to the money she earns, but I won’t, because I’m over it and it will only feed the trolls. She can bathe in her money now. Trust me. It will be the last big money she will ever earn. When an author loses the trust of her readers…she’s done. If this all makes me an “entitled reader” – so be it. If this were some food I ordered in a restaurant, I would be asking the manager for my money back for the entire series. Instead, they make good doorstops and paper weights.  😛

Anyways…enough about that. I just wanted to vent and to share with you what I think should’ve been. In anticipation of the book (pre-spoiler reveal), I got Kittrose (an infamous artist who loves Eric and Sookie) to create this stunning artwork depicting how it should have been – for us over at E&SL

es sunset web

Even though I spent money on it…I still think it’s money well spent. It’s beautiful and could inspire so many fanfic writers to write (maybe me too eventually).

I’ve been burnt twice now in two different fandoms. Do I have poor taste or what? After talking to a friend of mine who is in the same situation as me…I decided reverse psychology is how I should go. I’m going to start fangirling over couples I HATE. Think that will work?

Anyways…thought I would let you know I’m still alive, although I do need help getting inspired again. Can you please hook a girl up? Thanks for reading!

Until the next time, Insiders (I think that’s what I’ll name you, my dear followers.)!

Dirty Little Update: Chapter 10

Believe it or not…I’ve finally updated my Jax and Tara fanfic, Dirty Little Secret!

Again, I apologize for the year-long delay…it’s been an extremely busy year for me. I hope you’re still interested in reading this story. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to devote to writing this fic now that I have help on Eric & Sookie Lovers.

I won’t bore you any further, since I know you probably want to read it!

Without further delay…here’s the next chapter!

You can read the chapter here: Chapter 10

Hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you think!

Until the next time…

My Spartacus Vengence Year-End Review

Before I review the season of Spartacus – Vengence, I just wanted to let you know that I’m waiting for my beta to proof-read my fanfic, Dirty Little Secret! So…my patient  little Jax and Tara fans…expect an update VERY SOON! 😉

And so it begins…if you haven’t watched the season finale of Spartacus: Vengence…first of all, WTF are you doing reading this and NOT watching the show? Secondly, I suggest you DO before reading this review! I will be getting very specific and will reveal many, many spoilers! You have been warned!

I know I haven’t reviewed any episodes of Spartacus: Vengence in the past, but I felt that I HAD to – after watching the season finale! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! (This is NOT my review! But basically how I felt after it was all over.) Quite frankly, I was speechless. Just like after watching every episode of the series, it left you feeling breathless and dying for more!

Before I break it down for you, I just thought that I would share with you: the fact that normally I’m what one might call a “spoiler whore”.  Take for example, True Blood…I search endlessly for spoilers, so I can write about them on Eric & Sookie Lovers. That isn’t the case with Spartacus. It’s one of those very few shows I watch, where I remain “spoiler-free”.  The Walking Dead is another example of not knowing what’s going to happen from one episode to the next. The main reason being; Spartacus is one of those shows that I watch with my husband, who refuses to be spoiled! You can probably imagine that we’ve had some disagreements in the past, when I’ve inadvertently revealed some teeny-tiny spoilers. Oopsie! I sometimes forget that he doesn’t want to know. So I watched this season without knowing what’s going to happen. Which was actually kind of refreshing! I may have to remember this in the future….hmmm.

Getting back to the subject on hand…I live in Canada, and Spartacus airs on Sunday nights, not on Fridays. After the season finale of Spartacus: Vengence aired in the U.S., I stumbled across a very spoilery interview with producer DeKnight on what had happened in the season finale. It basically gave away the results, but it didn’t really explain how and why it happened. Anyways, I spoiled my husband AGAIN, after we watched the season finale…oh well. I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. (He didn’t want to know that Ilithyia had really bit the dust.) More on this later…

Back to the season of Vengence…

Spartacus kicked off the season with a bang. Glaber and Ilithyia moved to Capua, which must have left a sour taste in Ilithyia’s mouth, and not because she was pregnant either. Spartacus and his band of former slaves were living in hiding, trying to gather up enough people to take on Glaber.  Oenomaus was fighting in a ring for money. Ashur was Glaber’s right-hand man. And we were introduced to Seppius and Seppia, a snotty brother and sister duo from a rich, noble family. Plus, many other characters, but those were the main ones.

