Deadly Memories: Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Sometimes, I will be writing from Eric’s POV, but not in the first person, like with Sookie. I wanted to get inside his head so that you would be able to know what he’s thinking and feeling. That way, you would have a better picture of how they really think and feel.

I forgot to tell you that I’m well-known for being the “Cliff-hanger Queen”! 😉 So, forgive my cliff-hangers. Just know that it helps me write faster, the more you post your reviews. 😉

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Charlaine Harris. I’m only borrowing them for a little while.


Eric sat at his table in Fangtasia, watching the patrons in his bar. A fangbanger approached his table, wanting to catch his eye, but he shook his head and waved her off. For awhile now, there had been only one female he was interested in and she wasn’t here tonight. In fact, he hadn’t seen her in awhile. Not since she had rescued him and the King of Nevada, from certain death and the King ordering him to act as her bodyguard.

He remembered all the times that he had seen her. The first time, when she had come into his bar and asked people if they had seen some victims in Fangtasia before they had been murdered. At first glance, he had felt something stir in him that he hadn’t felt stirred in a long, long time. She had worn a dress with flowers on it, her hair the same color as his, and a body with curves in all the right places, that gave off heat, like a furnace. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of her and every time he tried…he had felt his gaze shifting back to her. He had felt instantly jealous of Bill, who lived in his area, who had managed to find her first.

He had tried to forget about her, in a number of ways, knowing that she was Bill’s at the time. He could respect that, but at the same time, he knew that it was in his power that he could have had her if he really wanted to.

He hadn’t…or so he had thought. He had thought she was just another beautiful woman, who would come and go. Each time he saw her, he discovered something more about her that he liked. He didn’t know when it started, but soon, he enjoyed being in the same room as her and looked forward to the “favors” that she would ask him to do. The number one thing that he liked, besides her looks, was the fact that she could read human minds. He had thought it brilliant of himself, to put her talent to good use.

It had served its purpose. He had used it to his advantage. He had found it refreshing to know what people were thinking and not saying. Her gift had solved many problems that he had had, but also created a number of them too. Was she worth it? He kept wondering to himself.

Of course, he had tried to get her to yield to him; over the time that they’ve known each other in which she had succeeded in being very stubborn, but it was no use. He knew that he would have her if he was patient enough. If he was anything…he was a patient man. Plus, who wanted someone who didn’t come to them willingly? He wasn’t like that. He knew, first hand, what it was like to be forced to do something that you didn’t want to do. He couldn’t do that to anyone that he knew and cared about.

That was the kicker, he thought to himself. He cared about her. He tried to pretend that he didn’t, but even Pam could see it. He glanced over at Pam, his child. She knew him well, not as well as he knew her, but he had allowed Pam to see more than he had ever allowed anyone to see inside him before in his long lifetime as a vampire. He watched her work the bar, charming the patrons and grinned.

It did make him feel a little bit better, that Pam was aware of his feelings for Sookie and that she liked her, for a human. Pam and Sookie had hit it off as friends and he could tell that Pam enjoyed the female friendship that they had formed. Pam had begun dating Sookie’s roommate, Amelia, who was a witch as well. Pam was always spending time at Sookie’s place now. They had formed a bond, but not to the same extent that he had formed with Sookie.

Nothing would top that. Sure, he had been manipulative when Sookie had been forced to drink his blood, but the ends justify the means. If he was to protect her, how better to do that, than have her become his blood-bonded? Plus, nothing had ever tasted as good as her blood. It was different, he couldn’t explain it, but he had found that he was addicted to it. Hopelessly, completely, and irrevocably addicted. It was a good thing that he didn’t need very much blood, since he was so old, because he knew that nobody other’s blood would do for him now, synthetic or real….except for fairy blood.

He thought about it for a moment. Maybe that was why he liked her so? She had part fairy in her. He could see it. He thought about it for a minute longer, but no…he shook his head, changing his mind. It was something more. It was her. She had the same sense of humor that he had. She was witty. She laughed at his jokes, her eyes sparkling with humor. She made him feel protective of her, not only because she was human, but because there was something about her that made him want to keep her safe from harm. She had this capacity to make him do things that he didn’t want to do. She made him feel at ease. He felt like he could lower his barriers around her and that she wouldn’t judge. She listened. She cared. Plus, as he was recently finding out now that his memories that had returned…she was great in bed.

