Deadly Memories: Chapter 15

Pam, Amelia, Octavia and myself had gathered around my living room. Octavia sat in the chair. Pam and Amelia sat next to each other on the couch. I sat next to them, on the other side of Amelia. Pam and I gazed at Octavia and sometimes Amelia, who both took turns telling their stories about the witch named, Agatha.

“So, you see, she has always tried to create new potions and spells. I was certainly glad that when I heard that she had moved from Salem, Mass. to New Orleans, that she would be apart of our coven,” Octavia explained her tale. “She’s very good at teaching new witches on how to do the spells and potions the correct ways and not to abuse our power.”

“That is…until about a year ago,” Amelia inserted, jumping into the conversation. She looked over at Octavia, making sure it was okay to tell her part of the story. Octavia nodded her head, so she continued on. “She lost her job, due to the economy. She started looking for ways to pay her bills. It didn’t take her long to start looking at some illegal ways as well,” she explained. “That’s when she started hanging around with different covens and other Supes, including vampires.”

Octavia nodded her head. “She’s suffered a lot personally as well. When Katrina came through, she lost almost everything. Almost a year ago, she lost some family members, although, I’m not really aware of the circumstances. It’s been a trying year for her. If she has started working with this Dimitri and using her powers in evil ways, then I’m not surprised. The last time I saw her, she wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence. And we’ve known each other for years,” Octavia explained.

“Did you know that she had family living close to New Orleans?” I asked, curiously. I found this very interesting. I was beginning to enjoy hearing about stories about people who lived in the supernatural world, of which I’d become apart of.

Octavia shook her head. “No, I didn’t find out until one day, Agatha came into my place of business in tears. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that she had lost two of her family members in the same night. I didn’t want to appear to be too curious, because she was obviously grieving, I didn’t want to add to it. But I suspect that they had died in some kind of accident or something. I don’t recall her ever mentioning who they were or how they were related either. For all I know, they could be very well distantly related.”

I bit my lip. From what they were telling me, this didn’t sound very reassuring. No wonder Amelia and Octavia had reacted the way that they had when I had began asking about her.

“So, you don’t know how she could’ve gotten involved with Dimitri or how she managed to mess with my blood-bond?” I asked, feeling stumped. Now that Eric and I had discussed things a little more and had come to a certain understanding, I was beginning to feel protective of our bond. I had hoped that I would learn more, than I had. It was kind of disappointing.

Octavia shook her head. “I’m sorry, all I can tell you is that she does like to experiment with spells and potions. Maybe she discovered a spell that could do that?” Octavia shrugged. “But I’ve never heard of it, myself. I don’t think there’s too many witches who practice witchcraft who would have heard about it either.” Octavia glanced at Pam. “If we did…don’t you think we would’ve used it before now in our past wars with each other?” She asked Pam this question.

Pam didn’t do anything but shrug. Her expression on her face was one of indifference, like she didn’t care one way or another. It was typical Pam.

“I do have another question,” I spoke up once again, although I was beginning to feel really tired and it was very late. I had to stifle back a yawn as I spoke.

Octavia nodded her head, in anticipation.

“What would she do, if she saw you?” I don’t know why that question came to me, but from what they had been telling me, I gathered that while they used to be close, it wasn’t the same way any more.

Octavia shrugged. “I’m not sure what you mean, but if you’re wondering if we’d still be on speaking terms, or if I would have any kind of influence over her, I don’t think so. She has changed so much over the past year, that I’m not sure what she would do,” she answered, looking puzzled and confused. Octavia was frowning as she thought about it. “But I can tell you, that if you would like for Amelia and myself to help you in any way that we can…we will. I’ve grown fond of you since I came here and I won’t mind helping,” she offered.

“Me too,” Amelia was quick to agree, nodding her head. “If you happen to see her again, let us know.”

All during our conversation, I had been listening into their heads. I knew that from what they were telling me, although it wasn’t much, it was the truth. I wondered what would be the best step forward from here. It had been a long day, so I wasn’t in the frame of mind in order to think about it at the moment.

“Okay, well, we’ll have to see what happens,” I replied, grateful that they had filled me in on what they knew. I knew more now than I did before and that was a good thing. I couldn’t help it, but I yawned then. “I’m sorry to break up this girl’s night-in party, but I’m drained. I need to go to bed,” I explained.

