Goodbye My Friend

tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ezHello Insiders!

I know I haven’t posted very much lately, but we’ll have to get caught up some other time. I’m going to warn you now – this post is going to make you sad and maybe even cry.

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To Ship or Not To Ship?

To ship or not to ship? That’s a really good question! I’ve been deliberating this for quite awhile…

Those who know me know I’ve been a “loser” or a “jinx” when it comes to shipping couples in books and TV shows in the past. For those who don’t know…this is a quick run-down of couples I’ve “shipped” who haven’t ended up getting a happily ever after (HEA) with each other. I’ve kindly included the reasons why I think they didn’t receive a HEA – though it makes NO SENSE to me why they couldn’t have had a HEA. The only reason I could come up with – is that it has to do with ME.

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A New Blog Name Revealed

Oh wow…wow…WOW! Has it REALLY been THIS long since I posted on here?Β  I’m terribly sorry for letting you down by not updating my stories or letting you know what’s going on with me. I know this is


…and I’ll try to not let you down again.

I guess part of the reasons why I haven’t written anything is because I’ve hit writer’s block. I still remember how I want my stories to end up –Β  but I have no clue on how to get there from where I am at this point in my stories. Real life (of course) tends to get in the way as well but that’s no excuse either, since I know many writers who ARE able to update their stories with small children and everything else that goes on in life. I guess you can say that I’m not inspired to write right now…

Which kind of brings me to the point of this post. I’ve decided that the best way to get myself re-inspired – is to change the direction a little bit of my blog and maybe just share with you more – instead of only posting when I have updates. How does that sound? Maybe with a little feedback (hopefully) from you, it might inspire me to sit my ass down and write?

The first thing I’ve decided to do was change the name of my blog. It’s no longer called, The Fanfiction Vixen…I’ve decided to call it, Inside Iamerika. (Those with dirty minds…get your mind out of the gutter! LOL) I’m not going to be sharing what goes inside my body…hahaha! I will be looking inside my mind to find out what’s in it. (My friends would tell you…it’s not a lot. LOL) But au contraire…I always have a lot on my mind…I just don’t voice it, that’s all.

I guess you could call Inside Iamerika a place where I not only share stories (which are in my mind as well), but a place where I talk about anything at all! From books, to news, to movies, to TV shows, to music, to…yada, yada, yada…the list goes on. I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts with you.

Let’s get this party started shall we?


The first thing that’s been on my mind lately is…the final Sookie book, Dead Ever After and all the drama that has been going on in the SVM fandom because of it. Let me be the first to admit…I haven’t finished the book. I tried…but the book is so horribly written…so disappointing…so many adjectives, I just can’t describe how I feel. I knew the spoilers ahead of time (of course, since I posted them on E&SL) but I decided to read it with my own eyes. After EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE, I wanted to shove that book up CH’s ass. It made me feel angrier and angrier. It wasn’t the outcome that pissed me off…it was what she did to Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse (two of my favorite characters ever) in the process that did it. But I’m not going to talk about what happened, because it just pisses me off all over again. Let’s just say…I will (cue Taylor Swift’s song, “…never ever, ever, ever get back together.”) NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANOTHER BOOK BY CH AGAIN!

As a reader who enjoyed books and shows where the writers write stories about people in situations that seem impossible but are made possible…I really thought the outcome would be different. And it should have been…all the hints she said she dropped about Sookie’s HEA were either non-existant or SO disguised…a person would have to have X-ray vision to see it. I personally think she knew what a cash cow and huge fandom Eric had, and decided to ride it out for as long as possible. I know she says she’s not in it for the money…but she’s wrong. I could probably post links to numerous interviews where she made some sort of joke or reference to the money she earns, but I won’t, because I’m over it and it will only feed the trolls. She can bathe in her money now. Trust me. It will be the last big money she will ever earn. When an author loses the trust of her readers…she’s done. If this all makes me an “entitled reader” – so be it. If this were some food I ordered in a restaurant, I would be asking the manager for my money back for the entire series. Instead, they make good doorstops and paper weights.Β  πŸ˜›

Anyways…enough about that. I just wanted to vent and to share with you what I think should’ve been. In anticipation of the book (pre-spoiler reveal), I got Kittrose (an infamous artist who loves Eric and Sookie) to create this stunning artwork depicting how it should have been – for us over at E&SL

es sunset web

Even though I spent money on it…I still think it’s money well spent. It’s beautiful and could inspire so many fanfic writers to write (maybe me too eventually).

I’ve been burnt twice now in two different fandoms. Do I have poor taste or what? After talking to a friend of mine who is in the same situation as me…I decided reverse psychology is how I should go. I’m going to start fangirling over couples I HATE. Think that will work?

