Deadly Memories: Chapter 10

I woke up, stiff and sore, from my many rounds of making love with Eric. I had lost count, there’d been so many. I rolled over to watch him in his deep sleep. I didn’t want to wake him, because I knew what that would mean…more sex. Not, that I minded, mind you, but my body was beginning to tell me to take it easy. Try telling that to Eric though. I thought he had a one-track mind before but never had I expected that it would be anything like this. He must’ve forgotten that I was only a human and not physically able to keep up to his demands. The guy didn’t know when to say, when.

Every time I moved, his hand would move to one of my privates. And that wasn’t all…he also liked to drape his leg across mine, so that if I tried to move; he would know it. It was scary, but yet, thrilling too. I don’t recall Bill or Quinn wanting to cuddle for long periods of time after the deed was done. Or, maybe if they had, I was just choosing to block it out. I’m funny that way, I could forget things easily if I pushed it from my mind.

I couldn’t help but feel like comparing all of them. If you had asked me, who was the best at romance? That would be Bill. Who listened the most? That would be Quinn. But if you asked me, who was the best in bed? Oh, yeah, most definitely Eric. Bill had warned me; when I had first met Eric that he’d heard that Eric was unforgettable in bed. Well yeah, those rumors were most definitely true and well-founded. I briefly, wondered, who had started them? I pushed the thought from my mind because if I were to keep track of how many women Eric had slept with in the past and not get jealous…I’d lose my mind. But if you asked me, I think Bill had been a little bit jealous of Eric. But that’s JMHO.

It kind of scared me. I could already tell that I was falling for Eric once again. But this time, it was the real Eric, not the fake one who had seduced me when he’d been cursed. Oh God, no. This was on a whole new level.

He was relentless when he went after something. He was conniving and manipulative. How do I defend myself from someone like that? Did I mention that we shared a blood-bond too? That was even scarier.

How in the hell did I find myself in this kind of situation? Then I suddenly realized that I had given in to Eric, without a fight. Holy shit! I shouldn’t have been so easy. I buried my face in my pillow, calling myself, stupid, stupid, stupid. I punched my fist into the mattress, imagining that it was Eric. Had he manipulated things so that I wouldn’t realize what he was doing?

I studied him, wondering if he had played me. I tried to figure out where all of my self-respect and willpower had gone. I glared, angrily at him, blaming him for putting me in this kind of situation. First, getting kidnapped by Dimitri in the first place, because Dimitri wanted something from him. Next, I blamed Eric for seducing me when my wits and defenses were down. He had to have known because of our bond, how happy and relieved I’d been to see him. He would use it to his own advantage.

“Eric,” I shouted in his ear. “Wake up.” I hit him as hard as I could. He rolled over and swung his leg across mine. You see? What did I tell you? “Eric,” I yelled, once again. I hit him and shook him, trying to wake him up, so that I could confront him on his manipulations.

Eric rolled onto his back, exposing his gracious plenty because the sheets on the bed had rode down to below his hips. Fuck, me… I thought to myself. I was itching to touch him, just to explore some more. I realized that I hadn’t had very much time to do any exploring with Eric, even when his memory had been erased. But I shook those thoughts from my mind because I was so angry at him. He needed to know that what he had done was bad. Good in a way too; but very, very bad and naughty. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of pleasure at the thought of it too. I wondered, what else he had planned?

I hit him again, hoping that it would jar him awake. This time it did.

“Wha-?” He asked, in his puzzled and tired state of mind. “Sookie? What’s wrong?” He asked, looking up at me curiously.

“What’s wrong?” I yelled at him, outraged. “What’s wrong?” I repeated, because I was so distraught by what he had done to me. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong.” I paused, making sure that I had his undivided attention. “You seduced me!” I accused, glaring at him.

Eric confused expression slowly turned into a grin. He was smiling at me, wickedly. “Yeah, so?” He replied, shrugging his shoulders, as if it wasn’t that big a deal.

It only made me angrier. “You seduced me.” I repeated, making it sound like a bad word. “How could you? How could you do that when we’re in this terrible situation?”

Eric sighed. I could tell that he was mighty pleased with himself, even if we didn’t have a blood-bond already; I would be able to tell. His pleased expression was evident on his face. Whereas, I wasn’t pleased in the least.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t plan it?” He asked, hoping to take the blame off of himself. “It just happened because we both wanted it to happen.”

It was too bad that I could tell what he was trying to do. “No, I don’t believe you and speak for yourself,” I replied. I turned away from him and sat up. I reached down to see if I could find some clothes to put on. There was nothing within reach, which meant that I would have to get my naked body out of bed. I knew Eric would enjoy the peep show, so I hesitated.

“Sookie…” Eric sat up in bed, trying to get me to stay.

I tried not to notice that the sheets had now slid off his muscular body, so now all I could see was his gracious plenty and the rest of his package. Yum.

“Honestly Sookie, I didn’t plan this,” he tried to explain, shrugging his shoulders. “Did I hope that you would sleep with me? Yes,” he nodded his head. “Did I enjoy it? Yes, but you enjoyed it too,” he pointed out. “Do you really think that I’d have Dimitri kidnap you, then hire two goons to attack me with silver netting, just to get in bed with you?” He studied me, watching to see what I would say or do.

