Deadly Memories: Chapter 11

Eric watched her sleep, next to him in the bed. He smiled down at her tenderly. He was afraid to move because he didn’t want to wake her up. She had been through a rough ordeal and he didn’t mean with him either. But he had given her a rough work out, sex wise.

He was immensely pleased with himself. He had finally been able to tear down some walls between them, although there were a number of things still left up in the air. But, he figured with a little time and privacy, they would be able to work each one of those things out. The one major thing that they had to figure out was what they were going to do once they got back to their normal lives.

If there was one thing he knew, Sookie was very independent and cautious. She wouldn’t want to rush into things just yet. Their feelings were too new and too scary. At least for him, he was looking at it optimistically.

He wasn’t sure about it. It was all too much. The thoughts and feelings that she arose in him scared him. He had been very careful to avoid emotional entanglements in the past, but ever since Sookie had entered his life, he couldn’t seem to avoid it. He’d had to fight his feelings very hard. He couldn’t get her out of his head or out of his heart. He hated having feelings. They made him feel weak and vulnerable. He was afraid of her reaction. He was afraid of losing her. He was afraid of so many things. For the first time in as far back as he could remember, he felt afraid. He wasn’t in control. For someone like him, who craved having complete control, it was a foreign concept. He hated it. He resented her for making him feel that way and he resented himself for allowing it to happen.

It was no use now. What’s done is done. All they could do was face it and try to move forward. They needed to work things out so that it would be beneficial to both of them. But they needed some time and privacy. He had a feeling that once they had it, things would be able to work themselves out. Everything else would flow from there. For as much as the feelings they that they felt for each other made them both feel uncomfortable, it also felt natural too. Eric had never felt anything like it before. It hadn’t required any effort at all on his part, to desire her with a passion that he’d never felt before. Falling in love with her had been easy. Trying to convince themselves that they should deal with it; that was the hard part.

That was the main reason why they were still in the basement. No interruptions. No way to escape. Complete privacy. And a bed nice and handy. Eric was pretty confident that all he had to do was seduce her to his way of thinking.

Eric smelled Dimitri before he heard him. He quickly climbed out of bed, made sure that Sookie was properly covered, then dressed into his shirt and pants from the night before.

He wanted to be ready once Dimitri appeared to him.

Sure enough, Dimitri arrived not long after. Again, wearing one of his velvet robes. He had his two goons who had beaten him up along with him too.

“You’re still here?” Dimitri gazed at him, with surprise. “I thought that you and Sookie would’ve been gone by now,” he commented. “You must like my hospitality too much,” he joked, laughing.

“Yeah, well…I’m curious,” Eric replied, angrily. He didn’t see the humor in Dimitri’s joke. “What do you want with us?” Eric asked him, careful to keep his emotions in check. He didn’t want to shout because that would wake up Sookie and he also knew that it wouldn’t work with Dimitri. Dimitri liked to play games, well, guess what? So did he. He just didn’t like it when they used someone that he cared about while playing them.

“What is this an interview?” Dimitri replied back, still grinning. Eric figured it was a rhetorical question so he didn’t answer. Dimitri sighed. “I’m waiting for your surprise to arrive,” he explained.

Eric could tell that Dimitri was hiding something important. He thought about it for a few moments before he blurted out, “you have someone else in on this, don’t you?” He accused. “Who? Where are they? Let’s get the show on the road.”

Eric felt very impatient. He wanted this all finished and done. Sookie needed to return to her life. This wasn’t her problem. She had nothing to do with it. He hated it that she was in danger because of him. That was another one of his fears. She would be used as a pawn for the rest of her life.

“Wow,” Dimitri’s eyes rounded. “You’ve changed since the last time I saw you. You used to be more…controlled and level-headed.” Dimitri commented, curious and amused. “What happened? Or should I say, who?” Dimitri glanced over to Sookie’s sleeping form.

“Leave Sookie out of this,” Eric growled, protectively. “What happened with you? You used to not really care about…anything, really.” Eric reminded Dimitri.

Dimitri shrugged. “Times changed…”

“Yeah, they did, but you seem to be still living in the Renaissance Age,” Eric criticized. “Personally, it was too flamboyant for my taste. Thank God, the twentieth century came along when it did.” Eric voiced his opinion on the matter.

“Well, you and me never really had very much in common, did we?”

