Bonnie & Clyde: Chapter 8

Tammy was getting tired, but tried to not let it show. They had been driving for God only knew how long, but she didn’t want to stop. Tammy was beginning to feel stiff and sore. She knew that they should find a hotel room to spend the night, but she wanted to get as far away from Springfield as they could possibly get before stopping.

Jon sat and watched the passing scenery, deep in thought. He thought about the nights’ events. He found it hard to believe. Just hours ago, he was trying to think of ways to forget about Tammy and the circumstances that had forced them apart. Now, he was running away. Running away from everyone and everything. It was his usual reaction when things went chaotic. But this time was different. This time he wasn’t alone. This time Tammy was with him. He felt for the first time that everything would be okay, even if the circumstances of their running away weren’t the most ideal.

Tammy slowed down as they entered another small town. It was dark now. “I’m tired,” she said. “I think we should get a hotel room, and spend the night.” Jon never said anything, just nodded his head. He was tired too.

On either side of the highway there were lit up signs for hotels announcing if they were vacant or not, as well as the hotel’s names. Tammy pulled off the highway and into a parking lot of one of them. ‘Hop On Inn’, the sign read. Tammy could tell that it wasn’t the best hotel that the town had to offer, but so far it was the only one telling them that there were vacancies.

Tammy pulled up in front of the office. “I’m going to check us in,” Tammy explained to Jon, as she got out of the car. “You stay here because we don’t know if the authorities have alerted anyone or not.”

Jon watched her as she walked into the office. Even though he knew that she was tired, she still was the most beautiful thing that he’d ever seen. Through the window in the office’s entrance, he could see Tammy standing at the front desk.

Before long, she turned around and headed back to the car. As she entered, she said, “the desk clerk gave us room number 12.” She put the car into gear, and pulled around in front of the door stating that it was ‘12’.

Tammy and Jon climbed out of either side of the car and proceeded to walk towards the door. Tammy pulled out the key, and unlocked the door. “Wait,” Jon told her softly, before she could enter the room. “Let’s do this our way,” he said, as he picked her up and carried her over the threshold. “Got the lights?” He asked, after they had entered.

Tammy reached over, and flicked them on. A feeling of deja vu, came over her as they looked around. “Didn’t we stay in a room similar to this before?” She asked.

“Yep, it sure does,” Jon agreed. “I wonder if they have those crackers that you liked, like the other one did?” Jon put Tammy down. He sat down on the bed. He could tell that it wasn’t going to be a very comfortable night. The mattress felt hard and lumpy when he sat down on it. He tested it out by bouncing up and down.

Other things were hard as well, but he didn’t want think about them. He pushed them from his mind. He tried, he really did, but it was difficult. There was only one double bed and just two of them. He’d have to sleep on the floor or he’d have no sleep tonight, he reasoned.

Tammy walked over to the desk and looked around the room. “Well, no crackers, but at least they have some reading material,” she said, as she picked up pamphlets and brochures praising the surrounding area, that were situated on the desk. “It has a TV too, so we can watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and your motorcycle show, ‘American Chopper’,” she said, pointing out the good side of things. She paused and said, “I want to take you to a doctor. You were in a terrible accident, and you were bleeding. Do you think any clinics will be open at this time of night?” She wondered aloud.

“Do you think that a town this size would have a clinic, let alone open at this time of night?”  He asked, incredulously. “I really don’t need to go to a doctor. I’m fine,” Jon insisted. “I told you that before.”

“Didn’t you tell me that you had been knocked unconscious?” Tammy reminded him.

“Yes, but I’m telling you that I’m fine. Never better. My head doesn’t even hurt,” Jon replied. He hated doctors. It didn’t matter if they were on the run or not. He wasn’t going to see some doctor over something so minor.

Tammy walked up to Jon, who was still sitting on the bed. She touched his forehead, where the gash was from the accident. “I’m going to have to clean this up. I think it’s stopped bleeding now.” Tammy went into the bathroom, ran some water on a face cloth and returned to stand in front of Jon.

She blotted the wound and tried to be as gentle as she could. Jon looked up at her, as she leaned closer. His vision fixed on her face as she fixed his wound. “Does it hurt?” She asked, looking down at him.

Jon was thinking that something was hurting alright and it wasn’t the wound. “Nope, you’re a very good nurse,” he complimented her. Tammy blushed. She blotted at the wound some more, until the blood was all gone.

Tammy was finding it hard to concentrate. Jon was very close, too close. Tammy could feel his breath on her and his lips were inches away from hers. Tammy tried to step back, but she tripped on his leg. Jon caught her, his arms grabbed her around her waist, to keep her from falling.

