Deadly Memories: Chapter 9

“Dimitri, let her go,” Eric demanded, angrily.

Dimitri turned to look at him, using me as a shield. “Hello, Eric,” Dimitri greeted him, as if he didn’t have me standing right in front of him. “I’m glad to see you made it.” Still keeping up his manners as host.

Eric’s fangs had lowered. He was ready to attack at any moment. “Let…her…go,” he repeated, but slower. I could feel his rage, barely under control, nearing his breaking point. It would only take the slightest opportunity for him to go off on Dimitri and I was glad.

“Eric,” I cried out, so happy and relieved to see him. My fears had now switched from wondering what Dimitri was going to do with me, to fear of what Dimitri had planned for Eric. “Please…go away, it’s all a trap…it’s all a trap.” I barely got out before Dimitri covered up my mouth with his hand.

I couldn’t help it, I bit him, hoping that he would let go. But he didn’t. I don’t even think that he felt it.

“Is that true?” Eric asked Dimitri, already knowing the answer. “I don’t see why you would do this.” Eric replied, in that cool and detached way of his. “Sookie has nothing to do with this.”

I could tell that Eric was only a split second from losing his cool and calm control. His eyes were full of heat and anger. I could feel his frustration and fear for my safety.

“Please, just do as he says,” I tried to mumble from underneath Dimitri’s hand.

Dimitri grinned, wickedly. “You hear that? It sounds like you should listen to Sookie’s advice,” Dimitri suggested to Eric. I knew that Eric wasn’t going to listen to me at all, because it would be like telling that to a stubborn mule. Eric took a step closer. “Now, you stay back…” Dimitri started moving down the hallway, dragging me along with him.

Eric started moving forward…but then I noticed that Dimitri’s guards come up behind him and tackled him to the floor. I was surprised that they were able to attack him without Eric knowing.

I wanted to stay and help Eric, but I was getting dragged back down the hallway, towards the dungeon that he had kept me in before. I tried fighting my way out of his grasp, but it was no use. Dimitri was way too strong. He wasn’t letting me go.

I was scared for Eric. I wondered what Dimitri’s guards were doing to him at that moment.

Dimitri pushed me into the room, followed behind me closely, closing the door behind him. I could tell that he was barely keeping control of his rage. “My dear, Sookie…” he scolded me. “That was a very bad thing you did…” he shook his head. “I’m sorry, my dear, now you will have to learn the hard way; what happens when you cross me.”

My eyes grew huge. Now, I was scared for myself. I almost wished that Eric hadn’t shown up when he did. Dimitri slapped me across the face. I went down. The pain stung. I put a hand up to my cheek and stared up at Dimitri, who was glaring down at me, with the scariest expression I’d ever seen before. And I’d seen a few.

There was supreme hatred in his eyes. I didn’t know what I had done to deserve it. I felt confused and really, really scared. Dimitri was about to hit me again, when his guards came down the stairs, dragging an unconscious Eric along with them. They threw him down on the floor next to me, then Dimitri and his guards quickly left, without a word, locking the door behind them.

My fears for myself, once again were replaced by my fears for Eric. They had thrown a silver netting over him, causing him great pain and discomfort. I could see where the silver had burned into his skin.

I dragged myself closer to him, to see how badly hurt he was. “Eric?” I asked, softly, hoping that he hadn’t been hurt too bad. “It’s me…Sookie,” I told him, hoping that by hearing my voice, it would reassure him. “Everything’s going to be okay…I’m going to try to remove the net, okay?”

I reached around, to grab the edge of the silver netting, I hoped that by removing it, I didn’t make Eric’s injuries worse. I slowly pulled it off of him, heard him hiss when I removed parts that had burned into his skin. “Shhh, it’s okay, it will only hurt for a moment. I promise…soon, it will all be okay.” I tried reassuring him.

It was a slow process, Eric’s skin sizzled, where the silver had been. Eventually, I had the netting removed. Eric was now laying there, motionless. I knew that there was only thing I could do in order to save him. I looked around the basement and noticed a fork that Mr. Big had given me to eat with. I scrambled over to get it, then returned to Eric’s prone form.

I stabbed the fork’s prongs into my wrist, blood already coming out of the wounds. I winced from the pain, but knew that this was the only way. I held my wrist up to Eric’s mouth, then let my blood flow into it.

