Sneaks In ~ Sneaks Out

Hi everyone!

I’m truly sorry for not updating my fics lately! 😦  My life has been busy and well…interesting to say the least!

My grandma died…I had to put one of my cats to sleep…let’s just say, those things don’t really put a person in the mood to write anything, except for sad songs. I’m working on my next chapters in both Deadly Intentions and Dirty Little Secret and hopefully, I’ll be able to send them in to my Betas soon! πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I figured I’d better tell you I haven’t disappeared and I’m still going to continue writing!Β  I just need to quit my job so I can devote my time to write! LOL Yeah…right! :rolls: I’m sure most of us would love to be able to do that! πŸ˜‰

In other unrelated news – I found this video of Steel Panther! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this band, but they are a parody band of all the hairbands from the ’80’s. Their songs are H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!Β  πŸ˜†Β  I have this video as a “favorite” of mine on my YouTube! Mostly because the guy who sings with them from the Sin City Sinners, plays base guitar for Slash (from Guns ‘n Roses). His name is Todd Kerns and is from my husband’s hometown! πŸ˜€ (I’m a HUGE fan of him!) He’s very talented and long story short…I think he should sing all of Slash’s songs, but that’s IMO. He looks like Howard Stern and is a very funny person!

Here’s the video of Todd touring with Slash!

Here’s the video of Todd singing with Steel Panther!

What do you think?


Check Out My New Look!

Hey everyone! πŸ˜€

I have a brand-new look to share with you! πŸ™‚ How do you like this new look? Spiffy, eh?

What’s new with me?

I have a few things to tell you, but nothing fanfic writing related. 😦 I’m still working on my next chapter in my SVM fanfic, Deadly Intentions. There just never seems to be enough time…especially when you find interesting and amusing things on the internet!

Have you heard about Rebecca Black? Well, check out this video! She’s had more hits on her song, “Friday”, then Lady Gaga has had on “Born This Way”! 😯

Of course, this had created many more videos making fun of her and this song! You should really check out the comments!Β  πŸ˜‰Β  πŸ˜†

Probably the most interesting thing about this is the fact she will make a lot of $$$ for this! 😯

Here’s what E! Online had to say about it:

Now, we hope you don’t think we’re sucking up because we read in Forbes that you and Ark Music Factory stand to make more than $1 million from the iTunes downloads of “Friday,” and another $20,000 or so from its YouTube version.

Read more at:


So, for a song that basically reminds you of the days of the week…someone gets paid millions of dollars! Now, I know she’s only 13 years old and it must be hard on her to see so many people making fun of her, but this is ridiculous!Β  Why I can’t I find a gig like that?

Anyways, that’s one of the many things I came across lately!

Oh wait! There’s also an excerpt for Dead Reckoning (the 11th book in the SVM series) which was just posted today! You can check it out here!

Until the next time…