Tammy looked into his eyes, as his lips moved closer to hers. Tammy had no place to put her hands, than on to his broad shoulders. Jon gazed at her lips and spoke hoarsely. “I don’t need a doctor, Tammy,” he said, softly. “Only you.”

Tammy looked down at his lips, she leaned closer until her lips met his. The kiss was gentle. Their lips brushed up against the others‘. The kiss quickly deepened. Jon’s tongue slid into her mouth, exploring and tasting. Their tongues met and duelled with each other. Tammy tilted her head, allowing Jon more access. His arms pulled her closer to him, and Tammy twined her hands through Jon’s hair.

Jon leaned back until he was laying on the bed. Tammy followed, until she was laying on top of him. The kiss grew more passionate and more explicit. Jon’s hands moved up and down Tammy’s rib cage, caressing her womanly curves. Tammy’s long blonde hair dropped down, casting a natural curtain over their passionately mated lips. Jon’s hands moved up, to pull Tammy’s hair back, so that he could see her beautiful face as he opened his eyes.

One of Jon’s hands, moved down lower…to the waistband of Tammy’s jeans, then under her shirt. Tammy gasped, as she felt his warm hand on her bare skin. She wanted more of the hotness that his touch created. Jon used both hands and pulled Tammy’s shirt off, tossed it across the room. His hands returned, caressed her back and pulled her even tighter against him. Tammy was lost in the kiss. She only knew that she wanted more of the feelings that were assaulting her senses.

Jon rolled over, until Tammy was under him. His leg moved between hers, spread them slightly. Tammy could feel his erection, pressed up against her thigh, underneath his jeans. She wanted to be his. Tammy sighed, “Jonathan”, in the hot tension-filled moment. Jon lifted up, so he could gaze down at her. Her hair was spread, his hand moved to touch her silky hair.

His gaze was hot, smouldering and yet full of a softness, that Tammy still couldn’t believe that would be coming from a man like him. A man who nobody would ever imagine was capable of such tender feelings. His eyes were bright, sparkling, as they searched her own. “Tammy,” he moaned. He lowered his head, and their lips met again.

The kiss was deeper than it was before, if that was possible. More passionate and it created a hunger, deep within both of them. Jon lifted off of her, just long enough to rip his shirt off over his head and then to return to her waiting arms. The touch of bare skin against bare skin, was explosive — it sent catastrophic waves through both of them. Jon’s hand moved to her bra. Cupped her breast and felt its fullness in his palm. Tammy arched up against him, wanting more. Jon lowered his lips and began to kiss her along her neck, finding Tammy’s sensitive spots. Lowering down her body, until his lips were hovering over her breasts. He lowered his head, and kissed her nipple through the fabric of her bra. Tammy’s nipple puckered, which let him know what he was doing to her body. His was in full agreement.

Jon’s hand moved underneath her body, found the back fastenings of Tammy’s bra. In one motion, he deftly undid her bra. He raised himself up enough, so that he could not only help Tammy remove it, but also to gaze lovingly down at her. “You…are…so…beautiful,” he rasped. He wanted to say more, but found that he couldn’t. The words got choked up in his throat. Tammy left him breathless. That’s all that he could say.

Jon heard a distant ringing of a phone, interrupting what was going on between them. He realized that it was Tammy’s cell phone that was ringing. Tammy looked up at him, wondering why he had stopped. Jon looked down at her and said, “your cell phone’s ringing.”

It took Tammy a moment to understand what he had said. “What? Oh…” she said, when it finally dawned on her. Jon rolled out of the way, and Tammy quickly got up. Finding her cell phone in her purse, she quickly answered it.

“Hello?” She asked, curiously.

“Where are you?” Reva asked, impatiently. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I was hoping that you would’ve come home by now!”

Tammy didn’t know what to say. She knew that Reva was more than likely worried about her. She didn’t want Reva to know of her whereabouts. “I’m…out, running errands,” Tammy hastily, explained.

“At this time of night?” Reva asked, surprised.

“Aunt Reva….” Tammy started to say. She knew that if there was someone who understood what she was going through, it was Reva. She decided that she should tell Reva, the truth. “I’m…you’ll never guess what I did. I helped Jonathan escape,” Tammy told her in a rush.

Reva was silent for a minute on the other end of the phone. Tammy wondered if she had actually hung up on her, dropped the phone or if her cell phone company’s reception had dropped the call. “Aunt Reva? Are you still there?” She asked.

“Um…yeah, I’m still here,” Reva answered, after a moment. “Is Jonathan with you right now?” She asked.

Tammy looked over to where Jonathan was. He had put his shirt back on, and was now sitting up in bed, with his hands behind his head. Pillows had been pulled out from underneath the bedspread and were now being used as his back support. “Yes, he’s here,” she hesitantly said. She looked at Jonathan, who had leaned forward after hearing her replies to Reva’s questions.