Please, Eric, drink it, I pleaded to myself. I didn’t want Eric to hear the fear in my voice. Slowly, I could see Eric’s lips moving, as he began to drink my blood. Unexpectantly, he grabbed my wrist and held it against his mouth, sucking the blood from my veins. I could tell that he was really thirsty, so I let him take as much as he could before I began to feel light-headed.

“Okay, Eric, that’s enough,” I softly, explained, “you don’t want to drain me dry, do you?” I half-joked.

It was a relief to see that Eric was already beginning to heal. I could see the burn marks starting to disappear.

Eric stopped drinking from me. He licked my wounds, before laying his head back down. I watched him lay there, sleeping. God help me, he looked amazing laying there on the cold floor. He was wearing a tux. His hair had been tied back when he’d first come on to the scene, but now it was hung loose, his ponytail had fallen out while he’d been attacked.

I laid down and rested my head on his shoulder, waiting patiently for Eric to heal. I nestled up against his cool body. Eventually, I fell asleep, happy and reassured that Eric was right there beside me.

I woke up, when I felt someone brush my hair back from my face. I knew right away, that it could only be Eric. I smiled, then opened my eyes. He was looking down at me, with a tender expression on his face. It was weird, it reminded me of one of the looks that fake Eric had always looked at me with.

“Hey,” I greeted, softly. “How are you feeling?” I wondered.

Eric gazed at me with a curious expression on his face. “Good…what happened?” he wondered. “Where are we?” He looked around the dark basement.

“Would you believe me if I told you that we’re at an exotic resort?” I joked, hoping to make him laugh. I missed hearing his laughter.

Sure enough, I could hear Eric laugh at my joke. “No…” He shook his head, not believing me. “How are you?” He wondered, suddenly, his expression had grown serious. I could see the worried expression on his face. “Dimitri didn’t hurt you, did he?” He looked at me from head to toe, examining me just in case I told him a lie.

Other than slapping me around, just before you came, nope, he hadn’t. “No, but he did manage to scare me silly.” I replied.

Eric had his hand resting across my stomach. He began moving it in slow circles, reassuring me that he was there.

“How did he take you?” Eric wanted to know. He stared at me, as if trying to read it in my mind.

Bits and pieces of memories flashed before my eyes. “Never mind, it doesn’t matter now,” I tried to wave it off. “You’re here and now we can go back home.”

Eric studied her, carefully. He had seen those images, but didn’t let on that he knew exactly what Sookie had remembered. No use scaring her once again. She would freak out, once she found out that he could read her mind. He wasn’t ready for that yet. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, his eyes full of regret and guilt.

I blinked at him, wondering what he was apologizing for. “Why are you sorry? It’s all on Dimitri’s hands.”

“Because I wasn’t there. I trusted Bubba to look after you, when I should’ve known that nobody would be able to protect you like I could,” he explained. “I’m sorry…I should’ve known that one of my enemies might come after you. But I’ve been so afraid of feel-” Abruptly, Eric stopped what he was going to say.

“What?” I cried out, curious and confused. “You didn’t know that Dimitri would come after me. You didn’t know that all of this would happen.” I tried to reassure him, that it would’ve happened regardless if he’d been there or not.

“Yeah, but…”

“No, buts,” I replied, shaking my head. “You’re here now…we’ll go home. Then our lives will return to normal, right?” I pointed out.

I stared at him, trying to make sure that he understood that it was all water under the bridge. I was just relieved that he had come, finally. I could feel that he was relieved about it too. I smiled up at him, looking down at me.

“Thank you,” Eric smiled down at me, tenderly.

I blinked once more. “What for?” I was shocked that he was thanking me for something, when he’d been the one to find me.

“For giving me your blood; for saving me,” he explained.

The air between us, suddenly cracked with tension. I wanted to keep it light and carefree. “Yeah and you didn’t have to convince me this time either,” I joked.

Eric laughed, as only he could do. It sounded like the sweet sound of music to my ears. “Yeah, I guess that’s true,” he replied. His smile, slowly disappeared, while he gazed at me.