“Don’t worry about it,” Amelia replied, waving her hand, dismissively. “You go sleep, we’ll all think better once we have some time to sleep on it.”

After that, I headed off to my room and crawled underneath the covers. I briefly wondered if I should try calling Eric and tell him all that I had found out. But then I changed my mind again. I was still royally pissed at him for making us come to an understanding between us before we had left Dimitri’s. I didn’t think that I was ready to talk to him yet, besides I wasn’t on my A game. And that was something that I’d always needed whenever I dealt with him in the past, but now, I needed it even more, since I knew that he would be able to read it in my mind.

Sleep claimed me, not long after. It had been a long, eventful day and my body was finally ready to rest and relax.

Eric sat behind his desk in Fangtasia, planning how he was going to confront Dimitri. How should he go about it? Should he barge in unannounced with guns blazing or should he try to do it in a more indirect way? Either way, he was going to get to the bottom of it.

No one was going to mess with his blood-bonded and get away with it, he thought to himself. From his memory of what he had seen of the house, he planned for the best course of action. He definitely needed Bill’s expertise in computers in order to track down and find out certain things about Dimitri. Who had been visiting him and when had Dimitri bought the place? Among other things.

He dialed Bill’s phone number into his phone and waited anxiously for him to answer.

Bill must’ve noticed his phone number on his call display because he immediately answered and blurted out, “have you found Sookie yet?”

Eric felt the swift rise of temper inside of him. Bill was still a problem that had to be dealt with. Although, he would love to brag about the fact that not only had Sookie and he had come to a new understanding, but that they were planning on making their new relationship work too. He held back. This wasn’t the time or place for him to point out how inferior Bill really was. He needed his help once again and Eric hated it.

“Yes, and she should be home by now,” he replied, in as much an indifferent tone as he could manage. “But don’t bother her yet. I need you to do something for me,” he explained.

“O-kay,” Eric could hear the unasked questions buzzing around in Bill’s brain. He had to smile because he liked to show who had the upper hand, even though at the time of the takeover, it had appeared to him that Bill was the one who they really wanted more than himself. Eric still wasn’t happy at the thought. It had made him feel under appreciated and disappointed.

He prided himself on anything that he accomplished, but since one of those things was managing not to get himself, Sookie or those who vowed fealty to him killed, he thought that he had dealt with it the best way that he could.

“I need you to do some digging on Dimitri. I’m going to email you some details that I already know and I need you to find out some more things for me. I need you to go into as much detail as you can. I’ll need this ASAP.”

“Is he the man who took Sookie?” Bill asked, instead of agreeing to Eric’s question.

“Yes,” Eric stoically answered.

“Sure, I’ll have it to you ASAP,” Bill agreed. They both hung up their phones.

Eric hated it that Bill was ready to do anything for Sookie. Hadn’t he already proven that he was the better man for her? Bill had never wanted her, probably wouldn’t have even looked at her sideways, unless the Queen hadn’t ordered him to do whatever it took for Bill to have a connection with Sookie, all so that the Queen could do with her as she pleased.

While Eric still felt the pain and shock of the Queen’s death. Eric had been angry at her, for trying to use Sookie like that. Once he had found out the truth, he had forced Bill to admit to it to Sookie, who had been shocked and dismayed. Eric was glad that she knew the truth, but hated the way that it had hurt her. He could feel her pain and it bothered him that she had cared that much about Bill.

Sookie had accused him of doing it only so that Bill wouldn’t have another chance with her ever again. In a way, she was right. But he had felt almost as betrayed as Sookie had and had wanted her to know the whole truth. She deserved to know, he reasoned, so he had forced Bill to tell her.

Looking back on it, Eric still wouldn’t change a thing. The only thing that he would’ve done differently, would be to fight harder for Sookie’s affections before all of it happened. Anything to avoid Sookie’s pain because if she felt it, he did too.

Eric sat in his chair and sighed. Now, Sookie was angry at him for delaying her rescue. Not that he blamed her at all, but after he had healed and noticed her next to him, his one track mind had taken over. After that, he just didn’t feel like leaving the closed confines of the basement. It had been like an oasis or being in his coffin. He didn’t have to worry about any outside interference.

They had talked and worked out a few things. They had made progress and had come to a new understanding. He still couldn’t believe that what he’d been wishing for the most had actually happened. Not only finally making love to her, but talking about their fears and deciding what to do about the future. He wasn’t sure if they would’ve had the same amount of time and privacy in the real world.

