Deadly Intentions: Chapter 1

A couple of weeks had past since I’d returned home from my trip to Las Vegas with Eric. It had been a business trip, not a pleasure trip at all. And no, we didn’t get married either. (Not that I wanted to get married right now, but most people tended to joke about things like that when the people that they knew went to Vegas.) Marriage had been the furthest thing from both of our minds, as we had been looking for people who had been after us. We’d found out all that we’d needed to know, and then some. The people that had been behind my kidnapping had ended up dead, and neither Eric nor myself were disappointed by the outcome.

Eric Northman was now what you’d call my “official” boyfriend, which scared me to death. He was the sheriff of Area Five and owned a vampire bar named, Fangtasia. The thought of the kind of power that he held scared me. I had little understanding for it and had little inclination to know all of the details about his business. I knew all that I needed to know about him. He was a great companion, protective, generous, caring (at least with me) and the sex was…gourmet. I wasn’t sure what else I would call it but if you had ever tasted the sweetest; most delicate chocolate that melted in your mouth, that would be one of the closest ways of describing it. And it was very passionate. He always made sure that I was happy and had a great sense of humor. We were blood-bonded as well, which made us closer than a lot of other normal couples.

I’m not sure if you would count us in as being normal, since he was a vampire and I was a telepathic human with a touch of fae blood…but that was what we were.

We were so close…that we could read each other’s minds when in close distance. He always knew what I was feeling. He could always track me down and find me. (Except when someone messed with our bond, like the witch, Agatha had done.) I never had to explain myself to him and that was a bonus. He accepted me – faults and all. I could always feel when he was near. I was constantly aware of his presence and his life, humming along in the distance.

It relieved me greatly. I had never felt anything like it before in my life and I was grateful. Which was quite the opposite of how I used to feel about our bond. I had hated it at first, but now I had learned to accept it. It’s amazing how things change, given enough time.

My broken arm had heeled up, thanks to Eric and his blood. I was now back to work at Merlotte’s, working as a barmaid. Eric had wanted me to take some time off, so that we could spend some time together, but I had bills to pay and I wasn’t looking for a handout from him or anybody else.

It was a good thing that Eric understood me enough to not push the issue. I knew that he wanted me to quit my job and move in with him, but I was being stubborn. Not on purpose, mind you, but the thought of taking our relationship to the next level scared me almost as much as the thought of the power that he held.

Of course, we’d said, those three little words, ‘I love you.’ But since neither of us wanted to ruin our relationship, we were both content to take things slow and take them day by day. Or, night by night in Eric’s case. If you asked me, I think that Eric was as scared of it as I was, maybe even more so. Lord knows, how long ago he had felt this way, or if he had ever felt this way about a woman before. I haven’t asked him and I wasn’t about to spoil things by asking it now. Let’s just say that we were both on the same page. We were both content and just trying to deal with things as they came.

I pulled into my driveway, expecting to see lights on inside. My roommates, Amelia and Octavia always stayed up late watching TV. I was surprised to see that it was dark.

I climbed out of the car, and walked towards the back door. I put my key in the deadbolt and opened up the door. I let myself inside.

“Amelia? Octavia?” I called out, while I took off the cranberry coat that Eric had given me. It had been a chilly day, so I was grateful that my jacket had kept me warm.

I walked into the living room, half expecting to see either Amelia or Octavia laying on the couch, sleeping, since the TV wasn’t on. I turned on the light, but nobody was in the room. That was odd, I thought to myself. I looked around expecting to see where they had left me a note. They weren’t the types of people who didn’t let me know what was going on with them.

Sure enough, there was. It was laying on the coffee table in a place where I wouldn’t miss it. I walked over to the coffee table and picked it up.


Octavia got called back to New Orleans. She had no way of getting there, so I decided to take her in my car. I’m going to check on my house while I’m there too. I want to see how much work the construction workers have done on it. I should be gone for a few days.

Hope you won’t miss me!



PS. There’s a casserole in the refrigerator.

