Mondays Suck

Hi everyone! *waves*

Just wanted to give you a quick update and tell you how my weekend was.

I’m sorry, but The Hoff no longer follows me on Twitter. Either he read my post and didn’t like what I wrote or he did some spring (oops, wrong season) fall cleaning. Anyways, I’m not too disappointed. I was more shocked than anything. You see, celebrities might follow you after you add them, not the other way around. They don’t add you first. That’s why it was so funny, weird and strange to me and why I posted what I did. It didn’t make any sense.

Sorry, I never got very much writing done this weekend; not even sent in to my Beta. Hopefully, I’ll have more time this week. I have written up to Chapter 22 on Deadly Intentions and up to Chapter 6 on Dirty Little Secret!  Speaking of the latter, I’m pleasantly surprised to see how popular Jax & Tara fanfics are. I understand that there’s not many out there and the fan response has been overwhelming with support! I’m glad that you’re enjoying that story! 😀  Hehe…it gets even better! 😉 I won’t get into details because I like to tease, but I think you will like the Battle of Wendy VS  Tara: Round 2!

Hope you had a great weekend and yuck…puke…groan, it’s Monday once again! That’s why I titled this post what I did. Hope you have a great day…or try to anyways. LOL

Until the next time… 🙂


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