Anyways…thought I would let you know I’m still alive, although I do need help getting inspired again. Can you please hook a girl up? Thanks for reading!

Until the next time, Insiders (I think that’s what I’ll name you, my dear followers.)!

New HBO Watch Staff Member On Board

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you the heads’ up! I have been accepted as a staff writer for HBO Watch, a website which focuses on HBO shows! I haven’t submitted anything…yet, but I will in the future! You can look for my posts under my name, Erika Hill – where I plan to focus on True Blood, Game of Thrones, and maybe even some other HBO shows too?! I followed my part-time, partner-in-crime, Serena Larkin, who writes for the Sookieverseblog and has her own blog devoted to GoT called, Kissed by Fire! You should really check it out, if you’re a fan of the books and the show!

In other news…I have been busy working on my next chapter in my Jax & Tara fanfic, Dirty Little Secret! Wow, I didn’t realize it has been almost a year since I last updated it! I apologize for the delay. It’s amazing how much time flies! So, stay tuned, my long-suffering Jax & Tara fans…there should be an update very soon, in the not-too-distant future! Plus, I would like to write and post the next chapter in my Eric & Sookie fanfic, Deadly Intentions as well!

You’re probably wondering how and why I’m suddenly able to have more time to write? Well, it’s two things…

  1. I have enlisted (bribed, convinced, blackmailed) three people to help me over at Eric & Sookie Lovers! Hehe…but don’t tell them I said so! Haha! They love Eric and Sookie and my site and offered to help me out with it. One of the people runs the Vikingwenches! Another one spends her time writing an “Open Letter to Alan Ball” and is a TruBookie! And the last one just loves to talk about her favorite couple and the show, and is having just as much trouble finding Quopics of the Day as I do! I’m thanking them everyday for helping me out with it, because the site HAS gotten too big, even for my breeches! LOL
  2. The other reason why I’m finding more time to write, is the fact that last fall (after a lot of deliberation on my part), I decided to step down as one of moderators of the Sookieverseblog Forum. 😦 Don’t worry, I’m still a member, and I do stop by and visit every now and then…but with the growth of Eric & Sookie Lovers, I just don’t have time to moderate people and give them a proper smackdown (believe me, some of them need it). I have too much to do around my site, and lots of people to keep in line there as it is…it would be a full-time job, that doesn’t pay the bills. YKWIM?

In lesser, unrelated news…I reviewed Michelle Gamble-Risley’s book, “California Girl Chronicles” on Eric & Sookie Lovers…and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt! Haha…just kidding! πŸ˜‰




It’s too bad I don’t really have coconuts…more like peaches! Hahahaha… If you would like to read my review of this book, please click here! She would really like to get this book series turned into a show, and honestly, it’s a good book! πŸ˜‰

Here’s an update in my interests…I’ve become a HUGE fan of Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries! Don’t know why…but I love how she isn’t afraid to tell him off (because he needs it) and he is “fond” of her! β™₯ How sweet!

This is Gannicus...what a hottie!

I’m also becoming quite obsessed with Spartacus: Vengence! If anybody has ever watched the past 2 seasons, you might know what I mean.Β  It has interesting storylines=check. Hot men=check. Shocking violence (which doesn’t really bother me)=check. Amazing actors=check. Intriguing characters=check. And not to mention…full-frontal MALE nudity=bonus. My favorite character is Gannicus. I love how all he wants is sex and booze, he’s my kind of man! I also loved the hookup between Spartacus and Ilithyia in Season 1…now it appears they have a “hate” child on the way! Hahaha. To me, they are really good together, and I find the woman he is with now (Mira), is a kick-ass fighter, but other than that, I find her extremely boring as a character, zzzzzzzzzzz – but that’s JMHO and I like couples who most people can’t see together. If you haven’t seen it – I suggest you should! I think I might start recapping it! πŸ˜‰

Another great show I love is The Walking Dead! Now, I understand that the season finale was this past Sunday, and I missed it. But don’t worry, I will be watching it soon! All I can say is…I love post-apocalyptic stories. Always have, always will. I always wonder what if something similar might happen in the future, and whether or not I might be able to survive it? Oh well…I guess we’ll see if the Mayans called it in December, right?

That’s all that’s news with me…until the next time…keep it real!

Deadly Intentions Chapter 23 FINALLY Updated!

Wow, can’t believe I finally found the time to write one of my fics!Β  😯

For those in the SVM/TB fandom, you will be happy to know I’ve updated my story, Deadly Intentions! Again, I’m terribly sorry it’s been SO LOOOOOOONG since I updated it! 😦 Hope the wait was worth it!

