Deadly Memories: Chapter 30

Sam and I had ended up ordering in pizza from a pizza place that happened to be close by. I couldn’t remember the last time that I’d had pizza and it tasted really good. The empty pizza box now lay on the bed and napkins were strewn over the box.

Sam and I laid back and were watching a movie on TV. It was an action flick, but it was interesting anyways. There was even a love story in it, which I appreciated.

I could sense Eric getting closer and closer. I could feel him before he arrived, so I wasn’t too surprised when the door opened and Eric walked in, closing the door behind him. I rolled off the bed and raced over to him.

I wrapped my arm around his middle, although I would’ve wrapped both, but my other arm was still in its sling. He hugged me to him, relieved that I was there in a safe place, well-protected. “Thank God, you’re alright,” I spoke up, relieved. I breathed in the smell of him. “I was worried that something bad might’ve happen to you.”

“Me?” Eric asked, incredulously, as if the thought of it dumbfounded him. “I know how to fight,” he said, proudly. He leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Hmmm,” he moaned, against my mouth. “I want to taste you all over,” he growled.

“Ahem,” Sam sounded from the other side of the room. “Sorry to interrupt, but I take it that it’s over?” he wondered.

Eric straightened and tucked me against his side. His arm was wrapped around me. He looked over at Sam with a pleased expression on his face. “Indeed it is. We can go home now whenever you want,” he said the last part to me.

I was surprised. “I thought that Felipe still had plans for me or something?” I reminded him.

“Not any more. I made sure of it,” Eric replied back. He was being purposely tight-lipped, I could tell. I guessed that it was because Sam was in the room and he didn’t want to talk about it in front of him. I stared up at Eric, with my mouth hanging wide open. The way he was hiding it from me, I knew that I wouldn’t like what he had to say.

“Listen…I should give you two some privacy, so I’ll take off,” Sam interrupted, before Eric could explain further. “I should head back to Bon Temps and check on the bar.”

“Likewise, I should too,” Eric agreed, understanding. “Thank you for coming and agreeing to help watch Sookie. I guess we are even now. Goodnight,” he was quick to dismiss him.

I was friendlier. “Thank you so much for being here and the pizza,” I told Sam, appreciatively. I hugged him on his way out, which I could feel that Eric didn’t really like all that much. Eric didn’t say anything about it, but I could feel his possessiveness, while he watched us.

Sam quickly left, closing the door behind him.

After Sam left, I turned back into Eric’s arms. I breathed him in again. His scent and the feel of his muscular body were welcome after the long, terrible day that I’d had. “Well?” I asked, into Eric’s chest.

“What?” Eric replied, curiously.

“What happened? What happened when you found him?” I persisted. “What did you think of finding out that it was Victor? Were you surprised?” I backed away and stared up at him.

Eric moved away from me, so that he could tell me his story. “Of course, but not really. I kind of figured that it would be someone that we knew. I found Victor at Felipe’s. He told me that the reason why he was behind this was because he was jealous.”

“Jealous?” I echoed, surprised. “What would you have that he’d be jealous for?”

“My good looks of course,” he joked. He grew serious again, then continued. “My position and the fact that he’d had to fight for everything that he had now, while I moved my way up with ease. He envied the fact that the King held me in high regard. He found out about Agatha and figured that they’d work well as a team, since they were both after the same thing…my death. Agatha wanted to sell my blood, just like her niece and nephew; Victor wanted my death so that he could take control of Area Five. They knew that I cared for you, so they knew that you’d be the perfect way to get to me,” Eric explained.

“Agatha admitted as much to me too. She told me that since I helped the vampires and Weres in the Witch War, it would be like killing two birds with one stone,” I added what I knew. I sighed. “I guess we were right. They would use one of us to get to the other.” I grumbled, when I thought about it.

“Hey, not anymore. We beat them. We are both alive and they are both dead. They cannot hurt us anymore,” Eric tried to reassure me. His hand moved up to cradle my cheek. “I promise you, that no matter who comes after us, that I will always protect you. You are mine.”

While those sentiments did make me feel better, I was aggrieved to find out that he had killed him. Making new fears rise to the surface. “How big is the penalty that Felipe is going to make you pay?” I asked, scared of what the future might bring.