“Get to your point.” Eric decided that they’d had enough reminiscing. “What do you want with me? What do you want with Sookie?” His patience was beginning to wear thin.

“Honestly, I want what all of us want. I want to be able to live my life as I see fit. I want to be able to do the things that I used to do before we came out of the coffin. I want to make sure that our culture remains intact.” Dimitri explained. “Don’t look at me that way, I’m only the means to the end. What he wants with you, is really his decision.” He confided in Eric, trying to make it known that he wasn’t really the bad guy.

“Who is it?” Eric demanded, angrily. “Who are you working with? What does he want?”

“Eric, Eric, Eric…” Dimitri shook his head. “Do you really want me to spoil the surprise?” He asked, amused. “No, I’m under orders to not do anything until my partner in crime arrives,” he explained, laughing. He seemed to like calling his partner, partner in crime.

Eric glared at him, wishing that there was some way that he could get it out of him. He should’ve just taken Sookie and left, like a part of him had wanted to, he thought, regretfully. But he had wanted to work things out with Sookie first before they returned to their normal lives. They wouldn’t be able to have this same amount of privacy in the real world, he reasoned. It was time for them to work things out. Damn it, he should’ve followed his first instinct.

Sookie made a sound in her sleep. Eric turned to look over at her, wondering if she was waking up. He turned back to Dimitri. “Leave, before she wakes.” He instructed.

Dimitri laughed, amused by Eric’s bossiness. “Oh really? Are you the new boss?” He asked, full of laughter. He decided to not pick on Eric anymore. “But you’re right…you probably would like some more time with her alone before my guest arrives.” He winked at Eric, then walked up the stairs. “Let me know if you need anything, loverboy,” with that, Dimitri walked back up the stairs, his guards followed along behind him.

Eric watched Dimitri leave, then headed over to the bed.

Leaning over her, he tried seeing if she was awake or not.

Sookie rolled over onto her side, the sheet slid down, exposing her breasts to his watchful gaze. Eric bit his lip. He wanted her bad. Which was unusual for him. Usually, by this time, his hunger for a female would begin to wane but not with Sookie.

She was different. He had known it from the very beginning. If things hadn’t gotten so messed up…he still didn’t know why she had pushed him away all those times. How did he appear to her, in her eyes? He had decided to push her away, because the power she had over him was simply scary. But he couldn’t do it anymore.

Something encouraging was happening though. While they’d been having sex, he was beginning to feel the same connection through their bond, that they’d had before. Maybe the curse was lifting? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they’d now shared a bed once again? He didn’t know, but he had a feeling that whatever had interfered with their bond, was starting to end. Or, maybe it was lifting because he was here now and that had been the whole point. He also had some other theories, like the fact that he’d had some of her blood once again.

He wondered who Dimitri was working with. It could be a whole number of people from the King all the way down to Bill, from the Weres to the shape-shifters. There was probably at least one male in every one of those races, who wanted Sookie in some way, shape, or form. He didn’t blame them, not one bit, but if they hurt her…

Eric shook his thoughts from along those lines. It wouldn’t do Sookie or he any good to dwell on them. He had to figure out who was behind this and what they had planned.

“Eric?” Sookie woke up, groggily.

He sat down on the bed, next to her. Leaning on his elbow, he brushed her hair back out of her eyes. “What?”

“Did I hear Dimitri earlier?” she asked, puzzled, groggy and confused.

“Yes, you did,” he replied. “He came to pay his respects and also wanted to know if our room was to our liking.”

Sookie frowned. “Did you tell him that I found that the décor sucks?” She replied, perturbed. “What else did he say? Did he say what’s going to happen to us? Did he tells you what he wants?” She wondered.

“No,” Eric replied, trailing the backs of his fingers along the side of her face, as if memorizing the shape and feel of her face in case he happened to go blind. “But he did mention that he’s not alone in this.”

“Do you know who it is?” Sookie looked up at him, more confused than ever.

“No,” he answered, softly. “You go back to sleep. You will need your rest,” he encouraged.

Sookie groaned, rolling her eyes. “I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping since I got here,” she complained.

“Would you much rather drink my blood instead?” He replied back. Sookie stared at him, not sure of what to say to that. “Come to think of it, actually that’s a very good idea,” he suggested, wondering why he hadn’t thought of it until now. “When we break out of here, you’ll need all your strength.” Eric realized. “I told Pam to gather everyone and come here if I didn’t return right away,” he explained. “You and I may get separated. It makes sense for you to have my blood so that you have a fighting chance.”

