Deadly Intentions: Chapter 11

Eric’s lips crushed down on mine and I was instantly consumed by his kiss. I felt his fangs elongate as they bit into my bottom lip. Eric moaned, while he tasted my blood. I moaned too, because I was so caught up in the kiss that I didn’t feel any pain…only pleasure.

I felt the wall against my back. Eric must have pressed me up against it. I felt his erection through his jeans as he supported me by his hips. He grasped me by the thighs and lifted me up off of my feet. My legs instinctively wrapped around his hips.

His hands threaded up underneath my Merlotte’s work shirt and cupped my breasts. He whipped it up and over my head, taking it off in one smooth motion, but I heard a ripping sound. I was now dressed only in my beige lacy bra. His hands moved down and raised the skirt of my short black skirt up over my hips.

His face buried into my cleavage. He took turns taking each nipple into his mouth through the lacy fabric. I leaned my head back, in throes of passion, which allowed him even more access. I clung to his shoulders, barely able to hold on. My hands slid underneath the Fangtasia t-shirt and touched his cool, bare skin.

I heard the zip of his zipper, as he undid his fly. I felt his fingers slip underneath my panties and moved them aside. His gracious plenty touch my swollen folds. I was more than ready for him. He entered me, moaned and grasped my hips. He drove me back against the wall as he took me. His lips moved back up to my neck. I felt his fangs bite in.

Passion spiralled out of control. No matter how much I wanted to hang on, I couldn’t. As I came, my world spun out of orbit. I cried out Eric’s name as my world shattered and crashed down all around me.

I felt his seed spill deep inside of me. He yelled out something in a language that I couldn’t understand. After a couple of moments, while he recovered, he lifted his head and grinned down at me.

“Bite me,” he said.

“What?” I asked, a little bit bewildered.

“I said, bite me.” He repeated.

“Why?” I frowned. I was puzzled by what he had said.

“Because I love it when you do,” he shrugged.

I studied his body. (What I could see of it, anyways.) I continued to frown, as I debated where I should bite him.

“My neck,” he said, reading my mind. He turned his head away, so that I had more access to his neck.

I leaned forward and bit in. He was still buried deep inside me. I could feel him get aroused once more. He moaned. I bit and sucked. My teeth weren’t sharp enough to draw very much blood, but I managed a drop or two.

He returned the favor once more. He bit into my neck. Together, we created a new meaning to the word-necking. We both bit and sucked on each others’ necks, while he drove himself hard and deep inside of me. His fingers stroked me. He touched my nub right where we were joined.

Simultaneously, our world combusted and exploded. The earth seemed to move and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

I had never experienced anything like it before. This was a first for me. Not only had I never had sex pressed up against a wall…but to be bitten like that and biting him as well.

Eric leaned his forehead against mine. He gazed into my eyes. “In all these years…some things still haven’t changed.” He commented, almost to himself.

“What?” I asked, puzzled and confused. As much as I could read his mind…some of the things that he said from time to time, confused me. I had no clue as to what he meant by them. “You mean that you’ve done this before?” I wasn’t too happy at the thought.

“Yes,” he nodded his head. “You see, it was a long time ago…in a dark alley way…”

I held up my hand because I didn’t want to hear any more about his past experiences with members of the opposite sex. “Please don’t,” I pleaded. “It’s too much information.”

Eric laughed and lowered me to the floor. “If you say so.” He shrugged his shoulders. He looked down at my nipples that protruded from my bra, that he’d moved aside so that he could taste them fully. “Sorry about your shirt. I’ll tell Sam to give you another one.”

“You don’t have to,” I replied back, shaking my head.

“No, I lost control…” he shook his head. “You make me do things that I do not normally do,” he explained. “It is my fault that you are now without a work shirt.” I could sense his guilt and confusion about why he’d lost control. I could tell that he really didn’t like knowing how little he could control himself around me.

Suddenly, he grinned down at me, with intense satisfaction. He moved away from me. I almost stumbled and fell, collapsing on to the floor. It was a good thing that he had quick reflexes. He caught me and swept me up into his arms.

He carried me into my bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

“If I knew when Amelia was coming home, I wouldn’t mind refreshing our memory of using the kitchen table,” I sighed.

Eric grinned. “Was there anything inside that we didn’t use?” He joked, as we both remembered that time together when he had lost his memory. “It’s too bad…if my memory hadn’t been erased…I would’ve been able to come up with even more creative places.” He winked. He felt almost conceitedly confident of the fact.