He grinned, wickedly. He wasn’t surprised by that. He had always known that one day, they would become lovers. They had so much in common out of bed; it was natural that they would have much in common in bed as well. It was too bad that it had taken his memory getting wiped out by a curse, for her to allow it to happen. She had fought him tooth and nail before that, even though he could tell that both she and her body really wanted it. He knew her, she was playing hard to get. He didn’t mind because he liked to play games too. That proved that they had very much in common to him.

Most of all, he didn’t want to see her get hurt. He hated seeing her cry, having seen it once or twice. She had a great smile and when he saw her smiling, it made him smile. If his heart still beat, he was sure that his heart would skip a beat when watching her smile. It transformed her whole face, made her eyes sparkle, and turned her into the most beautiful woman that he’d ever seen.

He’d seen a few over the past millennium too. They always sparked his interest, but as soon as he bed and fed from them, it was over. They didn’t hold that same interest that they once had. But not with Sookie. Even as his memories returned, he could tell why he had been willing to give everything up for her. It wouldn’t be hard for him to do, if that was what he really wanted.

His memories swamped him. His eyes closed. He remembered when they first started to come back. He had been sitting on her bed, after issuing instructions to Pam and the rest of his people and had hung up the phone. He hadn’t been happy about having to surrender. He was a conqueror; it was in his blood to fight until his final death, but not knowing what they would do with Sookie and her gift, made him realize that it would be a losing battle because he wouldn’t be around to protect her. He didn’t want that. He wanted to see Sookie grow old. He wanted to see if he could make things work between them. Especially after Quinn’s betrayal. He wanted to be there for her, in case she needed someone to turn to. He couldn’t do that if he were dead.

But it had still bothered him that he had had to swallow his pride. That went against everything that he was. When he had taken a few moments alone to collect his thoughts, he had gone, for some unknown reason why, into Sookie’s bedroom. He had felt safe and was able to see things clearly. Then, her scent reached his nostrils.

It had been like images flashing, bits and pieces of memories ran through his mind like a rapid slideshow, all coming together of their own free will. Already knowing what he had found out from her from when he’d conned it out of her. (Points in his favor for that because he had been smart enough to use that as part of a bargaining chip.) He had put two and two together and that equalled four.

He was finally able to see her laying underneath him while he had made love to her. He saw her naked beauty from head to toe, taking his breath away. He remembered the promises that they had made to each other. Then, he remembered the pain from taking a bullet meant for Sookie. It had all come rushing back, the memories refusing to be denied. He had sat there stunned, at a loss as to what to do about all of it, for God knows how long he had sat there, wondering, thinking, afraid of how to tell her. He knew that things would change once again. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for it.

Sookie had come into the room then. He had vowed to himself that he wouldn’t let her know that his memories had returned just yet. It was too much to take. First, the coup, then his memories returning.

But as soon as he saw her…he couldn’t hold back. There was a part of him who knew that behind Sookie’s bedroom door and four walls, they were completely safe. Both of them were free to be who they were. He had watched, confused, saddened, worried and scared, as she had dashed into her bathroom to escape, then came back out after a few minutes.

They had shared a few harsh words. Her words had stabbed him in the heart, causing a pain worse than a stake would cause. They had decided that the timing was wrong and that they would talk about it later. Neither of them knew what to say to each other after that and he didn’t want to seem pushy or impatient. A part of him was afraid of her rejection. She had rejected him a number of times now. He wasn’t sure if he could still take the punishment that her rejection would entail.

Did he seem that bad to her? He wondered. He tried thinking back to words that he had said or actions that he had done that would’ve made her feel that way. He couldn’t think of anything. She stumped him. She was the only female that he understood, but sometimes, by her actions or words, she puzzled him too. She was unlike any other woman that he had run into in his thousand years.

That was another thing. She was always full of surprises. She kept him guessing. He didn’t know if he was coming or going when he was with her. She confused him. At the same time, he enjoyed it. She made life interesting again. He looked forward to seeing her, just to see what she would do next. He grinned.

“What’s so funny?” Victor asked, from across the table. Victor was the King’s representative in Louisiana. The one that Eric now had to answer to. Eric felt resentful of Victor’s presence because he was used to working on his own. He felt like Victor was watching him like a hawk. He hated it. He hated having to watch his back and hated having to answer to someone, who wasn’t himself.