“You want me to drink your blood,” Sookie repeated, not looking forward to it. “Are you sure?” She sat up in bed, thinking about it some more. “Didn’t I already have enough of it as it is?” She pointed out.

Eric shook his head. “Not enough for my liking,” he replied. In the back of his mind, he wanted to turn her so that she would be with him always.

“Okay…” Sookie sighed, relenting. “But I’m only doing this so we can get out of here,” she explained.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Eric replied, then rolled up his shirt sleeve. He bit into his wrist with his fangs, blood oozed out of the wounds. “Drink,” he insisted, holding his wrist up to her lips. His mouth full of his blood.

Sookie took it reluctantly and began to drink. She watched him, as she drank from him. He was watching her with pleasure and pride. It seemed very intimate, just like when their eyes would meet while making love.

Sure enough, Eric felt his erection harden. He moved Sookie, so that she was laying with her back against him. They had laid like that once before, when they were rescuing Bill from Lorena’s clutches. Eric closed his eyes, in rapture, as he grinded up against her and felt her lips suck and swallow. He came, as he climaxed in tremendous pleasure. Sex and eating at the same time, were the two best things about being a vampire, he thought.

She finished drinking, figured that that it had been enough. Then she slowly moved her lips away. Her mouth was red with Eric’s blood. She moved away from him, to lay next to him on the bed.

Eric liked seeing his blood on her lips. He leaned forward and kissed her bloody lips. “Mmmm,” he moaned, enjoying the sweetness of her lips, mixed with his blood. He backed away, grinning at her, happily.

“You know,” Sookie had been lost in thought for a few moments. “I’m beginning to get a sick thrill out of drinking blood,” she explained, sounding surprised by it.

“Good,” Eric replied, grinning from ear to ear. That made him quite happy.

Sookie began to feel the effects of Eric’s blood running through her veins. She felt like she could do anything. Electric shocks riddled through her body, including her long hair. She felt restless and carefree.

“I feel like I could run for miles and nobody would be able to catch me,” Sookie explained, as she climbed up off the bed. She looked down at Eric, whose body was glowing. She looked at hers, already knowing that hers would be glowing as well. “I have so much energy and we’re stuck down here,” she complained, disappointed.

“Well, now, we’ll have to fix that,” he replied, as an idea came to mind. “Wanna cash in on our bet?” He winked at her.

Sookie laughed, the sound making Eric’s dead heart sing. “Of course, you would think of something like that,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“You have anything better to do?” He countered.

Sookie shook her head, smiling up at him. “No, but I should warn you…I bite,” she teased.

Eric laughed. “That’s funny…so do I,” he grinned back at her.

They both laughed, remembering just a little while ago, when he’d bitten her on her neck, on her thighs…everywhere. Sookie had little holes all over her body. Eric was proud. It meant that she was his. He had put his mark on her. Now, everybody else would know it too.

It was a little while later, Eric and I were laying head to foot on the bed. We had just pleasured each other with our tongues, mouths and even teeth. I was remembering how often we’d been in that position before, when Eric had been under the curse.

No doubt about it, Eric knew how to pleasure a woman using nothing but his mouth, tongue and lips, I thought to myself, grinning from ear to ear. How’d I get so lucky?

I could hear Eric moaning and if he still breathed, I was sure that he would’ve been panting for air. I giggled, then laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Eric wanted to know.

I buried my head in my pillow, to stifle my giggles. “Nothing,” I replied, my head still buried.

“Oh yeah?” Eric wanted to prove a point. “I always knew that you had a big mouth…but after this, I now know that it was bigger than I had once thought,” he teased me from the foot of the bed.

Of course, I took offense to this. “Oh yeah?” I cried out. I reached next to me and grabbed Eric’s pillow that his big feet had been laying on and flung it at him. “Take that,” I called, as it hit him in his head.

Eric took his pillow and tossed it back at me, which started a pillow fight between us. We were both giggling and laughing, as we began beating each other over our heads.

Knowing that he would more than likely win, I scrambled off the bed and headed towards the steps, leading up from the basement. Of course, Eric followed, he chased me until I was almost at the top of the steps. I cried out, in laughter and giddiness.