“Actually….nothing,” Eric grinned down at me. “Can you believe it? He was very sorry for not knowing or putting a stop to Victor’s and Agatha’s plans; that he wanted to make things up to me. We bargained and came to an agreement to start over and not have there be a penalty. He will keep things quiet from the other states and I will overlook his ignorance about Victor,” he explained, sounding sure of things.

I was stunned and gaped at him, with a look on my face that my Gran would’ve said that was like catching flies. “How can you be so sure that Felipe will keep his word?” I wondered.

“I just am. He was raised when a man’s word meant something. I was too,” he shrugged. “You’re shocked by that, aren’t you?” Eric could feel and guessed by my reaction.

I nodded my head. “Yeah, but now I’m too scared to ask…what else did you bargain for?” I closed my eyes and waited for the next bomb to drop.

Eric chuckled. “I also told him to drop his plans that concerned you too. He agreed.”

I blinked, surprised by that result. “He did?” I asked, puzzled and confused. “How did you manage that? I figured that there’d be no way that you would have that much influence over him,” I commented, almost to myself.

“I have my ways…” Eric grinned at me wolfishly and winked. “Would you like to know the details?” He teased, wickedly. The way it sounded, made me shiver. He did have his ways and he liked to pay attention to details.

Suddenly feeling naughty and not at all nice, I decided to let the matter drop for now. “Believe me…” I wound my arm around his neck, resting it on his nape. “I know that you have your ways but we have better things that we could do to pass the time until we leave to go back home.” I suggested, naughtily. I was almost shocked by the way that I was acting. It was almost wanton.

“Oh?” Eric grinned down at me, a mischievous smile on his face. “What do you suggest? Since we are in Vegas and I know that we haven’t had any time to gamble, would you like to play cards? We could play strip poker, if you want,” he winked at me, devilishly.

I laughed, nodded my head and agreed to his suggestion. I frowned as soon as I remembered that I’d never played before. “Sure, but I should warn you, I’ve never played before. Gran always told me that it wasn’t what young ladies would do,” I explained.

“Even better,” Eric replied back, grinning even wider at me. I could feel his excitement and enthusiasm grow. I rolled my eyes because I could read his mind and he was already judging me to be an easy conquest.

Eric called down to room service to have a gin and tonic and a bottle of Tru-Blood, along with a deck of cards; delivered up to our room. Once they arrived, we settled down on the bed to play the game. Eric explained all the rules, of which I could tell that some of them had been made up by him for our own purposes, but I didn’t mind.

Soon, he was laying down on the bed in only his red Jockey underwear and I was laying there in my bra and panties. The only thing making it look awkward was the cast on my arm. We gazed from our cards, at each other (making sure to take a good look at each other’s bodies) then back again. Finally, Eric grabbed the whole deck of cards away from me and gathered up the ones laying on the bed. He placed them on the nightstand beside the bed. I looked over at him, surprised.

“To hell with this,” he growled. His fangs elongated. “We don’t need this kind of thing. Come here, lover. We can play our own kinds of games,” he coaxed.

Who was I to complain? I hadn’t known what I was doing and hadn’t learned anything about playing poker at all. Eric had had to help me out with every single hand. I crawled across the bed towards him. He was now laying on his back. I straddled him. His hands grasped my hips, guiding me on top of him.

His mouth skimmed my throat, hovering over the rapidly beating pulse in my neck. His tongue flicked out. His fangs grazed, gently. His mouth moved up towards my ear. He repeated the same process, making me moan. I had a weakness for that. He nibbled on my earlobe.

I had been concentrating so hard on what his mouth was doing, that I’d forgotten about his hands. They had unhooked my bra, without me being aware of it. The only reason why I knew it now, was because he slipped my bra straps down my arms and the cool air in the room made my nipples pucker.

Eric switched his attention from my ear to my breasts. His hands cupped their softness. His thumb played with my nipple. His mouth moved down and took my nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes in rapture. Eric took his time. Taking great care in giving each breast equal attention.

I felt his erection through his Jockeys. I grinded my hips against him. “Sookie,” he moaned, from his position below me. “Your arm…I don’t want to hurt you,” he rasped.

“You won’t,” I replied, stubbornly. “Just do me,” I cried.