Yes, I was sure that he could, I thought to myself, then snorted aloud. My imagination suddenly ran amok from picturing the wildest, craziest ideas in my head. I had thought that what we had done back then was adventurous enough. “True, but if your memory hadn’t been erased…none of that would’ve ever happened.”

“It would have eventually,” Eric replied back, full of confidence and convinced that he was right. “It was only a matter of time.” He grinned, wickedly down at me, all knowing.

“Okay, I admit it, you came close a couple of times…but we stopped every time,” I admitted, ruefully. “I probably could have evaded you for a lot longer…if you would’ve been the real you and not some stranger who seemed perfect for me.”

“Maybe,” he agreed. “But I guess we will never know for sure one way or another now.” He sighed. “Are you tired, lover?” he asked, full of concern, as his eyes twinkled. “I find myself wanting to do it with you once again. It seems like you are an addiction that I just can’t break.”

“You mean something like V?” I asked, curiously.

Eric grew silent. He stiffened in bed next to me. I could tell that his amorous mood was now gone. I wished that I hadn’t asked that question.

“What?” I wondered, aloud. Judging by the look on his face and what he was feeling, I knew that something was troubling him. “Are you worried that someone you know is involved with V?”

V was vampire blood, which was sold on the black market for top dollar. The effects were powerful and made things seem better for some people. When Eric had been under the curse, we’d speculated at how much Eric’s blood would bring in. His blood would be worth a lot of money, since he was so old and powerful.

Eric sat up in my bed, his naked body glowed in the darkened room. I couldn’t make out his facial features at all, but I could tell that he was deeply troubled.

“Eric? What’s wrong?” I asked, now genuinely concerned. “Has something happened? Has someone you know been involved with drainers or something?”

Eric shook his head.

This wasn’t like him at all. I could feel his rage. Something was angering him pretty badly.

“Eric?” I repeated, hoping that he would answer me.

As if he had suddenly shaken himself out of his own reverie, he turned his head towards me. “It’s nothing,” he replied, shaking his head. “I have everything under control.”

I could feel that he was trying to convince himself that he did. I wasn’t sure what scared me the most… Eric, not having control… Or, Eric acting strangely secretive. Take your pick, because both managed to frighten me pretty badly. They were definitely not typical traits of his. He was usually more forthcoming and carefree.

“You could tell me if you wanted to,” I offered. I sat up in bed and touched him on his bare shoulder. “I promise, I won’t say a word to anyone. I want to be here for you, just like you’re always there for me.”

After speaking the words, I realized that they were even truer than I had thought. I did want to support him. I wanted a give and take relationship, where one of us wasn’t always taking and the other, always giving. To me, it seemed like I was always taking…without giving Eric very much in return. He had always been there for me, even when I didn’t need or want it.

“No, lover,” he shook his head. “It is my problem. I am Sheriff. It is a part of my responsibility. I have to deal with this myself. There is no one else that has the power that I do,” he sighed. “Rested assured, my lover. I have it all under control…” He was trying to comfort me now because he could feel my distress and worry.

I leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. “Just know that this relationship goes two ways…I’m here for you, just like you’re here for me. You got that?” I pointed my index finger at him.

That got a slight smile to appear on his face. “Yes lover, but…God, you are bossy,” he agreed and nodded his head. He turned his head and took my finger into his mouth. He held my hand there, while he sucked on my fingertip.

I felt tremors race down my arm and straight to my hootchie. I wanted him again. I gazed at him, curiously and speculatively as he continued to suck on my finger. He gazed at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I could tell that his hormones had been aroused once again as well.

He reached over and cupped my cheek. “You have a good heart. You are always giving. That’s one of the things I love most about you.”

“Good,” I replied back, grinning. “Now, could you give me something back in return?” I asked.

“What’s that, lover?”

“Take me,” I pleaded.

Eric grinned, knowingly. “Do you have to ask?” Eric shook his head as if it were a silly question. “You already know what I think and feel. You’re…crazy, Sookie.”

“I must be,” I replied, shaking my head. “I’m with you, aren’t I?” I grinned, wolfishly at him.

Eric laughed aloud. It was a full-bellied laugh. “Just for that, I think you need to be spanked.”

I suddenly realized that he was serious about spanking me. I shrieked and climbed off of the bed. I ran, just out of his reach, so that he couldn’t catch me. I was giddy with laughter. I giggled, as I raced out of my bedroom and out into the living room. Eric followed closely behind on my heels.