I thought about what he had said. “I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that you did, if it meant that you’d get me in the sack,” I stated, sarcastically. Eric laughed. “Believe me, Sookie. I would love to have come up with an idea like that because it worked out so well…” he noticed that I was going to interrupt him. “But…” he let the word hang in mid air. “I’m not that creative or original; I wish it were true,” Eric looked at me, apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

I knew that my accusations and predicament were doing nothing more than stroking his big ego, as if it needed to be stroked any more than it has been already. “Just when I think that you couldn’t stoop any lower…you go and say something that disarms me,” I complained.

“What disarms you?” he asked, curiously. He was frowning.

“Your apology…even if you don’t really mean it,” I answered. But then, I remembered that I was trying to explain something to him. I glared at him. “There’s no more nookie with Sookie for you,” I emphasized. I climbed out of bed, noticed Eric’s shirt laying on the floor. I picked it up and put it on. I felt somewhat better, now that Eric wasn’t leering at my naked body.

Eric laughed at me. “I like that…nookie with Sookie,” he laughed some more. “But you know that you won’t be able to resist me now. You know it and I know it,” he explained. “Besides? What’s the big deal? We both got what we wanted out of it.”

I glared at him. “You’re missing the point,” I replied. “You’re supposed to be romantic. You know, with flowers and things like that. You’re not supposed to arrange ways to have me either drink your blood or give you blood or show up when I desperately need you.” I countered.

Eric rolled his eyes. “You desperately needed me to begin with,” he replied. I wanted to slap him for saying that one. “You know that I didn’t plan on Dimitri taking you. I’m supposed to protect you.” He countered. “Orders, remember?”

“Yeah, and why is that Eric?” I replied, partly out of curiosity. “Why does the King of Nevada think that you’re the best protector? And why do all of you vamps think that I can’t defend myself?”

Eric frowned and looked away. “Those are good questions, Sookie. As for defending yourself…” he scoffed. “You do have a way of attracting trouble that tends to follow you wherever you go,” he pointed out.

“I didn’t ask for some of those things to happen to me!” I shouted at him. “Argh!” I screamed in frustration, then walked towards the stairs leading out of the basement.

“The doors’ locked,” Eric commented from his position on the bed. “Remember?” He had the nerve to grin at me from across the room.

“I know!” I replied back, now really frustrated because I was trapped down here with him. I started to pace back and forth, in a way to relieve my temper. “Of all the people I could get trapped down here with…it had to be you,” I complained. I couldn’t help it…I burst into tears.

Eric climbed off of the bed and walked towards me. I tried not to notice that Eric was completely naked and looked hotter than I’d ever seen him. “Hey, don’t do that Sookie, you know how I hate to see you cry,” he tried comforting me. He reached for my cheeks with both of his hands, lifted my face up, so that I would be looking up at him.

But instead of saying more words of comfort, he leaned forward and started to lick my spilled tears from my cheeks. Vamps had this thing about human bodily fluids.

I started to pull away, but he refused to let me go. “Eric,” I moaned, “please don’t.” I pleaded. I could feel what little I had of my fragile self-control begin to unravel.

“Sookie…I lo-” Eric began to say, but then thought better of it. “Please stop crying. I hate seeing you this way,” it was his turn to plead.

I remembered that for almost as long as I had known him, he’d hated to see my tears. I wasn’t sure if it was because he hated to see females cry in general or if it was just me.

My heart began to race from the feel of his tongue on me, as well as his nearness. My body was wanting him once again but I wanted to fight it. No, we had to work a few things out. I was still angry at him for taking advantage of me in this situation.

“Eric!” I cried out. He stopped licking my tears away. Now, he was nuzzling my hair, sniffing the fragrance. I wanted him to stop that too, but figured that I could at least talk better this way. “I need to ask you something,” I replied.

He leaned back, gazing down at me. “What?” He asked, then waited for me to ask him.

“What does Dimitri want with you? With us?” I asked him the loaded question. “Can’t you just break us out of here?” I wailed, trying hard to fight my fears. I was scared of what Dimitri had planned for us.

Eric shook his head. “Yes, but I want to get to the bottom of this,” he explained, then shrugged. “I’m not sure what he wants, but I’ll promise you this…I’m going to find out,” he tried to reassure me. “That is…if he ever decides to come back down here to talk to us,” he growled.

“So, you don’t know?” I asked, puzzled and confused. Usually, Eric had a way of finding out all kinds of things. It left me feeling like someone was definitely targeting us for some reason.

“Sookie, did you notice that you couldn’t feel what I was feeling when we were apart?” Eric wondered, curiously.

I could tell that he was troubled about asking me the question to begin with. “You mean our bond?” I asked, just to be sure.

Eric nodded his head.

“Um….” I thought about it for a few minutes. “Um…yeah…maybe,” I replied, curiously. “Why?” I wondered.