Instead of letting me ride him, he flipped me over. I gasped in the suddenness of it. He took my leg, his lips licked me from my foot all the way down to my thighs. He did the same with my other one too. My panties came off and I was laying there naked, gazing up at him. Eric gazed at me, taking me in fully, from head to foot.

“You’re perfect,” he rasped. “This is perfect.” His eyes glittered down at me.

“Nah…you’re only saying that so that I’ll feel better about myself,” I denied, shaking my head in denial.

“No, it’s true,” Eric looked at me, alarmed. “I’ve slept with a lot of women. None of them hold a candle to you,” he explained.

I blushed, feeling suddenly embarrassed. “Okay, whatever,” I waved it off. I didn’t want to talk about my insecurities at the moment. I just wanted him to pleasure me.

“No, trust me,” Eric insisted. “This is right. This will always be right. I’ve waited a long time…a very long time for someone like you. If anyone should know; it would be me.” Eric looked down at me, making sure that I understood what he was saying. “Let me prove it to you.”

He drove into me, taking my breath away, making me gasp. He never hurt me at all. I trusted him enough to know that he would always make sure that I wouldn’t be hurt. Soon, my thoughts were all befuddled, as I got too caught up in the passion between us. I let myself go, releasing my insecurities so that I could be free.

After it was over, we were both slow to return back to reality. I was laying on my back, since my cast made it harder for me to feel comfortable. The pain in my arm was returning. I knew that I would have to take another painkiller to take the pain away soon. Eric laid beside me, his hand on my stomach, stroking in a circular motion.

“Trust me, I will always protect you. This is right. You are mine. I always protect what is mine,” he continued on with our earlier conversation.

I smiled, when I heard that. It did help ease my fears because I had a thousand year old ex-Viking protecting me. I couldn’t think of anything better. “Aren’t you scared that we may have to do this often?” I teased.

“How many have you offended now, dearest Sookie?” Eric teased back.

I laughed. “No one…I was thinking that you’ve lived a long time. There’s no telling how many enemies that you have.”

It was Eric’s turn to laugh. “Well, needless to say who they’d be after; we’re a formidable team, I think,” he winked at me. “Come, let’s prove what a great team we are…” He pulled me towards him again.

I knew without reading his mind or his feelings, what was on his mind. It didn’t take a telepath to figure that one out. I giggled and laughed.

His lips kissed mine, over and over again. Taking my breath away. He really was a great kisser, I thought to myself. I could kiss him all day and night, if I could. His tongue swept in and any coherent thoughts were wiped away.

His lips trailed down my throat. I felt his mouth at my earlobe. His mouth moved to my breast. He moaned, low in his throat, as his hands cupped and played with my breasts.

Lower and lower he went, kissing his way down my naked body. His mouth finally reached my swollen center, my hips raised up, instinctively. Aching in need for some attention. His mouth and tongue swirled and licked. His fingers played with my clit. I couldn’t hold on any longer. I quickly came, while his tongue was buried deep inside me.

I lay there spent, panting with a thin film of sweat on my skin. Eric, being a fan of human bodily fluids, thoroughly enjoyed licking the perspiration off of me. I giggled, because it tickled. “Don’t,” I pleaded, the closer he got to my sensitive spots.

“What?” Eric stopped what he was doing long enough to look down at me. “You don’t like?” He asked, knowing that it was far from the truth. He grinned, mischievously.

“Well…it tickles,” I admitted, burying my head in his pillow.

Eric laughed, but his grin quickly left his face. “We have company.” He frowned.

His vampire hearing must’ve heard someone coming. He tossed me my clothes and helped me get dressed, quickly. It was soon after, that there was a knock on the door.

I tried to detect if there were any brainwaves or not. There were, but they were fuzzy. I figured that Sam must’ve forgot something.

Eric got up and answered the door. I was surprised to see Quinn standing there.

“May I enter?” he asked, looking past Eric. He looked at me.

“No,” Eric answered. “We’re busy,” he replied.

“Eric!” I exclaimed. “Quinn helped us out tonight. The least you can do is let him in,” I softly scolded. I looked at Quinn. “Come in.”

Quinn entered, but there was a moment of male rivalry going on. Where the male would eye the one who they viewed as their competitor and so on. I rolled my eyes. Typical.