That was a shocker. I wondered why Octavia had gotten called back home. I knew that she had a niece, who she’d lived with before me, but I also knew that her niece hadn’t had any room for her. That was why she had moved in. A part of me was relieved. Octavia hadn’t been one of my most favorite people in the world, but she had helped me out in many ways, including paying the bills. I had to admit that I was going to miss her.

I hoped that Amelia found out all that she needed to as well. I was sure that the construction workers that she’d hired to rebuild her home after Katrina were taking her for a ride. They probably knew that she was Cooper Carmichael’s daughter and wanted to get more money out of her, I thought to myself, sarcastically.

I was becoming cynical and sarcastic, I could tell. When you’ve had as much that has happened to you, like I have, you started to not believe in the good in this world as much anymore. Or…Eric’s personality was beginning to rub off on me. Take your pick. For all of Eric’s joie de vivre and how excited he got during the action moments, he seemed to look at life as if it were monotonous and boring. It was probably because he’d lived for a thousand years and had pretty much seen and done all that you could do.

I went into my bedroom, took off my uniform and changed into my pajamas. I had no intention of going out for the rest of the night, so I figured that what I wore was fine. I went into the kitchen, and found the casserole that Amelia had mentioned in her note. I heated it up in the microwave and waited for it to finish. After it was done, I carried it into the living room, where I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

I had no sooner taken a mouthful of casserole into my mouth, than the phone rang. I expected that it was Eric, calling me to find out how my day had been. I raced over to the phone, and took it off it’s receiver.

“Hello?” I asked, with my mouth full of food. I quickly finished chewing so that I could talk to him, but all I heard was a click.

That was weird…I thought to myself. I shrugged it off, as nothing more than a wrong number, and returned to the couch and my casserole once again.

While I ate, I watched the evening news. Not that I was into it or anything, but I sometimes liked to keep tabs on what was happening in the bigger centers. This newscast was from New Orleans.

“Tragedy has struck a small-town in northern Louisiana,” the reporter spoke into the camera. “Where a tragic car accident has occurred. Details are sketchy at this time, but once we know more, we’ll bring it to you…live.”

It wasn’t the car accident that suddenly perked me up. I sat up straight in my seat. I quit chewing my food and set my plate down on the coffee table. It was the scenery behind the reporter who was live at the scene. It was familiar to me. Very familiar. It looked like a place where I had been to before. I just couldn’t place who I knew that lived there.

The newscast moved on to other events and news that were happening in the area. I waited to see if they would go back to the accident or not, but they didn’t. I figured that they either didn’t know anything more or that it was just such a minor accident, that they didn’t care enough to go back to it. They didn’t. The newscast ended and I was left up in the air as to what had happened or where it was.

The phone rang again. This time, I wasn’t in as much of a rush to get to it, so that by the time I got there, a number of rings had rung.

“Hello?” I greeted, into the phone.

“Hey, lover,” Eric purred into the phone. “What took you so long?”

God help me, just the sound of his voice turned me on. “Hey, yourself,” I smiled and greeted him back. “I was just eating. How was your sleep?” I asked, knowing that he’d just woken up not too long ago.

“Good…but alone,” Eric sighed. “I missed you. When are you going to come to relieve me of my boredom?” He flirted, over the phone.

I laughed. “Not tonight. I’m already in my pj’s,” I replied back, in a teasing mood.

“Are they sexy? Well, then, I should come to you,” Eric flirted. “Fangtasia isn’t busy. I can make time if I wanted to,” he offered.

“You would come all this way, just for little ole me?” I flirted, sounding like a southern belle.

Eric laughed. “For you, lover, I would kill a whole army of warriors and I would travel non-stop around the world, until I got to you,” he replied back.

The thought of his killing so many people and travelling such a long distance made my heart quiver. “Eric, you shouldn’t talk about killing like that. You know that times have changed and that way of thinking doesn’t happen anymore,” I admonished.