He wondered how long she would be mad at him. What should he say to her to make her understand? Was there any way that he could explain it so that she would be able to forgive him? He felt guilty that he hadn’t shown much willpower at all but he had been wanting her for a long time now. He was surprised that he had been as patient as he had been with her. Normally, he would’ve just taken her and be done with it.

But Sookie had touched a special place deep inside him, that nobody else had ever touched before. He wanted her to come to him of her own free will. Should he say something like that? He wondered.

He was at a loss as to what to do, but in the meantime, he had to deal with Dimitri first. After that, he would talk to Sookie and try to make her understand, he figured. Who knows? Maybe Sookie would’ve cooled off by then and she would be more able to listen to what it was that he had to say? He hoped so.

Eric still had more things to do, one of them, he had to contact his daytime man, Bobby. He needed to have his car fixed and he needed a car to drive in the meantime. He didn’t care what kind of car it was, just as long as it got him from point A to point B. He picked up his phone and dialed Bobby’s number, knowing that he was used to his late night/early morning wake up calls.

I woke up around eleven that morning, but since I wasn’t scheduled to work until four, I decided to lay there for a little while longer. Many thoughts rolled through my mind, the least of which was Eric. I wondered what his plans were.

Was he planning on getting revenge against Dimitri or just finding out more about the reasons why and who was behind all of this? It was puzzling to me, but I was also greatly relieved that I wasn’t the direct cause for any of it. Eric was to blame for this mess. I had often wondered why I had always been the target of so many plots when I didn’t recall offending anyone. I had always figured that if the day ever came that I wasn’t directly involved, then I would be extremely happy and would be wanting to shout from the rooftops, that I wasn’t as bad as everyone thought I was.

But I didn’t. Not now.

It scared me in so many ways that Eric was the target for this one. In the back of my mind, I wondered if this wouldn’t be the first of many attempts? I was scared that Eric wouldn’t make it through this in one piece. What would I do then? The one person who had always been there for me, even when I didn’t want him to be, would be gone. I couldn’t breathe it scared me so badly.

Who would make me laugh at the most strangest and inopportune times, when it was the last thing that I wanted to do? Who would tease me about going to bed with him constantly, knowing that even though I refused, it would still bring a smile to my face? Who would sit there and listen to my problems, understanding where I was coming from, without having to explain myself?

There would be no one, I thought to myself. Eric had become a part of me, blood-bond or no blood-bond. I began to see that while he may be the target, I was only the means. There was a part of me who wouldn’t want it any other way. If spending my life with Eric involved all of that, our life would never be boring, I thought to myself. There would always be something to keep us entertained. Now, who could say that about their life?

I tried to remain mad at him for keeping me down in the basement when he knew good and well, that we could leave at any time. I wondered what his reasoning was behind all of that was?

In a way, I couldn’t fault him for it because I truly did treasure how private and alone it had seemed. I hadn’t worried about anything other than ways of pleasuring him and likewise for him too. I knew that he had a tough demanding job, that didn’t give him lots of room to be alone.

I remembered that he had waited for me one night after work, just staring up at the night sky enjoying being by himself for a change. That had been when I had saved him and King Felipe from Seigbert, I thought to myself. I figured that Eric didn’t have very much time to be by himself and wondered what he liked to do with his spare time, if he even had any.

The thought made me sad. Everyone, Supes or humans should have a hobby of some kind in order to get away from it all. It helped to refresh someone’s mind so that they could do better. Even Pam had a hobby; embroidery. I wondered what Eric had as a hobby or if he even had one.

You see, there was still so much that I didn’t know about him and I wanted to know more. I wanted to hear about his past and all that he’d seen. I could tell that Eric had a wealth of firsthand experience to draw from. I wondered if he would ever tell me any of those things or if he expected to know all about me and me…none about him?

It was too soon to tell and we still had to get to the bottom of this thing with Dimitri. I needed to come up with a plan, since now I knew more about Agatha. I wondered what would be the best way forward? Should I do as I wanted to, which was to take Octavia and Amelia to Dimitri’s to see if they could get Agatha to tell us anything? Or should I wait and let Eric handle everything?

I wasn’t quite sure, but I knew that I had to act on it quickly. I decided that I needed to do a few things and let my friends and family know that I was home and that I was alright. I climbed out of bed and started to get ready for the day.


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