The season reunited us with some old and familiar faces too. Nobody was more excited than me, when Gannicus played by Dustin Clare came back, not to mention when we found out Lucretia (played by Lucy Lawless) was alive and well, but understandably had gone completely off her rocker.  Since when had she ever been religious?  (Not that I blame her, after what she had lived through at the end of season one. I would probably be insane too.) It was also a season of recasts (Spartacus and Naevia) with impossible shoes to fill. I warmed up to Liam McIntyre’s Spartacus by the end of the season, but I’m still trying to get a handle on the ‘new’ Naevia, now played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson. I will always miss Andy Whitfield as Spartacus, may he R.I.P…

The season took us on a journey of changes and maneuvering…kind of like the reality show, Survivor – where they try to outwit, outlast and outplay each other, with a few scuffles in between. We saw many, many violently gross death scenes. I’m not one to be squeamish, but when the one guy’s face got cut off (sorry, I forget which episode that was in), and his brains slid out…yeah, that was kind of gross. We saw the destruction of the arena, where we witnessed all of the gladiator fights. I guess we won’t be seeing those anymore, will we?

There were many shocking moments too. I loved how they revealed that Ilithyia’s baby was really…Spartacus’s, and not her husband, Glaber’s. SHOCKER! That might put a kink in all of Ilithyia’s plans…LOL You remember in season one, when Lucretia set up Ilithyia with Spartacus? Haha, if that’s not a ‘hate’ child, I don’t know what is? But for some reason, I thought they were hot together and could actually see something more out of them as a couple. I fear I’m not alone in this either. I’ve heard Andy Whitfield himself, wanted them to pursue a relationship between the two. They shared a special connection, which I think the child would’ve forced them to deal with. I really thought; after Gannicus kidnapped Ilithyia in order to use her as bait, was when this connection may have been addressed, especially when Spartacus’s girlfriend, Mira tried to choke her after finding out the baby was Spartacus’s.

Mira, I found to be boring…though she was a kick-ass fighter and was one of those really good people. Kind of like how Oenameous was. You need characters who are honorable and the moral compass of the show to balance out all the rest of the characters. Ilithyia, on the other hand, had no moral compass, but I could see she could be redeemed through the love of her baby.

BTW, I knew Oenameous (Peter Mensah) was going to be one of the casualties this season. When the casting news came out, that he was going to be on True Blood as one of the members of the Authority, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I’m going to miss him. He was the unspoken leader, IMO. He taught all of the gladiators what they knew. I can’t imagine the show without him. But I guess I’ll be still watching him on True Blood, so that’s good!

Getting back to the romantic aspect of the show. I am one of those people who loves a good romantic story, even on a TV show like this. In fact, romances are what keeps me tuning in. I could see why Spartacus would be attracted to Mira. I just felt that Ilithyia was more three-dimensional as a character, whereas Mira was…just plain blah. Plus, I loved how Ilithyia would try to make plans, only to see them backfire in her face. Poor girl. I felt sorry for her, but also laughed at her attempts. She was truly one of those characters you loved to hate, but could also see some redeeming qualities too.

Probably one of the most shocking moments for me, was the finale, when Lucretia jumped off the cliff holding Ilithyia’s baby in her arms. I had a feeling that Lucretia was “playing” everyone – but didn’t think she would actually take the baby along with her. It’s too bad…Spartacus’s “hate” child is gone. I would’ve loved to see what he might be like as a father, especially during the times when he’s constantly fighting the Romans. But a part of me, wishes they hadn’t killed off Sera in season one either. I think it shows a different side of Spartacus, and one I like to know more. You can find out anything about what happened in history, by researching it, but you rarely get a look inside the character to see the softer, gentler side.

I honestly think Ilithyia cared about that baby more than anything else. I’m not sure if it’s because I think she WAS in love with Spartacus, since she often flashbacked to season one when they had sex, throughout the season, or if it’s because the baby was something that was hers or what? But look at the way she would touch her stomach throughout the season. I definitely think this would’ve been something I would have liked to see. I cried when Spartacus let her go, because he found out Glaber didn’t really love her. That’s so sad…but I guess it did save her life. Who knew something like that might help? Oh well…I guess I may have to write a fanfic instead.

This season had some moments where I would jump up and say, “YAY”! One of them, was when Naevia and Crixius were reunited. Another, was when Naevia got her vengence on Ashur on the mountain top. And another moment, was when the Spartacus FINALLY killed Glaber. It’s about freakin’ time… It only took him, what…two seasons?

What was probably the most shocking thing about the season finale, was the fact that SO MANY main characters died. Let’s take a moment to remember some of our good, and not-so-good friends from the show…

May all of them find some sort of…peace. (Although some of them don’t really deserve it.) I don’t recall seeing 5-6 characters bite the dust before in one single episode, and all of them important characters of the show as well. The Roman days were rough and troubled times. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to handle living in those days.

And judging by what DeKnight said about next year…? It looks like we’re in for some big changes. If you’re interested in reading the same interview I read, you can read it here.

All in all, it was a spectacular ending to an already awesome show! Each season keeps getting better and better, IMO. I’m looking forward to the next year, hope Spartacus returns soon!

What are your thoughts? Did you feel the same way as me? Sound off below!