I stopped suddenly, embarrassed beyond belief, because Amelia stood in the now open doorway of my house, looking straight at me. I was as naked as the day that I was born. I quickly tried to cover up myself with my hands, though that was easier said than done. Eric came up behind me and practically ran me over. He bumped into me and I wasn’t sure if he had done it on purpose or by accident.

Realizing the situation, Eric quickly went back into my bedroom and came back with my robe. He wrapped it around me. He must’ve sensed my discomfort.

Of course, he was still naked. He was proud of his naked body and had no shame. I wanted to roll my eyes. Instead, I focused my attention on Amelia.

“Hey,” I greeted her, hesitantly. I could feel that my cheeks were red. I was blushing tremendously. “I…um, we…” I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? Our nakedness spoke for itself. We were a couple. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what we’d just been doing in my bedroom.

Amelia looked from me, up to Eric, then back again. It was her turn to blush.

Eric (of course), stood there proudly. His gracious plenty, while not fully aroused…still was impressive. I wanted to smack him. “Couldn’t you go put something on?” I demanded in my mind. Eric was having a great time. I knew that he was purposely ignoring me because he knew how embarrassed I was, and he liked to do that.

Eric remained standing behind me, as we stood there, staring back at Amelia. Eric had a smirk on his face.

“Um…I,” Amelia didn’t know what to say either. “Sookie, I’m…sorry. I’m going to head up to my room and leave you two alone.” I heard in her mind. I nodded my head in agreement. It would be the best thing.

She hastily moved past us, but I could see her glance down at Eric’s gracious plenty, then tried to look away quickly before I realized it. I frowned. I didn’t like knowing another woman had seen it. Which was crazy, because Lord knows how many women had seen it in the thousand years that Eric had been alive.

After Amelia had disappeared up the stairs to the attic, I spun around and faced Eric.

“How could you?” I yelled at him. I quickly remembered that Amelia was now home, so I lowered my voice. “You’re…naked! Have you no shame?” I cried.

Eric grinned wickedly down at me. He glanced down at his own body, then back up at me again. “What do I have to be ashamed about?” He asked, curiously. He shrugged his broad shoulders. “I thought that you liked my body.”

“Argh!” I growled. I raised my hands up in the air, in frustration. I stomped back into my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. I flung myself on to my bed. I buried my head in my pillow and screamed into it. Why didn’t Eric understand what I was trying to say? Shouldn’t he know?

I felt his presence enter the room and walked slowly towards me on the bed. Damn him and this stupid bond that we had! Couldn’t he understand that I wanted to be alone?

“Why?” Eric asked me, softly, as he sat down on the bed next to me. “I thought that you were beginning to like this bond? I do not understand. I do not understand why you are so angry with me.” He reached over and tried to touch my shoulder.

I moved away from him, so that he couldn’t touch me. I knew that there was no way that I could refuse his touch otherwise. I rolled over and sat up in bed. I glared at him in the darkness. “Because I’m embarrassed. Amelia is my friend and I…” I paused, because I suddenly realized that I was going to tell him that I was jealous.

Yeah…little ole me was jealous. I knew what had gone through her mind when she had seen his gracious plenty and I didn’t like it. Eric was mine…nobody else should be able to see him the same way that I did. I almost had to laugh at myself, because that sounded an awful lot like something that he’d say. But I was too mad.

“It’s not just that…it’s also because it was very awkward for me. If she didn’t know before…she knows now…that we’re sleeping together.” I sighed.

“Who doesn’t know?” Eric asked, surprised that I would think that way. “I know that I have told everyone that I know, that we are.” He had the audacity to smile down at me proudly.

His comment made me lay back down on the bed and bury my face into my pillow again. I groaned. Now, I was utterly embarrassed. Everyone knew? Not that I’d really cared in the past about what other people thought of me, but this was too much. I must look like some sort of wanton woman, who’s a glutton for punishment, I thought to myself.

“No, you are not,” Eric tried to comfort me once again. He had read my mind. “It just means that you have great taste in men and that you enjoy life.” He smiled tenderly down at me.

I groaned once again. I raised my head and looked up at him. “Would you please leave me alone? I want to suffer my embarrassment in peace,” I told him, angrily. “You got what you wanted. You’re free to leave.” I said, quickly dismissing him.

“Lover,” he hesitated, before answering. “You are what I want. Not just your body…but your heart and soul as well. When are you going to realize that what we have is really special and rare?”