The former Queen, Sophie-Ann, never breathed down his neck like Victor and his King, Felipé did. Although, he could understand it, new area, new vamps. He would be like that too. You never knew who would be willing to stake you in the heart, when you least expected it. He accepted it, because it had been his decision to make. He had decided to go along with them and vow fealty to them, but it had mostly been to do with protecting Sookie.

“Nothing,” he answered. “I was just remembering something amusing that happened the other night. You were saying…” he prompted Victor into continuing the conversation that they had been having.

“His majesty has requested that you come to Vegas. He wishes that you would bring the human, Miss Stackhouse,” Victor requested.

Eric blinked. He was going to reply with a, ‘what for?’ kind of question, but decided that it would alarm Victor too much. He would be able to see how much Sookie meant to him. “When?” Eric asked, instead.

“Next week. Clear your calendar. Arrange for her safe passage. His majesty would like her presence for some special meetings that he’s having,” Victor practically ordered. “I’m assuming you’ll be accompanying her.” Victor gave Eric a look that said that he resented the fact that Eric was officially Sookie’s bodyguard.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Eric replied.

Victor got up from the table and left Fangtasia. Eric watched him go until he was out of sight.

Eric sighed. He knew that Sookie wasn’t going to like this. Not one bit, but what was he to do? He wanted to gain their trust, just so that they would leave his area so that he could be left alone.

He waved Pam over to his table. She sat down in front of him. “Get the telepath on the phone, I need her to do something for me,” he ordered.

Pam grinned at him. “Do you mean, Sookie?” She asked, almost teasing him. She knew who he had meant, but ever since she had discovered how much Sookie meant to him and how they were blood-bonded, she had been purposely trying to make his life a living hell.

“Do you want me to punish you, my child?” Eric replied back instead, not letting her teasing get to him. This was important. He wanted to do everything in his power to get things back to the way they had been before.

Pam’s smile quickly disappeared and she bowed her head. “Yes, Eric,” she answered. She slowly got up to walk towards the bar, where the phone was.

Eric watched, while Pam called Sookie. He knew that while she may not be very happy with him at that moment, she wouldn’t mind because of Sookie’s roommate, Amelia. They would be able to make plans or something for a date.

“She’s not home from work yet?” Eric could hear Pam yell across the room. “When was she supposed to be off?” Pam glanced over her shoulder at him, and then turned her back, as if Eric wouldn’t be able to hear. But he could hear perfectly.

“What am I supposed to tell him?” He could hear Pam asking. She listened for a few moments, while either Amelia or Octavia were filling her in. “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word. I’m sure she probably just went for a walk or something,” Pam tried to sound as reassuring as she could be.

Eric grew alarmed. He flew across the room just as Pam was pushing the “end” button on the phone. Pam turned to look at him, with a worried expression on her face.

“What?” he demanded, staring hard at her. “Is it Sookie?”

Pam stared at him for a couple of minutes, trying to hide the worry in her expression. “Nah, no, it’s just someone that I’ve come to know and Amelia is worried,” Pam lied, trying not to make Eric worry either. “Sookie’s not home from work yet, so…” Pam started to wander off so that Eric wouldn’t be able to get it out of her.

But Eric was too fast, he was in front of Pam before she had made it more than three feet. “What?” Eric demanded, his face perfectly calm, but his eyes were full of heat. “It is Sookie, isn’t it?”

Pam didn’t know what to tell him, so she just shrugged her shoulders. “You know how humans are…you can’t predict what they will do.”

“Tell me,” he insisted.

Pam sighed. “You’re not going to like it.”

Tell me,” Eric repeated.

“Didn’t you send Bubba up there to watch over her?” Pam tried to point out, so that Eric wouldn’t freak out.

“Yes,” Eric replied back. “What did Amelia tell you? And don’t lie to me again. I know that you’re lying to me.”

Pam sighed once more. “She told me that she heard Sookie’s car pull into the driveway, but Sookie never came inside the house. She figured that maybe she went to visit Bill or something, but that’s been awhile now. She’s getting worried and has even called Sam to come help look for her.”

“That dog wouldn’t be able to find a bone in a graveyard,” Eric replied, angrily and sarcastically. Before Pam could reply, he was gone.

Pam turned back towards Felicity, who was tending bar behind the counter and exchanged a worried look at her. “Never a dull moment…that’s for sure.”



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  1. I like your analysis of Sookie’s and Eric’s inner worlds. And the trip to Vegas sounds like another dangerous adventure. One tiny thing about the blog – I wish there were links to the next and previous chapters at the end of each current one, it would make navigating through the story much easier.


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