It was another game of cat and mouse that we liked to play. Which as I was finding out, Eric liked to play lots of sensual games, but that game was quickly turning into one of our favorites.

I could feel him pressed up behind me, I was on all fours, kneeling on the stairs. I tried backing up to throw him off, but he was too big and strong. The next thing I knew, he slid his gracious plenty into me from behind. It took my breath away. Of course, I was already wet. It didn’t take much foreplay for that to happen, I thought to myself. I bucked and pleaded with him to keep driving into me. Going deeper and deeper with every thrust. His hands came around me and fondled my breasts from behind. I had to cling to the stairs or I would’ve ended up in a hot, melted pile of mush, crumpled on the steps.

He drove into me repeatedly over and over again, until we both climaxed violently. Eric cried out. I did too. Finally, we collapsed. My arms and legs had turned to jello. I was sure that Eric’s had too, because I could feel his weight on top of me.

Not that I minded at all…it was comforting to know that he was as affected as me.

“Who won our pillow fight?” I wondered, after I had regained enough oxygen in order to breathe.

“I don’t know,” Eric replied, his lips trailing kisses along my back. “I think we should call that a tie,” he suggested.

I was okay with that.

I started to feel the rough floorboards of the stairs. “Can we return to bed? The steps are beginning to hurt me.” I pleaded.

Eric didn’t answer, but picked me up in his arms and carried me back to bed. He placed me down, in the messy sheets and pillows.

“Thanks,” I said, relieved to be on a comfortable surface once again. Memories came to me, when I remembered some of the more interesting places that we’d had sex on. I laughed. “You and me sure can find the strangest places,” I commented, almost to myself.

Eric knew what I meant, I could hear it clearly in my mind.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “I’ve always wanted to do you on my desk at Fangtasia,” he admitted, grinning at me, with a really sexy grin. “Oh and ever since the maenad hurt you…wanted to do you on my leather couch too.”

I laughed. Trust Eric to have the kinkiest ideas. “Only if I get to wear hot lingerie,” I replied back, teasing him. I must’ve surprised him because he lifted his head to gaze down at me with a heated look in his eyes. “What?” I asked, wondering why he was looking at me that way.

“Miss Sookie Stackhouse,” he exclaimed, as if he were both shocked and scandalized by the idea. “You’re surprising me more and more. I like it.” He admitted, grinning widely.

It was a little while later when it hit me. I had been asleep. I opened my eyes wide. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

Eric raised his head. He had been in his suspended animation. “What?” he wondered, coming back to present.

I turned to look at him, my eyes as big as saucers. “I can read your mind!” I sat up in bed, trying to come to terms with it. “Can you read mine too?” I asked him, curiously.

Eric looked away from me, with a sheepish expression on his face. I knew that he was keeping a secret from me. I could feel his indecision and hesitation. He was trying to shut me out. Since I’d had plenty of experience, I knew what to look out for.

I glared at him. “What?” I demanded, knowing by the expression on his face that I might not like it. That was weird, I thought to myself. Usually, he was the one who liked eye contact. I looked at him, curiously, wondering why he was acting so strangely. “Oh my God,” I repeated again. I looked at his back, because he was trying to get out of bed, away from me. “How long?” I demanded, tears came to my eyes, as I realized the horrible truth. “How long, Eric?”

Eric mumbled something that I couldn’t hear. So, I asked him to repeat it. “Louder,” I replied. “My hearing isn’t as good as yours.”

Eric stood up and turned around to look at me, before he bothered answering. “Ever since Rhodes,” he confessed.

I looked away from him and stared straight ahead of me. I thought about what he had said, then it hit me. I fell back down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Oh my God, I thought to myself. I felt so embarrassed. I wanted to cry. He must’ve known every little thought that I’d had, from breaking up with Quinn, to my thoughts on our bond. And even worse…every little fantasy and memory that I’d had that concerned him.

I wanted to bury my head in some sand, but since there wasn’t any there, I used my pillow instead. I smothered my face in my pillow hoping that the humiliation and embarrassment that I felt would go away. But I knew that it wouldn’t because Eric was right there and I knew that he wouldn’t be leaving because I could hear his thoughts plain as day. He wanted to talk to me about this. Well, I didn’t, I thought.

I groaned. He had once again, played me for a fool.


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