You can read it here: Deadly Intentions Chapter 23

Please don’t be afraid to tell me what you think – by leaving a comment in the section below and/or leaving a comment over at, where I’ve also updated this chapter!

Until the next time – (hopefully sooner than the last) – hope you enjoy it!

I Received The Versatile Blogger Award

I Received “The Versatile Blogger Award” !!!

Thank you to my friend and awesome writer, Deborah Court, author of “Bound To The Prince”. You should really check out her wonderful blog at:

She awarded me with

β€œThe Versatile Blogger Award.”

I feel very honored to receive this award and glow with pride today, especially since I don’t update my blog very often (as most of you know). I’ll do my best in the future to write blog entries worthy of those of the very talented bloggers who have been selected before me (and to update my fics as often as possible).

Here are the Versatile Blogger Award rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to other, recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

Okay, here are 7 things you may or may not know about me;

  1. The first thing I wrote was a poem to my grandpa. I was around ten years old at the time and it started off like this, “There he sits in his chair…blowing smoke rings in the air.” Yes, he was a smoker and sorry, can’t remember the rest of it!
  2. My favorite color is blue, like Eric Northman’s eyes.
  3. Often I am forced to write my stories and post on my site; while my 2 new kittens, Whiskey and Puscifer constantly try to lie down directly on my right hand, demanding to be cuddled and petted. Hence, the reason why I have tar-pol tunnel syndrome and have to wear a wrist brace while I type! (Or, it could be because I’m always on the computer too! Haha!)
  4. Long ago, I won a cake decorating contest and not only that…I won my own cake back in a raffle!
  5. I write poems you would find in greeting cards…but only to my friends. I usually take what I know about them, exploit them and make fun of them. They are hilariously funny! They enjoy them too! What can I say? I’m a very mean person…hehe.
  6. Besides writing and running Eric & Sookie Lovers, I work in a deli. What can I say? I LOVE handling meat! Hehehe…
  7. When I have some spare time (which is rare) I enjoy “playing” around with different looks, codes and things for my sites! You don’t know how much fun it is; until you discover something cool and new to use on your site. Believe it or not, there’s so many things you can do, even on a blog (which doesn’t allow as many things).

Here are some bloggers whose articles I particularly enjoy, and I’m awarding each of them the Versatile Blogger Award. Of course, there’s no special order:

TB Rants & Raves: an avid Eric & Sookie lover, who writes reviews about the Sookie Stackhouse novels and Dexter.

Viking Wenches: a group of wenches who love the Viking vampire, Eric Northman. Expect lots of pics and drooling wenches!

Kissed By Fire: A spoilery Game of Thrones blog! A must for anyone who loves to be spoiled about the show and/or the books and love great photoshopped pics!

TruBookies Review: reviews of HBO’s True Blood and (soon-to-be) Game of Thrones!Β 

Sookieverseblog: This one needs no introduction. Anyone in the TB/SVM fandom probably already knows about SVB!

My Own Little Corner Of The World: a blogger shares her thoughts about her favorite things including; True Blood and SVM!

Congrats! Giving away this award is as much fun as receiving it! <3<3<3

Where Did The Summer Go?

I was fixing up the look of my blog (once again) and noticed I haven’t posted anything since May! HOLY SHIT! Sorry about that…but I do have a very good reason. Eric & Sookie Lovers had it’s busiest season this summer, due to the fact that True Blood Season 4 was based on Book 4…or was it? (More on that later.) I wrote a blog post for Locate, and all the other ins and outs of running a fansite that come with it.

Speaking of which…I hope you don’t mind if I post some of my thoughts on Season 4.

Season 4 was supposed to be based on book 4, DTTW of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I stress, supposed to. It sure as hell wasn’t.

I guess since this is my own personal blog, I can say pretty much anything I want. I don’t have to remain somewhat neutral, like I do at Eric & Sookie Lovers. Not that anyone would get offended, if I did speak my mind…but the spies that work for True Blood might visit that site more than this one. I would much rather have them read the comments by fellow Eric & Sookie lovers, over me.

But before I get started, I wanted to reassure and apologize to everyone for not updating any of my fics. I will…just don’t expect them very often during the summer months, okay? In fact, earlier today, I was working on my Deadly Intentions one!

Speaking of summer…this past July I met one of my betas, who passed through on her way to visit the Rocky Mountains! It was great meeting Northwoman, who betas the Jax & Tara fic, Dirty Little Secret! It was great sharing our thoughts on our favorite fics and our favorite couples – face to face! If you happen to follow either one of us on Twitter, you might have even happened to see the pics from our meet and greet! I’m not going to grace this blog with my ugly mug, so you don’t have to be scared out of your mind! LMAO (I want you to keep coming back, not get scared away!)