I could feel the air between us once again, shift gears. I knew what he was thinking. I could see it in his eyes. Not ready for that quite yet…I jumped up to my feet, turned around and looked down at him. “Welcome to my home away from home,” I introduced, as if I were proud of showing him my prison. “You see, we have a little bed over there,” I pointed towards the bed at the far side of the room. “We have a nice table over here…” I pointed at the table near the bed. “Oh, and my favorite feature…the dingy walls, don’t you love the color?” I grinned over at him, hoping that he’d take the hint that I wasn’t quite ready yet.

Eric laughed, “you’re too much, Sookie.” He looked around the room. Since he was a vampire, I was sure that he was seeing things that I couldn’t see without any light. “Oh, what do you know…” He stood up and walked away from me towards something in the darkness. He came back, put whatever he had found on the table and the next thing I knew, there was light in the room.

He had found a candle and matches. The room was now lit up, in a warm glow. Making the room look almost romantic.

“Hmph,” I sounded, a little put out that Dimitri and his goon had never once allowed me to know of its existence. “Here, I could’ve been able to see,” I grumbled and complained. I crossed my arms over my chest, in a spoiled brat kind of way.

Eric looked over at me, his gaze moving from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. “Yeah, well, humans aren’t really observant,” he replied back, teasing me.

I wasn’t sure if I liked that form of teasing. I was sure that I could come up with something even better. Since my thoughts suddenly switched to something sexual, I decided to focus on something else. “How’s Bubba?” I asked, concerned for my friend.

“He’s okay. He’s worried about you and feels badly for letting you down,” Eric explained. Eric began moving closer to me, peering down at me from his tall height. “You know…that dress looks really beautiful on you,” he complimented me, moving steadily closer.

I backed up until I could feel the edge of the bed at the backs of my knees. “Oh, really? I thought I looked like Lily Munster in it,” I looked down at myself.

Eric blinked. “Who’s Lily Munster?” he wanted to know.

“She’s…well, never mind, it’s hard to explain.” I replied, suddenly afraid of Eric’s closeness. He had now moved close enough that he was mere inches away. I looked around me, wanting to look everywhere but up at him. He was looking down at me, like I was his next meal, even though he had just drank my blood. “Um, Eric?” I wondered, hoping that if I could come up with something, it might take his mind off of his lust.

I could sense the lust that was poring out of him. It made me want him too. Oh, this was bad…very, very bad. I felt like I was being cornered like a caged animal, but also very turned on too. I remembered just how good Eric was in bed and my body was telling me, go for it, you know you’ll enjoy it.

Eric reached out and took my face in his hand, cupping my chin. He slowly lowered his head until his lips were just barely touching mine. I could already feel myself caving in. I felt like he’d put me under a spell, like the witch earlier in the night had done. I was hypnotized.

“Eric,” I breathed out, my voice sounding raspy, like I’d lost my breath. No wonder, I was barely breathing. Eric was taking my breath away by his nearness. It was a struggle to keep my mind on something neutral. “Don’t you want to plan on how we’re getting out of here?” I had managed to find something that didn’t need coherent thoughts in order to say.

Eric paused, just as his lips were about to touch mine. “We’ll have lots of time…later,” he told me, softly.

“Later?” I squeaked out. I knew that my battle was now over. Eric wasn’t going to let me get out of this, unless he let me. My heartbeat picked up, as I began to anticipate what he was going to do.

As his lips finally touched mine and all I could think was, oh my God, this is the real Eric! I wondered how gentle he would be.

I could feel his cool lips pressed up to mine, our kiss quickly deepened, while our desires grew. His tongue slid into my mouth, taking what was left of my breath away. I moaned, my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders and neck.

I could feel his cool hands, slide around me to my back. His hands caressed me, up and down. Making sure to touch my bare skin. His hands felt cool, which made my body feel hot. I could feel a tingling sensation wherever he touched me. I burned for him. My passion took over. I began kissing him more passionately, just like he was beginning to do to me.

Our kisses grew deeper and I could feel the length of him, pressed up against me, grow larger. I felt a deep yearning way deep down inside me. Instead of pushing him away from me, I was pulling him closer. I couldn’t get close enough to him for my liking. I wanted more.

As if Eric knew what I wanted the most, his hands slowly unzipped the zipper on the back of my dress, then exposed my naked back to the hot damp air. I grabbed a hold of his lapels and gripped them in my hands, until I began to push them back, exposing his shoulders underneath his white dress shirt.