“I have…I do,” I spoke up, as I realized that Eric still didn’t understand. “I just think that this situation would blow over quicker, if you were to leave, that’s all. I don’t want Amelia woken up in the middle of the night because you and I are doing the hanky-panky,” I explained.

“My bonded is shy,” Eric replied, softly. He smiled down at me tenderly. “Fine, if you really want me to leave, I will. But I don’t think that you do. Am I right?”

Damn our bond! He knew too much about me to give me even an inch. “Fine, whatever,” I replied back, refusing to admit to it. “But it doesn’t make any difference. I still think that it’s for the best right now. I definitely don’t want Amelia to wake up and realize that you’re still here. It will be bad enough as it is without you being here too.” I tried to explain.

Eric wasn’t happy, I could feel. He was still really confused and wanted to stay with me. “Are you sure?” he asked, curiously.

No, I wasn’t sure, I thought to myself.

“Then, why do you want me to leave when it’s obvious that you don’t?” he asked, curiously, having read my mind again.

Stupid bond. I cried out in frustration once again. “Quit doing that!” I yelled at him. “Grrr… I can’t think when you… I can’t see straight when you… Do things like that.” I finished, lamely. “Sometimes, I wouldn’t mind it if you would pretend that you can’t read my mind,” I sighed.

“Why?” Eric asked, both puzzled and confused. He frowned. “I like this. It makes me feel closer to you. I like knowing everything that you think and feel. It makes me want to protect you and be around you more.”

“I feel like I have no privacy anymore,” I explained, dejection sounding in my voice. “Believe me, it’s not always good to know what everybody is thinking.”

“But I do not care for everybody,” Eric replied. “Just you. Only you. The rest of the world can go away as far as I am concerned. I have no use for any other humans.”

I stared up at him, hopelessly. “I don’t understand how you can be so…cool and nonchalant about that. We, humans don’t want to be remembered as only a speck of dust in time.”

“But you are,” Eric pointed out. “Why do you think that I do not bother to waste my time with human beings, except for you, that is…?” he amended, quickly, as I glared at him. He could read my mind and my feelings. “There is something about you… I do not know what… but from the first moment we met, you made an impression on me.”

I smiled. “Maybe it’s because of my telepathy and fae blood?” I joked.

“No,” Eric shook his head. “It’s something more than that.” He gazed at me, thoughtfully. I could tell in his mind that he was confused about what it was exactly. “Until you…no woman ever touched me. Until you…no woman was able to see into my heart. Until you…I never let anybody see the real me.”

“And you have with me?” I asked, incredulously. Didn’t you just love a romantic kind of guy? What he said, was similar to how the poets wrote their love poems. My heart fluttered in my chest.

He glanced down, reached out and placed his cool palm on my chest, right above my rapidly beating heart. “Yes,” he said. “But if my leaving is what you want…” If he could breathe, he would’ve taken a deep breath right then, so he pretended to sigh. “I will go.”

He stood up from the side of the bed and put on his clothes. I watched him while he dressed, half-drooling and half-disappointed. I didn’t want him to go. I just thought that it would be the best thing until I smoothed things over with Amelia.

“You’ll come back soon?” I asked, hopefully, after he had finished dressing. I stared up at him, praying that he would.

Eric leaned down and kissed my eyelids and the tip of my nose; then a light peck on my lips. “Of course,” he replied, softly. “I am only a phone call away.” He gave me a kiss full on the lips and I could feel myself melt from his touch. He slowly ended the kiss and drew away from me. “Let me know what happens.”

With that, he disappeared through my bedroom door. I could hear him open and close the front door, then heard him fly away.

I sighed. Although I was tired, I had too many thoughts rolling through my brain. I laid down in bed, hoping that it would help me fall asleep quicker, but it didn’t.

It was a full moon outside. I suddenly noticed a shadow move across my bedroom window. I sat up in bed, alarmed at what I saw. I clutched my covers up to my neck. The figure was in the shape of a man, I thought. He wasn’t as tall as Eric was, so it couldn’t have been him. I somehow knew that whomever this was, had waited until Eric had left before showing up at my window.

I wasn’t sure what I should do. Should I open up the curtain and confront him? Should I call for help? Eric wouldn’t have gone too far…he could make it back in time, couldn’t he? I slowly reached over to my night stand, where my cell phone was. All the while, my gazed fixed heavily on the shadowy figure.

I dialed Eric’s number. I heard his cell phone ringing in my ear…


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