Now, on with my review of True Blood Season 4…

The first half of the season, was everything Eric & Sookie Lovers (me included) could ever hope to see happen. Sure, it wasn’t the same as the books exactly…but there were similar type scenes to those in the books, which the bookies (like me) could appreciate. But then…around the time of the shower scene (that wasn’t) onward…things began to get progressively worse.

For starters…how could anybody call that a shower scene to begin with? It came across as more of a V-trip to Narnia (as most fans have called it)! WTF? Sure, it was great seeing Eric & Sookie so happy, together, naked and sharing something…BUT this cheapened and ruined everything for me. I felt like I was on some drug trip too and I got the munchies…for the episode to end.

That’s when I knew…what my gut had been telling me all along…that AB was going to do to me, what Ellen and David (ex-executive producer and ex-head writer of Guiding Light) had done to me years ago…ruin my favorite couple by breaking them up. Sure, I can handle angst…but when it comes to True Blood, don’t you think Eric and Sookie lovers have put up with too much angst already? It’s time for Eric and Sookie to be a couple, just like Bill and Sookie have been for 3 FUCKIN’ SEASONS!

Yep, I hate to tell you, that I told you so…because honestly, I didn’t tell anyone how I felt. But I want to tell you now, I had a funny feeling deep down inside my gut, that it was going to end badly…even when things were going good! You see, I haven’t trusted writers ever since Ellen and David destroyed my Jammy. The way Alan Ball has changed things from the books already…I knew it would be more of the same. COMPLETE BALLSHIT.

This is when it started to go downhill, IMO…

I knew it as soon as Eric attacked Marnie in the graveyard, for no apparent reason and killed a witch. This was the second sign, that I was (unfortunately) going to be proven right. This was completely OOC for the character of Eric, memory loss or no memory loss. Of course πŸ™„ , Sookie had to get shot. *YAWN* By this time, Eric was now being controlled by Marnie…yep, can you say…plot point? The only reason why, was to somehow get Bill’s blood into Sookie, so she could have that awkward, terrible, unsexy threesome fantasy of hers.

If you follow Eric & Sookie Lovers at all…we posted that the threesome fantasy made TV Guide’s Unsexiest Sex Scenes list! Yep, this is sooooo very true. If anybody thought that scene was half-assed hot…you’re out of your fuckin’ mind! Kudos to Anna for coming up with this idea…it really proves she doesn’t really know her character as well as she thought she did. Or, Alan Ball has changed her character SO much on the show, that she’s nothing like the Sookie in the books. Book Sookie would never ever do anything like that. Sure, she had a brief, minor fantasy about them while they fixed her window…but it was brief and never went this far. Yes, I know that Alan Ball likes to shock people and that was probably another reason why they shot this scene too. Sookie had been gone only a week in her mind and should still be wanting nothing to do with the “abjure one” Bill. Blood in her body or no blood. IT DOESN’T MAKE FUCKING SENSE. If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s bad writing, IMO.

I’m not going to bore you by recapping what happened throughout the rest of the season, because I know that pretty much everyone has seen it by now and has their own judgments and/or thoughts about it.

But I will say this…while many aren’t planning on watching True Blood next season, (I don’t blame you) I will still be watching. I’ll probably be the only one, but hey, at least you know where to go, if you want to know! I’m going to recap it because all the best recappers I know, won’t be doing it next season. I’m not as great as they are, but I do have some experience while watching Guiding Light. Yes, something I’ve neglected to tell you! LOL I used to do it daily!

Again, I don’t blame any of them for stopping. I feel like I’m ‘taking one for the team’ – so to speak.

Anyways, that pretty much sums up where I thought True Blood Season 4 went from being good – to being downright terrible. And people wonder WHY True Blood isn’t nominated for any awards??? It’s because of writing inconsistencies, dropped plots, plot holes and writing characters OOC. Writing, writing, writing. The same could be said about soaps and why their ratings are dropping…

Honestly, if TV channels really wanted people to continue watching and in HBO’s case, subscribing…get fans to have some imput into what happens on the show. Have a fan act either as someone who gives advice or hire a fan to be a writer, who helps them come up with interesting and believable plots!

In the words of Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric, this season of True Blood was…

Needless to say, I haven’t forgotten about my fics and I will continue to write them! God knows, at least the great fanfics I read – my fellow fanfic writers know how to write Eric & Sookie properly!

Oops! Did I neglect to inform you, I may have been slightly inebriated while writing this post? But only slightly! Hope you won’t hold it against me!

Until the next time…hopefully sooner than the last!

What do you think of my thoughts on True Blood Season 4? Share yours below!