Eric laughed, once again. His voice rich, deep and full. It gave me goose bumps. “Ah, my lover, you know that I’m only teasing,” he replied. “But I meant what I said…nothing would keep me away from you. And if you’re willing to stay up a little while longer…I’ll come see you tonight.”

“Feeling horny, are you?” I teased back, grinning. My heart was already racing at the thought of it.

“Yes,” Eric replied back, in that brutally honest way of his. “It has been too long since we have…mated. I find myself fantasizing about you all the time. Would you care to relieve me of this burden that I bear?”

I laughed. “I’m not stopping you. How soon can you get here?” I wondered. My heart sped up in anticipation.

“Before you know it,” Eric replied back.

We quickly said our goodbyes, even though we would see each other soon. I hastily cleaned up my house and went into my bedroom to make sure that it was neat and orderly. No use having Eric seeing all of my bras and panties laying around, I thought to myself. I threw them into my laundry basket. I quickly changed into my sexier pieces of underwear. (I had nothing that you would consider sexy lingerie.) My bra and panties were red and lacy. I hoped that he approved.

I lit candles on my nightstand, making it more romantic, when I heard something outside of my window. I looked towards the window, expecting to see Eric arriving, but there was nothing there. Must have been a branch or something, I thought to myself. I shrugged, then went back to lighting more candles.

I gazed around the room, taking it all in. I had tried to make it as romantic as I could. I laid down on the mattress, not knowing whether or not I should lay on the bed or if I should be doing something else. I wondered what Eric had planned.

I could feel him getting closer. My body heated up. I could feel his excitement on the wind, getting stronger…the closer he got to my house. He must’ve flown, since it was faster than driving from Shreveport in a car.

Eric’s power of flying could come in handy sometimes, I thought to myself.

I grinned, as I heard him land. I was suddenly impatient. I quickly put on a robe to meet him at the front door. Opening it, I gazed up at him. He looked amazing in the light that came from my outside light. He grinned down at me, then looked me up and down, as if taking me all in.

“Hello,” he grinned down at me. His eyes had a spark in them. I could tell by how he was feeling, that he liked what he saw.

I melted at the sound of his voice. “Would you like to come in?” I invited him in, even though I knew that there’d be no way that I could stop him, if he decided on entering. Although, I could rescind his invitation into my house and he would be forced to leave. But I would never think of doing that with him…not any more.

Eric entered, looked around the living room, then back at me. I closed the door behind him.

“We are alone?” He asked, curiously.

“Yes, and even better…for a few days too,” I grinned up at him, knowing how much he would enjoy hearing that news.

Eric took the news in. I could feel that the thought of it made him very happy. I could see the images in his mind of what we could do in my house, that we couldn’t have done before. “Where did they go?” He asked, not really caring, but curious, just the same.

“New Orleans. Octavia got called back home for some reason, and Amelia took her. Amelia is going to check up on the construction at her home while she is there,” I explained. “She told me that she’ll probably be gone for a few days.”

“I like it,” he replied back, grinning from ear to ear.

“I know,” I grinned up at him. I looked away from him. “What will we do to past the time?” I teased him, playfully, coy and innocent.

“Don’t worry, lover, I have lots of ideas,” he winked down at me. “Would you like to find out now?”

I laughed, then nodded my head.

Before I knew it, he took my face in his hands, turned it up towards his, then bent his head down to kiss me. He was a skilled kisser. I felt weak in my knees, and clung to his shoulders. He deepened the kiss and I moaned.

“Too long…” he moaned, as he lifted his head briefly. He lifted me up, my legs wrapped around his hips, and carried me into my bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed, then stood there gazing down at me. “You have too many clothes on,” he said. He untied the belt around the middle of my robe, exposing my body to him. He took in the bra and panties. I knew that he liked what he saw. “Have I ever told you that red is my favorite color?” he asked, curiously.

“No, really?” I replied back, gazing up at him. But I said it sarcastically. I kind of figured that it was his favorite, judging by the red of his Corvette. The red of the walls in Fangtasia. The red of the Fangtasia t-shirts that they sold there. And of course, blood was red as well. It wasn’t really surprising to me.