“I want to talk to him,” Reva explained to her. “Put him on the phone,” she ordered. Tammy handed Jonathan who already guessed that his mother wanted to speak to him on the phone.

“Hi, mom,” Jon greeted, as he put the phone up to his ear.

“Never you, ‘hi, mom’ me!” Reva shouted into the phone. “What in the hell are you doing? You’re supposed to be in prison!”

“I got out, ma,” Jon replied. He held the phone a couple of inches away from his ear, and yet he could still hear Reva, plain as day.

“You…did…not…get…out,” Reva replied, stuttering and sputtering. “What in the hell happened?” Reva demanded.

Jon had a smile on his face. He really enjoyed getting Reva riled up. “What happened? Okay, I’ll tell you, I was traveling along…minding my own business…when the van that I was in suddenly ran off the road. The van flipped a number of times. You should’ve been there! It was a wild ride! The rest I don’t remember…” Jon replied. “The next thing I knew…a beautiful angel came and rescued me,” he said, as he gazed at Tammy, who was watching him.

“Tammy was there?” Reva asked, surprised. “Why would she be there? Is she hurt?” Reva asked, concerned.

“What about your cub?” Jon asked, before he answered Reva’s question. “What about me?”

Reva groaned. “Ugh! What about you? Are you okay?” Reva asked, now full of concern.

“That’s better,” Jon replied. “Tammy’s fine, I’m fine. We’re both fine,” Jon answered.

“Where are you?” Reva demanded. “Why aren’t you at home?”

“We’re in some fleabag hotel in some small town. I don’t know the name of it…” Jon answered. “As for why we’re not home? You know the answer to that. They’ll be looking for me and for us. Your place would be the first place they searched. We have to stay away.”

“Let me talk to Tammy,” Reva ordered. “Of you two, she’s the one that has the most sense.” Jon handed the phone back to Tammy. Tammy lifted it to her ear. Tammy never had the chance to say anything, before Reva started in on her. “What in hell are you doing?! Have you lost your mind? This is totally not like you,” Reva shouted at her. Jon could hear the entire rampage.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Reva. I wanted to tell you…but I couldn’t. I knew that you’d try to talk me out of it,” Tammy explained.

“You guessed that right,” Reva exploded. “What do you hope to accomplish?”

“You already know the answer to that, Aunt Reva,” Tammy replied. “Don’t tell me that you weren’t already thinking the same thing! You’re just mad, because I just beat you to the punch,” Tammy glanced over at Jon, who was busy laughing.

He thought the whole thing was funny. The two women in his life were fighting over him and had similar thoughts of breaking him out of prison. He returned Tammy’s look, making bug-eyes at her. Tammy started to laugh too. Reva didn’t like to be laughed at. “What’s so funny?” She demanded to know. “You have both done something…so incredulously stupid, insane, crazy, and…something that your Aunt Reva would’ve done,” Reva relented, as she realized that Tammy was right. It was something that she would have done. “But have you thought this through? Do you know what this will mean? This will change your lives forever.”

Tammy looked over at Jon, who had stopped laughing. “I know. But it’s something that I had to do. You know how I was when Jon was locked up. This has made me whole again…I can’t explain it. All I know is that I just have to…” Tammy replied. “I just have to.”

Reva groaned into the phone. She knew that there was no way she could convince either of them to come home. “I give up,” she said, giving in. “Are you two okay? Do you have enough money?” She asked, concerned over their welfare.

“We’re both fine…” Tammy replied. “I emptied my bank account before I left. Don’t worry, okay?”

“Okay,” Reva moaned. “But will you do me a favor honey?” Reva asked. “Take care of yourselves, and don’t do anything stupid. Well, not as stupid as what you’ve already done, that is.” Reva paused, thinking for a moment. A sudden thought came to her. “Tammy, honey, what am I supposed to tell your mother?”

“Tell her the truth…tell her that I need to do this,” Tammy replied. “This is the only thing in my life that means anything. I can’t live without Jonathan and I refuse to live without Jonathan. If she doesn’t understand that…then fine, she can deal with it her own way. I’m dealing with it in mine.”

Reva understood, but knew that Cassie wasn’t going to like it. “Honey, I just wish that you didn’t have to go through this. I want you two to be very careful. Promise me, okay?” Tammy agreed, and they said their goodbyes and quickly hung up. After Tammy had put her phone away, she turned around to Jonathan.

“That went well…” Tammy began, tentatively.

“Yeah, I bet she wishes that she was with us,” Jon agreed.

Both of them laughed.


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