“Because I should’ve been able to track you. Quite easily too. I should’ve been able to find you a lot sooner than I did. I shouldn’t have needed your great-grandpa’s help,” he replied, regretfully. “Most of all…I should’ve been with you that night that Dimitri took you. I failed you.” Suddenly, I could feel Eric’s guilt eating away at him.

Ah, so that was what this was, I thought to myself. Eric was feeling guilty about being responsible for me and not being able to protect me. Hee, hee, hee. I could milk this one, if I was a real bitch, but I wasn’t. If I had been in his shoes, I’d probably be feeling the same way.

“Eric, what did I tell you earlier? It’s all water under the bridge. All we can do is figure out how to get out of here so that we can return to our normal lives,” I softly, explained.

“Will those plans also include me in any way?” Eric had the nerve to ask that loaded question.

It was a good question, but I didn’t have any answers, as yet. I stared at him, blankly. “Um, maybe…if I run into troubles,” I hesitantly answered. I had no clue what he was trying to get at, but I didn’t want to push it. We had enough troubles to worry about without wondering what our relationship will be like once we returned home.

Eric seemed fine with my answer…for now. I know that there were a few things that we had to talk about. One of them being…are we or are we not in a real relationship? And if so, how will that change our lives? I hoped and prayed that Eric would figure out what was going on, so that we could get out of there. I was missing my friends and coworkers. I was even missing my annoying brother Jason, the bastard.

“Sookie? Would you like to come back to bed? You’re shivering and I can feel goosebumps on your arms,” Eric suggested. He had dropped his hands and they were now stroking my arms, shoulders to elbows. His voice flowed over me like smooth silk. I appreciated his gentleness, which took me by surprise.

Eric always seemed like the, wham, bam, thank you ma’am, kind of guy. That’s partly why I had always objected to his flirting with me. I wasn’t one of those kinds of girls who was willing to have one night stands. And with my special “talent”, it wasn’t possible. I knew that Eric had enough power over me already, that he would be able to break my heart instantly, shattering it into a million pieces.

I nodded my head and Eric led me back to crawl underneath the covers. He laid down beside me. Yep, you guessed it, his leg draped over mine, ensuring that I wouldn’t move away from him.

I was laying on my side, facing away from him. Eric was spooning me. I felt very comfortable, safe and warm, believe it or not, since his body was so cool. He nuzzled my hair. I could feel his tongue flick my earlobe. That really turned me on, I could certainly say. His mouth moved lower, his lips grazed my neck, going lower and lower.

“I’m still mad at you,” I told him, hoping that would stop this sweet torture. I was barely moments away from caving in. I didn’t need this, especially when we had so many other things to worry about.

Eric lifted his head, to look down at me. “Really? I bet I could change your mind,” he told me, softly taunting me.

“Really? What would you bet?” I wondered, curiously. Suddenly, my mind and body wanted the same things.

I could tell that Eric was thinking of a good bet to make. I didn’t know why my heartbeat sped up at the thought of what he would pick.

“Hmmm…let me see…” Eric thought about it some more. “I bet…that you would have to go down on me.” He replied.

I could tell that he must’ve been remembering when I’d gone down on him when he’d lost his memory. I wasn’t too happy about that. “Oh, really? You remember that?” I asked, curiously.

“Sookie, when I told you that I remembered everything, I meant everything,” he replied back, grinning wickedly.

“What would I get if I win?” I asked, puzzled. I was drawing a blank because the thought of what he had planned with me, was turning me on.

“Well, I could go down on you too,” Eric replied back, shrugging his shoulders as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. “At the same time, if you want. Kind of like how we did it before, but this time, I want to do it the way that I want,” he explained.

I almost moaned right then and there. He was already winning, I thought to myself. I could feel my anger and resentment beginning to fade away. “Fine,” I agreed, giving up. There was no way that I would be able to win this bet, I somehow knew it. In a way, it was alright because I wasn’t getting too bad of a deal in the process either. I knew that Eric would make sure that I enjoyed it too.

Yep, Eric was one very devious and manipulative vampire, I thought to myself. My heart raced in anticipation.

Eric began licking and kissing my neck again. This time, his fangs had run out. I could feel them along my neck. I wanted him to do what Bill used to do…bite me. His hand slid around to my moist center, playing with my clit. He slid one long finger inside me, my hips undulated back and forth, my back pressing up against his gracious plenty.

The feel of him against me, lit me on fire. I raised my leg up in the air, like I was kicking upwards. Eric slid his member inside me, my leg looped over him. He took me from behind, while laying on our sides, all the while I could feel his lips against my neck.

Suddenly, I could feel him bite in. The pain of his bite was lost in our passion. I could feel the trickles of blood rolling down my neck onto the sheets, but I didn’t care. Eric drove inside me, playing with my clit in circular motion, repeatedly over and over again, until I found myself climaxing under his knowledgeable care. I could feel him, big and heavy, still moving inside me until he too found his release.

I don’t remember much after that, I fell asleep pretty much right away. But I somehow was looking forward to when we would both cash in on our bet. I had a funny feeling that we both lost. Oh well…it definitely sucks to be me. It was a bet that I pretty much knew that I would never win, but as long as Eric returned the favor, I didn’t really mind.

Off to dreamland…


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