Eric had to have been a dummy, if he didn’t know that I wanted his jacket off. It’s a good thing that he’s no dummy. He shrugged the jacket off. I could see his dress shirt with long sleeves. I reached up to his collar, undoing his tie, then started to undo all the buttons.

My fingers fumbled with them, because it’s kind of hard to concentrate while he was lowering my dress. Can you blame me? I thought not. I stopped undoing his buttons long enough so that he could lower my dress to my waist. I slid my arms out of the spaghetti straps.

I reached for his buttons once more, finally getting all of them undone. I don’t remember pulling his shirt out of his waist pants, but I must’ve because his shirt was now free. I slid it over his broad muscular shoulders, exposing his naked flesh.

Eric had stopped undressing me, because he watched what I was doing to him. He helped me take his shirt right off, undid the fly on his dress pants and pulled his pants down. I stared at him, because…not surprisingly…he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Oh my God…he’s so huge! Gracious plenty, indeed. I remembered that we had nicknamed his penis the first time we’d made love. But still the sight of it both scared and thrilled me. Yikes. Yahoo. Yum.

I wanted him inside me now, but Eric had other plans. He gently pushed me back on to the bed, pulling my dress off, then kneeled on the edge of the bed, gazing down at me. The look in his eyes gave me the shivers. I remembered that he had that eye contact thing that really flicked his Bic. Since I remembered all of that, it wasn’t hard for me to stare at his deep blue, glittering eyes. I had to admit, the way he looked at me…flicked my Bic too.

He kicked off his pants, then lowered on all fours on the bed, hovering right above me. I wrapped my legs around his hips, in anticipation and expectation of what was to come. He lowered his lips to my breast, sucking on my nipple through the lacy material of my strapless bra.

Thank God, Dimitri had been nice enough to buy me those too, I thought to myself. It gave me more confidence being in sexy lingerie around Eric. I hoped he liked them. Eric raised his head, to gaze down at me. I could tell that by judging by the expression on his face, I knew that he did. It’s all good…

He reached underneath me, undoing my bra, then slowly moved it away. He flung it somewhere else in the room, but I couldn’t track where it landed. Taking in my naked breasts, he gazed at them in wonder. I was glad. I was a little unsure of myself in this area because I didn’t have a whole lot of experience. Eric didn’t seem to notice or mind. He took one of my nipples into his mouth once again, without the inconvenience of clothing being in the way.

He kissed, licked and sucked his way down my body, until I was a pile of mush. One of his hands slid inside my lacy underwear. One of his fingers slid inside me, both satisfying and arousing more desire inside of me. My hips arched, letting him know that I wanted more.

Before I knew it, my panties had somehow been removed from my body. His fingers had been replaced by his mouth. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. I could feel his fangs elongated, scraping gently against my skin. Those only turned me on more.

He lifted his mouth. I opened my eyes to look down at him in surprise that he had stopped, but I knew that this was what he wanted. He lowered his mouth again and tasted me, then swiftly turned his head and bit into my vein running along the inside of my thigh. His fingers played with my clit, while I screamed in rapture. My world exploded and shattered all around me.

I could feel his gracious plenty slide into me, but unlike the first time, it didn’t hurt me as much. It still took my breath away though and made me gasp. My eyes stayed on his, while he slowly slid in and out, deeper then deeper, in rhythmic movements, while I tried to match him stroke for stroke.

I cried out, as he hit my G-spot, making my world crash down around me once again. I felt him find release too, while he kept stroking me from the inside out. Collapsing down on top of me, he kissed me once more, before nuzzling his head in my cleavage.

I could feel tremors still running through me a little while later, as my world began to right itself again. Eric raised his head to gaze down at me, his hair fell down like a curtain around us. Providing us with additional privacy.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, looking down at me, like I’d shocked him with electricity.

I grinned up at him, all knowing. “Wow, huh?”

Eric nodded his head. “Wow,” he repeated, grinning down at me. “When I first began remembering, I couldn’t believe how good it had been,” he explained. “It was better than I had ever imagined. Those memories really shook me. Knowing now, what I didn’t really understand back then, I have to say that those are the most deadly memories that I’ve ever had.” He said, winking at me.


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