Eric laughed. “Yes, really. You look good enough to eat.”

I couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of him eating me. I knew, from experience, that he was very good at it.

“Well, then I think that you shouldn’t hold back.” I told him. “Dinner is served,” I invited and teased.

He lifted his shirt over his head. I had a nice view of his torso and upper body. He had a nice six pack, or was it twelve? His broad shoulders and biceps revealed that he had a lot of strength. He unbuttoned his fly and lowered the zipper. He slipped his fingers underneath his waistband and pulled his pants down. Not surprisingly, his Jockeys were red.

His gracious plenty, as I liked to call it, was burgeoning and huge in the tight, revealing underwear. I couldn’t wait to see more. While the size of him was daunting, I knew that he knew how to use it and use it well. I could feel my body heat up at my anticipation and excitement. Soon, his Jockeys disappeared. He stood, at the foot of my bed, wearing nothing but a sexy smile. God, he was sexy!

He crawled across the bed, his long blond hair falling like a curtain towards me. He gazed at me, as he approached. His eyes had a sexy glint in them. His gaze never moved away from mine. He turned me on so much so, that I felt like I was on fire for him. In fact, I felt like a fever had come over me. I felt dizzy and light-headed and my skin burned. But I didn’t want this feeling to end.

He lowered his head, when he reached the apex of my thighs. I could feel his mouth touching my center, through my lacy panties. I raised my hips instinctively. I felt his cool fingers slide underneath, spread my panties aside and placed his mouth and tongue where his fingers had been. My senses swirled. He hooked his fingers through my panties and pulled them down to my knees. His mouth returned, but this time, there wasn’t any clothing getting in the way.

I squiggled and squirmed until he raised his head. He gazed up at me, as if checking to see my reaction. Well, duh…he couldn’t tell by my wetness, how fully aroused I was? It didn’t take our bond to realize that. But since we could read each other’s minds and knew how each other felt, I knew that it wasn’t because of that. He just enjoyed seeing my bodily and facial reactions from what he did to me.

Awww, isn’t he sweet? Which wasn’t something that you would automatically think with a thousand year old Viking vampire. Not that I had a lot of experience with sex, but he was the first and only one, who did take the time to make sure that I enjoyed it too.

He lowered his head, then moved up to my breasts. They were still in the lacy bra. He pulled the bra down, so that my nipples were exposed. He took turns taking each nipple into his mouth. His hand cupped the other. He didn’t remove my bra, since the bra made my cleavage look bigger. He feasted on my bounty until I pleaded with him to stop.

I wanted his lips on me. He lifted his head to gaze down at me. His fangs had run out and he looked like he wanted to drink some of my blood. I lifted my hand and touched his fangs, knowing how they could cause both pain and pleasure. I accepted them anyways. They were apart of Eric and I was now to the point where I had learned to accept the bad with the good. I turned my head away, so that Eric could feed.

He bit in and moaned. I knew that he didn’t have to feed that often, since he was so old. I wondered how long it had been since he had last fed. Had it been since the last time that we’d been together? I hoped so, just because I hated (and admittedly got jealous) at the thought of Eric drinking from anybody else. Fangbanger or not.

I got more aroused at the thought of how he much enjoyed drinking from me. And grateful that he had the self-control and ability to be able to leave it for moments such as these. It made our private moments that much more special to me.

He lifted his head, after licking the wounds on my neck. Then swiftly and strongly, he fully entered me, making me gasp. Not because he was so big, but because of the suddenness of it. He watched me, as I came to completion, because that was all it took. After I began to recover, I could feel my arousal return. He soon began to move inside of me, repeatedly going deeper and stronger. I came again, but this time, he joined in too.

I lay there, spent and exhausted. He realized that he was crushing me, not that I really minded since I missed having him near me. He got settled down next to me in bed and I curled up against him.

I closed my eyes and promptly fell asleep, having had a full day at work and exhausted myself with great sex with my Viking vampire.


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