To Ship or Not To Ship?

To ship or not to ship? That’s a really good question! I’ve been deliberating this for quite awhile…

Those who know me know I’ve been a “loser” or a “jinx” when it comes to shipping couples in books and TV shows in the past. For those who don’t know…this is a quick run-down of couples I’ve “shipped” who haven’t ended up getting a happily ever after (HEA) with each other. I’ve kindly included the reasons why I think they didn’t receive a HEA – though it makes NO SENSE to me why they couldn’t have had a HEA. The only reason I could come up with – is that it has to do with ME.

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Some Banners


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Hi everyone! Here are a few new banners that I have made in various fandoms! πŸ™‚ I hope you like them! Below are some Damon and Elena banners from the Vampire Diaries and some of Jax and Tara from the … Continue reading

Damon & Elena Banners

Hi everyone!

Are you fans of the Vampire Diaries? Well, I AM!! Love that show!! πŸ˜€

I’ve made a couple of Damon and Elena banners, if you would like to check them out!Β  They are found under My Artwork tab at the top of the screen, under Damon & Elena Banners. I hope you like them!! πŸ™‚