Moving past Eric and entering the room, Quinn turned towards me. “I’m sorry, if I’m interrupting, but you’re probably wondering why I’m here,” Quinn explained, apologetically.

Eric let him pass and watched Quinn as he came towards me. I could feel that he was being very protective and watchful.

Quinn stopped just a few feet away from me. I nodded my head in response. “I see that the vamp didn’t need me at all. Victor is dead and Eric had left before I got to Felipe’s…stupid traffic,” he grumbled and complained. “Anyways, I wanted to see for myself if you were alright or not. The last time that I had seen you; you were in the back of Agatha’s van. Are you okay?” He asked with concern.

“Yes, I’m fine. I broke my arm when I jumped out of Agatha’s moving van, but other than that…just minor bumps and bruises,” I replied.

“If I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it,” Eric interrupted, trying to keep a smile off of his face. I knew that some of the circumstances that I’d had in the past amused him, but I could also feel his sense of pride. He was proud of me. He appreciated it that I was a fighter, just like him. “It would’ve been a lot worse, if I hadn’t shown up when I did.”

“Oh,” Quinn didn’t know quite what to say I could tell. “I guess things are back to normal now and I’ll leave,” he suggested.

“You do that,” Eric spoke up. I gave him a stern look.

“Thanks for helping and stopping by, Quinn,” I told him, appreciatively. “I hope that Victor didn’t hurt you at all.”

“No, I’m fine,” he replied back. He looked from me to Eric, then back again. “Well, I’ll leave you now and take care. Have a nice life.”

“You too,” I replied back. I knew that while the feelings were still too real and fresh for him; one day he would forgive me. I wished him nothing but happiness, but it wouldn’t include me.

Quinn let himself out, closing the door quietly behind him.

That was like having a douse of cold water thrown at you,” Eric commented, disappointedly. “Unless..?” He looked over at me, hopefully.

I laughed. “Come here, vampire,” I growled at him, motioning with my finger to come closer.

“What about your arm?” He asked, full of concern. “Are you ready for another dose of painkillers?”

“What I’m ready for…is what only you can give me,” I told him, teasingly.

Eric came and laid down next to me on the bed. He looked at my cast, curiously. “We never had anything like this when I was alive,” he commented, almost to himself. “What is it made of?”

I looked at the cast on my arm, then back at him. “I think they make it from plaster. They coat the gauze in plaster and wrap it around your arm or wherever your bone is broken. When it dries, it feels as hard as a rock,” I explained to him.

“You know what else feels as hard as a rock?” He asked, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Um…” I pretended to guess. “Your gracious plenty?” I answered, in a guessing tone, but knowing that I was right.

Eric laughed. “That is one of the many things I love about you. You’re smart,” he winked at me. He paused. “Would you like to make it soft as a pillow?” he suggested, naughtily.

I laughed. That was one thing I loved about him too. He could always make me laugh, even when times were hard.

This time, he took his time. He kissed me, leisurely. He treated me as if I was the thing he valued most in this world. He was careful of my broken arm and even kissed my cast. When he slid into me, it was slow and sweet. It still took my breath away though. Time seemed to stand still. We were both caught up in a sensuous game of finding each other’s sensitive areas and seeing what kind of reaction we had. Before too long, we both came, our world spun out of control. It took awhile for my body to recover, that was how spent I was.

It was a little while later. I was curled up alongside him in bed, under the covers. My broken arm rested against my side. Eric looked down at it, took my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“If anything would’ve happened to you, I’d-” he suddenly cut himself off. I knew what he was trying to tell me. I could read it in his mind.

“Yeah, me too.” I snuggled closer up against him. “You have no idea how scared I was. I thought that I was road kill.”

“Road kill?” Eric repeated. “I don’t know that term. What does it mean?”

“Oh, animals that have been run over by a moving vehicle and left for dead,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

“Oh,” Eric replied, in response. I could feel his confusion about why we would come up with a name for something like that, but he remained silent.

Eric and I were silent for a few moments. We were enjoying the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in the room. The utter feeling of contentment. The feeling of love and happiness.

I realized that we did have some major issues between us. Ones that we’d have to deal with eventually. But not tonight. I didn’t want to talk and I could tell that Eric didn’t either. All I knew, was that Eric was meant for me and I was meant to be with him.

I looked forward to creating some more deadly memories…together.



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